DiscoverGrow For Good™The Human Side of SaaS with Bitfocus' Jeff Ugai
The Human Side of SaaS with Bitfocus' Jeff Ugai

The Human Side of SaaS with Bitfocus' Jeff Ugai

Update: 2020-09-15


The world of SaaS, or software as a service, is heating up. As more and more of the economy migrates to the cloud to find operational solutions for real-world problems, SaaS platforms are booming and improving every day. Platform development is in high demand and the market is getting increasingly competitive. From accounting and HR to marketing and finance, the business of business is being reimagined in the cloud. 

But what if the business issue you’re trying to solve isn’t marketing or sales related. What if it was something more than just streamlining work processes to enhance outcomes in various business departments? What if your business was helping humans? Humans who have fallen through the cracks and rely on safety nets and services to merely survive? What would that even look like?

Since 2003, a company called Bitfocus has been doing just that. Bitfocus helps communities use technology, data and policy to improve their systems of care. It’s a software company that designs data systems such as Clarity Human Services, their SaaS platform, to connect a community’s most vulnerable populations to the most effective services and resources available to them. Their outcomes are more than improved processes and productivity workflows. They’re literally life enhancing. 

We talk to Jeff Ugai, Chief Operating Officer of Bitfocus about their approach to technology, the markets they serve and what it has been like to provide such a critical service during a pandemic.


Show Notes:

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The Human Side of SaaS with Bitfocus' Jeff Ugai

The Human Side of SaaS with Bitfocus' Jeff Ugai

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