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The Prime Minister and the Prof

The Prime Minister and the Prof

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The friendship that changed the course of World War II.
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Doofan Tor

I think we need to be careful when we start judging people's views on "others" based on today's standards. So Churchill didn't care for Indian's, well Gandhi was racist against black people. Let us not forget that he thought Indians were superior to blacks during his time in South Africa. He wrote to the British to make sure that Indians received a higher standing in South African society... Moral of the story everyone wants to think that they're better than somebody.

Mar 4th

Rob Greer

Anoop Ramakrishna The famine was horrible and led to millions of deaths. The question before us is how much blame, out of 100%, can be placed on Winston Churchill. To blame every single of those people's deaths on him, and him alone, is absurd. Like all history, it is far more nuanced and complex then the actions of one man. The weather is to blame, and that is out of the control of Churchill. Adolf Hitler deserves some of the blame. If he had not initiated a war in Europe then far more of Britain's resources would have been available to help India. Nazi submarines were everywhere in the Atlantic and were sinking hundreds of ships. Furthermore, the desperation that was in the mind of Churchill and others in the government to protect their home from being run over by Nazis. This led them to horde resources that could have been diverted to India. Japan bears part of the blame. If they had not launched their own war of conquest then their submarines would not have been infesting the Bay of Bengal. Supplies could have gotten to those people more easily. And grain from Austrailia was sent by Churchill. British policy in India that was set in place before Churchill was even born. The British should not have been there in the first place, I heartily agree. But Churchill did not conquer India personally, nor did he set those policies that were in place when he became Prime Minister. He was a racist, and since we have a far greater understanding of the cost racism has had on this world we see racism as the greatest evil ever. He was wrong to think that way. Yet, he thought the same as billions and billions of people have thought since the beginning of time. In the entire history of the world, it has only been in the last 70 years that there has been a concentrated, worldwide effort to combat thinking and feeling that way. We have made the right decision in that regard, and I am grateful every day for that. Yet we cannot judge the people of the past by the standards of today. That is called presentism and is patently unfair. So, out of 100% of the blame for three million deaths. I assign Churchill 18% of the blame because the shipments of rice that were leaving India should have stayed in India. And I do not attribute this to hatred, but to ignorance and neglect.

Jun 20th

Anoop Ramakrishna

Doofan Tor Comparing someone who murdered millions to one who liberated millions under the guise of productive debate is disingenuous and you know it. There is hate in everyone, but not everyone decides to commit genocide. Will you compare Hitler to Gandhi and say because Gandhi showed tendencies of racism, Hitler's actions are justified? If you believe that then I have nothing more to debate. If you don't believe it, then your comparison of Churchill to Gandhi is moot.

May 10th

Kartikey Gupta

this just makes me angry towards Churchill, I've never considered him a hero, but now he's just a pure racist, evil for me

Aug 29th

Devanshu Apte

I am an Indian myself and I am grateful that you raised this issue. When everyone considers Churchill a hero, someone has to raise an objection against it and show his villainous side as well. Thank you.

Aug 2nd
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The Prime Minister and the Prof

The Prime Minister and the Prof

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