DiscoverThe Dementia PodcastTalking Dementia: Would I lie to you?
Talking Dementia: Would I lie to you?

Talking Dementia: Would I lie to you?

Update: 2021-03-09


Join Colm as he debates ‘white lies’ in dementia care with HammondCare CEO Mike Baird, Chief Operating and Risk Officer Angela Raguz and care staff Donna and Rafaella. This episode explores circumstances when a carer or family member might feel it appropriate to lie to someone with dementia. ‘Would I lie to you’ dissects the term ‘white lies’ and examines how some common care practises are fundamentally lies. Together this panel provides advice through real life examples, demonstrating how each person with dementia has a unique story and therefore, how their care, including the role of ‘white lies’, must be conducted with a deep understanding of the individual and a team approach between family, friends and care staff.

This episode is sponsored by Dementia Support Australia (DSA)

To find out more about truth in dementia in a resource from the Mental Health Foundation UK 'What is Truth' and the article 'Lying to people with dementia: developing ethical guidelines for care settings'

For a clinical perspective on lies in dementia careyou can read the article from Aging and Mental Health 'Why is dementia different? Medical students' views about deceiving people with dementia' or the research report 'Lying to patients with dementia: Attitudes versus behaviours in nurses'

To broaden your understanding on good or ‘white lies’ there is the article titled 'Telling a 'good or white lie': The views of people living with dementia and their carers' .

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Talking Dementia: Would I lie to you?

Talking Dementia: Would I lie to you?

Professor Colm Cunningham