DiscoverA Little Bit CultyToxic All-Around: Melanie Hunt & Kim Shore on Abuse in Canadian Gymnastics
Toxic All-Around: Melanie Hunt & Kim Shore on Abuse in Canadian Gymnastics

Toxic All-Around: Melanie Hunt & Kim Shore on Abuse in Canadian Gymnastics

Update: 2022-11-14


This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Our guests today want you to know that culty shit is rampant in high performance gymnastics, and it didn’t all magically go away with Larry Nassar’s prison sentence. How are these abusive creeps still slipping through the system and continuing to get access to young athletes? How do you protect your kid from harm if they develop a passion for the sport? Kim Shore is the founder of Gymnasts for Change Canada, a collective that emerged on the heels of the #metoo movement in 2017 after several former elite athletes publicly shared their experiences of abuse. She’s joined by fellow advocate and former Canadian national team gymnast Melanie Hunt, who is sharing her own grisly account of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her coaches during her fifteen-year career. The duo chats with us about their stories and their shared mission of eradicating abuse from the sport that they love. Because the scariest thing about gymnastics should be the balance beam. This episode is a must-hear for parents who are raising student athletes in any sport, but be warned: It’s not easy listening. Audience discretion advised. 

Show Notes: 

Documentary: Broken: Inside the Toxic Culture of Canadian Gymnastics

Melanie’s story is included in this new documentary, now out on TSN.

CBC Article:

“Canadian gymnasts slam inaction by federal sports minister after toxic culture reports”

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Comments (2)

Julia Burrell

Quick question...How does this movement effect Men's Gymnastics? What do we know about abuse for them as well? Bc we have heard and know it goes on in HS sports especially with Football and Wrestling. Just asking what are your thoughts?

Nov 19th

Julia Burrell

Nippy..on the bravado thing..Well Said! Sarah my sister tried to peer pressure my daughter into getting her ears pierced when she was 12. I was always a very rebellious minded person. If my friends were doing anything I didn't agree with I told them I'd see them later. I remember it was 1976 and marijuana was becoming the thing in our lil country school and my friends really tried getting me to do it. Just said "Have fun, see y'all later when you're not all goofed up!" Anyway, I never did try it, never cared. My husband was typical HS athlete and school mascot and always went along with his buddies (drank more than mj). I always told our daughter NOT to let anyone pressure her into anything. Having convictions of your own is knowing yourself and having confidence. She will turn 26 this summer and still does not have her ears pierced. It was always a sore spot for my sister (she even bought her diamond earrings thinking it would guilt her into it, happy to say it didn't work). Love you both..God Bless..keep up the great work!

Nov 19th
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Toxic All-Around: Melanie Hunt & Kim Shore on Abuse in Canadian Gymnastics

Toxic All-Around: Melanie Hunt & Kim Shore on Abuse in Canadian Gymnastics

Sarah Edmondson & Anthony “Nippy” Ames