DiscoverThe BrainFood ShowThe Difference Between… [Part 1]
The Difference Between… [Part 1]

The Difference Between… [Part 1]

Update: 2020-02-286


In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we are looking at the difference between a number of things, kicking it off with the difference between hardwood and softwood…. which you’d think you already know, but we’re guessing for most, you don’t actually know the difference. 🙂

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Up next we dive into a bunch of “difference betweens” such as the difference between fruits and vegetables, green and black tea, various types of olive oils, brown and white eggs, etc. as well as a slew of interesting tips on optimizing ripeness schedules on bananas, including a way to keep your bananas at the perfectly ripe stage for approximately a week, instead of the two seconds or so that happens naturally.

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Mmm Satisfaction

Simon was feeling like a 'baller' because he could afford some 4 buck chocolate. Ten minutes later "Wait, when did we eat Foie Gras together?"

Feb 3rd

Alon Judkovsky

The difference between brass and woodwind instruments has nothing to do with the material from which they are made

Mar 23rd

Mario Moser

American dude that doesn't like to eat anything tells me how to differentiate olive oil qualities. Just reading up on guidelines doesn't make you a food expert. Great research podcast but cringy when that dude talks about food. I like the history episodes

Mar 7th

Liz DiB

I cut and peel my apples because I can't digest fruit or veggie skins

Mar 7th


that's amazing guys! I'm a female fan as well ;P I love toptenz and today I found out. keep it up! you guys are awesome!

Feb 29th








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The Difference Between… [Part 1]

The Difference Between… [Part 1]

Simon Whistler and Daven Hiskey