Tinkering Belles - Sarah Fogle

Tinkering Belles - Sarah Fogle

Update: 2021-07-02


Do you love all things DIY Content Creation, Being your own Business and general Maker Shop Talk? 

If so, join Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters, Maker Science, Seekers of Science) as she kicks off with a Tech Talk about Cross Stitch then sits down with THE OG Blogger, Pinterest Maven and Maker Extraordinaire Sarah Fogle (UglyDuckling DIY).

Topics they cover include (but are surely not limited to):
- Not your Grandma's Cross Stitch Patterns
- The Evolution of the Online World for Content Creators
- Pin in to win it on Pinterest
- Babies and Building
- Why Consent is so important in Social Media
- Collabs and Learning from other Platforms
- Why we are never on time
- Maternity Leave as a Content Creator
- The Subscription Model
- The Real Cost of being your own Brand
- Internet Trolls
- All the Colors in the Rainbow - Matching Pantones
- Can Hair Make or Break Brand Recognition?
- Solid Works / CAD versus Sketch Up
- The Real Value of Passive Income Streams
- Pregnancy and Ladders
- Why you SHOULDN'T slide into someone's DM's
- Balancing Honesty and Kindness in the Internet Age
... and so much more

This is the 5th episode of Tinkering Belles and you're surely not going to want to miss it!

So join in on Tamara's adventure as a Maker as she works to amplify the BAMF Females Behind the Builds one interview at a time! 

Are you a visual person who needs to see all the cool moments?  Head over to the "Tinkering Belles" Playlist on Youtube to see all the fun behind the scenes moments from this episode!

If you enjoyed the show, consider becoming a supporter via Tamara's Patreon Page and as always join in on the Maker adventure with Tamara and her guests on the Tinkering Belles Instagram page.

You can follow Sarah's adventures here, here, and here:
All The Awesome Links - Ugly Duckling House • Instagram (@uglyducklingDIY)
Blog - UGLY Duckling House
Instagram - @UglyDucklingDIY
Pinterest - Ugly Duckling House
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Music for this Episode was provided by Bill Trowell Music.  Visit BillTrowellMusic.com to hear more and to subscribe to Bill's Patreon, where he covers favorite showtunes, movie themes, classic rock and jazz, as well as requests from Patron's.

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Tinkering Belles - Sarah Fogle

Tinkering Belles - Sarah Fogle

Tamara Robertson / Sarah Fogle