Traumatic Reenactment

Traumatic Reenactment

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The vicious cycle of family trauma continues as George Hodel's daughter, Tamar becomes a mother. Her children tell the heartbreaking story of growing up in a shockingly toxic environment.
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Rachel Anderson

The unnecessary tragedy of the sister rejecting the other for the name is just too much on top of what they've each already experienced -- especially for Deborah. Dispute not having been adopted into a pristine home, hers was nothing like Deborah's upbringing. She could have been her solace and instead heaped more trauma on her.

Dec 12th

Jenice Vd Berg

O my this episode brought me to tears

Dec 2nd

Melissa Powell

This entire podcast is disturbing, but this episode was horrifying. 😞

Nov 21st
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Family is supposed to protect family. Period. Tragic.

Nov 1st

Claudia Schneider

so fucking tragic when she talks about wanting to be her older sister 😭

Sep 15th
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oliver w

"aside from the whole incest thing"

Sep 14th


I have so much anxiety listening to this poor woman.... the cycle of abuse keeps rolling on, it's hard to stomach. oof.

Jul 11th
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This whole f**king family needs to be purged from the earth.. some in the most painful of manners.

Jun 30th


oh poor deborah... i feel so so sorry for her. :/

Jun 14th


Tamar is the female Melvin Just

May 20th

Christine Johnson

The fact that she says her middle name Elizabeth after Elizabeth Short.... more evidence.

May 15th
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Such a heart breaking episode.

Apr 24th

Brooke Venning

I understand that Tamar also victimized and abused her children. And I understand why it'd be difficult for them to not be angry with her... though the youngest does feel for her. But it's more difficult for me to hear people from the outside talking about her like she's a monster. She did monstrous things but I can't even begin to imagine just how traumatized she was. To live with George and to see what she did, to be molested, to have your father rape you, to be forced in to an excruciating illegal abortion, to be raped RIGHT AFTER that, to go to the authorities finally for some help, and then to be called a liar by your own mother and father in open court after recounting your trauma, to have your father's baby... it permanently shattered her mind/psyche. I got the feeling that she still had some sense and reason when she went to the cops as a 15 yr old. But after what happened in court it seemed like she went off the deep end. I think she was certifiably insane at that point. She should have been locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of her life.

Apr 23rd
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Brooke Venning

this episode... so sad. I feel so much for Deborah. And I'm angry at Fauna for being so insensitive and selfish. Fauna had an overall good life full of love and then she refuses to even try to understand Deborah's reasoning. I mean, Deborah suffered soul-crushing abuse and emotional neglect... then to have her sister reject her over a damn name? ugh... this family.

Apr 19th
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Emily Yeoman

the way they talk so causally, about having sexual relations with his sister. like there was nothing wrong. scary.

Apr 1st


peace love and chicken greese

Mar 15th


So disturbing that I could only listen for 15 mins. at a time. Have been following this case since reading Steve's book. I am so glad that your family has broken the horrible cycle. Well done podcast. Blessings!

Mar 14th

Ali Pendleton

Absolutely heartbreaking. This episode really does illustrate how abuse is a cycle.

Mar 13th

Nikki Casares Shettlesworth

So brave to tell the story. I hope it brought closer and healing to the family.

Mar 13th

Mindy L. Casul

I have followed the story this far and this epsiode especially, I just could not listen to. It takes a lot to stop me from hearing an evil story or details. After 21 minutes I had to stop. Sorry to the family, I just couldn't stand to listen to that type of child abuse.

Mar 13th
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Traumatic Reenactment

Traumatic Reenactment

Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia