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The Tunnel | 5

The Tunnel | 5

Update: 2022-05-1621


In a tunnel below the Capitol, the paths of an insurrectionist and a police officer converge. Will their lives ever be the same?

Episode Notes:

You can find the full transcript of Danny Rodriguez's interview here.

You can find video of Danny Rodriguez's interview on Ryan J. Reilly's YouTube channel here.

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Comments (6)

Bea Kiddo

the lives and future of the people who believe and still believe the lies of trump and the congressmen and women who continue to push the hate are affected forever. Do they actually think trump gives a shit?!! No. He doesn’t even think about them. All the lives ruined and screwed because of greed. It’s shameful as Fck and just criminal. Trump should be held accountable, all the congress men and women still supporting the lie should be in prison. It’s disgusting and so frustrating. #traitortrump #consequences #greed

May 19th
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The delusion of the insurrectionists in swallowing the Big Lie hook, line and sinker is eerily similar to Russians believing the official line on Ukraine.

May 17th

Shari Lynn

It's clear that Danny R is a lost young man looking for purpose. Like so many other lost souls, he got sucked into the Trump/Fox News cult of lies and will pay the price in prison. Michael F is right, Trump is a bad man who does evil things.

May 16th
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The Tunnel | 5

The Tunnel | 5