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The Future is Black AF

The Future is Black AF

Update: 2021-12-21


How will humanity continue to evolve? Will our distinct physical features stand the test of time? Do we still adhere to social constructs like race and gender? Find out on this week’s bonus episode as we continue our journey from last week and head 15,000 years into the future with Afrofuturist Ytasha Whomack .
“The Future is Black AF” is a short mini BONUS episode that continues the journey from episode 2 with Afrofuturist Ytasha Whomack. One thing we learned last week traveling through all of the years of our ancestors is how long it takes for populations to change. So this week we take a trip to see what humanity might look like in another, let's say, fifteen thousand years in the future.
In Those Genes is an educational podcast that contains explicit language that might be difficult for some to hear. No worries, we got you! You can still get all the facts dropped in our cleaned transcript we affectionately call The Nucleus here,
As a reminder this season airs every OTHER week.
Want to learn more about the guests on this episode? Check out their work below.
Ytasha Whomack @ytashawomack (Twitter) and
Dr.Tina Lasisi @TinaLasisi (Twitter),
Dr. Brandon Ogubuno, @big_data_kane (Twitter) ,
Cover Art this season was designed by David Perrin, check out his work here and buy some of his artwork here
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The Future is Black AF

The Future is Black AF