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Tobias and Syd Omnibus

Tobias and Syd Omnibus

Update: 2023-01-10



Tobias: Sion Daniel Young

Syd: Ell Potter

Nell/Joan: Kezrena James

Columbus/ John Donne: Joseph Tweedale

Harry: Joseph Tweedale

Newsreaders: Gaia Ashwood, Joseph Tweedale

Teenagers: Aaron Donovan and Reuben Orr

Breath voices: Cast and Production Team


Written, Directed and Produced by Elspeth Penny

The Dramaturg and Executive Producer was Sara Davies

The Sound Recordist and Editor was Iain Hunter

Composer, Performer of Music by Matthew Sheeran


Co-production advisory panel: Charlotte Bailey, Arthur Burston, Andrea Hernandez, Aggie Nyagari, Sol Okasha, Evie Shortman, Jack Owen, Bede Burston, Lois Barton, Miles Chambers.

Young Advocate: Elisha Westmore

Photos and Videos: Tom Sparey, Arthur Burston, Nick Sutton

Illustration: Maria Herreros

Additional thankyous for all the wider help, support and additional material from more people that can be mentioned. Thanks to Andrew Russell, Alice Malpass, David Richmond, Deasy Bamford, Theatre Orchard, Julie Peel, Becky Condron, Elisha Westmore, our invaluable advisory group – Arthur Burston, Charlotte Bailey, Bede Burston, Aggie Nyagari, Evie, Sol, Andrea Hernandez, Jack Owen. To our early stage exploratory cast – Kirsty Cox and Chris Pirie and the audience that chose this play. Also to Miles Chambers, Angie Belcher, 2BU's non-executive advisory board, Fiona Matthews, Paul Appleby, Barny Hole, Justine Schneider. To Innovate Edge Uk, Heather Wright, Saikat Ahamed, Aisha Ali, Mya-Rose Craig, Lee Hutchinson and the MShed, The Island, The Puppet Place, Lois Barton, Clevedon School drama department and students, First Nation producer Jim Compton, the first Indigenous screen summit at Rocky Awards 2022, Jean Rankin, The Bristol Packet, Tess Davidson, Raffy Vanderwal, Elizabeth Rahman, Kate Binnie, Karing Silver and Louis Laurence from Tobacco Tactics group, Alex Gapud, Matthew Chapman from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Angie Athay-Hunt and the Open Door adult drama participants at Theatre Orchard and Havi Carel.

Special thanks to those in Breathe Easy Groups who wrote Breath letters, as part of Letter to My Breath, Life of Breath Project whose voices inspired and are heard in this play. Also to our funders at Arts Council England and ESRC IAA.

Winner! Best Audio Fiction Standalone, Sydney Webfest 2023, Winner Best Audio Fiction Standalone Apulia Web fest 2023; Winner for Best Narration for an Audio Fiction Podcast… (Ell Potter).Rio Webfest Official Selection Best Podcast Fiction and Best Director. Selected for Hollywood Series Webfest. LA Webfest 2023 Nominee, Minnesota 2023 Official Selection, Cusco Webfest 2023 Official Selection. For Baltimore Next Media Web Fest, Nominated for Best Dramatic/Slice, Best Podcast Director, Best Actor (Sion Daniel Young), Best Sound Design.

Tobias and Syd is a 2BU Production

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Tobias and Syd Part 1


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Tobias and Syd Part 2


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Tobias and Syd Part 3


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Tobias and Syd Omnibus

Tobias and Syd Omnibus










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Tobias and Syd Omnibus

Tobias and Syd Omnibus