Update: 2022-08-09


This is for the nice guys —- if it’s not clear how to have goals, stick to them, help others, know your value, set boundaries without being a selfish asshole, ALL while being a strong, independent man that women are looking for you are in the right place. 

Being a nice guy can be confusing as hell. 

  • You are doing the best you can. 
  • You fear being rejected… because you have been rejected. 
  • Conflict can be difficult for you. 
  • Dating can be even more difficult for you. 
  • Being friend-zoned is frustrating. 

And worst of all, it seems like everyone around you is going on and living their life… so when is it your turn? 

When do YOU get a turn? 

  • To attract the gal. 
  • To sustain a successful relationship.
  • One that is fulfilling. 
  • To communicate with more ease with all people in your life. 
  • Move through your life with confidence and freedom. 
  • To live the life as the sovereign man you were meant to be. 

The good news is….. You are in the right place. So subscribe and share.

I’m Janelle Klander. Host of podcast – Nice Guy Dilemma. The podcast supports nice guys finding and living from their authentic power, so they can attract the right gal, sustain a fulfilling relationship, and overall stand up and play in the arena of life. 

I”m bringing over a decade of experience supporting men to find their power, connect to their purpose, and improve relationships. 

I’ll be sharing insights, and stories, sharing a woman’s perspective, detailing important communication strategies, and having a special guest on every now and then — my good friend Josh who has loads to share. 

I’ll be releasing 3 new episodes very soon and once a week after that. 

Follow, subscribe, and if you want to take our relationship to the next level already — there is a link in the description to a free 45 min training—> 5 simple shifts to find your authentic power to become the sovereign man that women are looking for --->

See you on the other side. 

Xo Janelle









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