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The Green City in the Sun

The Green City in the Sun

Update: 2023-01-255


Nairobi’s green tech and innovation boom make it a 2050 powerhouse. That success comes with climate challenges that the city is addressing.  Urban planner Bailey Muthoni lives in housing built from plastic waste and gets around on an electric motorbike.  She stages a tactical urbanism intervention advocating for improved walkability at the city's parliament.

The city’s population has quadrupled since the 2020s, forcing it to find creative ways to house new and longtime residents while addressing poverty and inequality.  At the same time, the city had to transition to an electrified bus rapid transit system and charging infrastructure for electric motorbikes.  The city is fully powered by renewable energy.

We hear from John Kidenda imagining himself as the founder of the Nairobi Tactical startup.  He is the chief of utility operations at PowerGen Renewable Energy.  We also hear from Katie Hill, an expert leader in climate and energy technology and BCG partner. 

Climate Vision 2050 is a podcast from BCG, a global consulting firm committed to climate and sustainability action.  Join us every episode as we explore how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and stepped back from the brink of climate catastrophe. 

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The Green City in the Sun

The Green City in the Sun

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