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Trailer: Real Tall Tales

Trailer: Real Tall Tales

Update: 2022-10-03


Ever meet someone with the most INSANE story? So ridiculous, so unbelievable, that you're sure it must be made up? These are the stories we're collecting: the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

Cassandra Young and Munir Meghjani started this podcast when they realized that everyone they spoke to, no matter what they did in life or who they were, had at least ONE story that was so ridiculous, so unbelievable, so extraordinary...that it can't possibly be true. But it is.

We believe every person has an interesting story to tell, (after all, storytellers have been the oral history keepers of the human race for centuries), and some of those stories even evolve into life work for some of our guests, charting their future before they even knew it.

You know your story: the one you tell at parties but no one believes, the story that sounds like pure fiction, the story that you still can't quite believe happened to you. It's strife with wonder and sparks disbelief, but you love telling it every. single. time. It's an adventure in your back pocket. It's an experience that's so uniquely you - crafted from your life story - that it captivates everyone who hears it. Those are the stories we want the world to hear.

We'll uncover these stories in each episode of "Real Tall Tales" while highlighting important perspectives, ideas that challenge our everyday thinking, and stories - that in the end - make you sit back and think.

We hope you'll love listening to these life stories unfold as much as we did.


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Trailer: Real Tall Tales

Trailer: Real Tall Tales

Cassandra Young & Munir Meghjani