Treating America's Addiction to Violence

Treating America's Addiction to Violence

Update: 2022-06-09


Dear friend, I'm sorry to have to tell you, but we, human beings, allaus, unfortunately, are struggling with an addiction to violence.  It's not your fault, because of the way our global society has evolved,  now in 2022, we are all caught up in a devastating cycle of trauma and addiction, fueled by one important, powerful (but short lasting) pleasure chemical, Dopamine.  American society is uniquely addicted to violence, because aggression and force has been a core principle that defined power and "right", through the entire history of our country, from before 1776 to present.

In this episode of Minding Your Amygdala, Dr. Alauna breaks down why it is not only TOXIC, but dangerous for America to continue to ignore this critical public health issue, our collective addiction to violence.  We are steeped in images that depict violence: our history books, cartoons, TV shows, film, sports, comedy, politics and news have accepted and rewarded violent, dopamine-inducing words, thoughts and culture.  As we begin to accept that we have a problem, we can begin creating effective, multi-layered solutions to address our gun and violence crisis.  We no longer need to wonder what's wrong... the answer is, we are primitive and addicted to our biological impulses.  Yet, there is a way to heal...

Let's all do our individual healing work to break the trauma cycle.  Learn more with Dr. Alauna at
The Trauma C.U.R.E. - Creators using Radical Empathy, June 22-24th!

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Treating America's Addiction to Violence

Treating America's Addiction to Violence

Dr. Alauna Curry