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The Search for Gina Renee Hall

The Search for Gina Renee Hall

Update: 2019-08-275


Gina Renee Hall experienced more pain in her 18 years than most of us do in our lifetimes.  As a young child, she suffered severe burns.  As a result, she went through multiple surgeries and was left with disfiguring scars.

You might think that she would have been bitter and isolated herself from the world.  But Gina was a friendly, outgoing, and pretty young woman.  She accepted what life had given her---dressing to hide her scars and yet always being fashionable, playing competitive sports, and attending college.

But Gina’s decision to go out dancing, and to dance with 28-year old Stephen Epperly, would lead somewhere that no one could have predicted.  At least, Gina could not have predicted.  Others who had known Stephen Epperly for years were aware of his violent past.  He had been accused of rape more than once, but he was never convicted.

Epperly was the last person to see Gina alive.  And blood was found in multiple locations where he had taken her.  Her car was found abandoned with the trunk open.  But Gina has never been found.

In today’s True Crime Brewery, The Search for Gina Renee Hall, we will go over the details in this nearly 40-year old case.  We’ll explore Epperly’s history, his story, and the extensive circumstantial evidence used to convict him in Virginia’s first “No Body” murder conviction.

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The Search for Gina Renee Hall

The Search for Gina Renee Hall

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