DiscoverOn HealthUnpacking the Invisible Load of Motherhood with Erica Djossa
Unpacking the Invisible Load of Motherhood with Erica Djossa

Unpacking the Invisible Load of Motherhood with Erica Djossa

Update: 2023-11-08


Like so many moms, Erica Djossa, a registered psychotherapist specializing in maternal mental health, entered motherhood assuming her “maternal instinct” would guide her through any challenges she faced. Yet, like so many mothers she'd counseled, she too, found herself struggling with identity loss, the mental load of motherhood, and the pressure to be perfect. Eventually, she had a breakdown that turned out to be a breakthrough – a moment where she realized that she was suffering from postpartum depression.

When she sought help, she was dismissed by doctors who assured her that she just needed more rest. Frustrated, Erica pushed to be taken seriously, and finally got the care she needed. Through that experience, Erica realized that moms deserved more.

Realizing how difficult it is to find mental health services, the now mother of 3 founded Happy as a Mother, which has evolved into Momwell, to provide mom-centered virtual therapy services and mental health literacy for moms at every stage of their motherhood journey. She has also taken to social media to make a difference. Her graphics have been shared by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Ashley Graham, Nia Long, Hilaria Baldwin, Christy Turlington and Adrienne Bosh. Erica is passionate about maternal mental healthcare and putting moms back on the priority list.

In this episode we dive deep into:

  • Erica's own experience of postpartum and how this was a catalyst for the work she does to support mother's mental health
  • How traditional gender roles can keep mothers - and couples - from thriving as we parent
  • Understanding mom rage and resentment
  • The importance of learning that as mothers, we can release Perfectionism and share the mother load
  • Healing and preventing trauma and the power of honoring our children's resilience
  • The potential risks of intensive parenting and Perfect Mother Syndrome on our mental health and couple's relationship
  • How to identify your personal parenting and self-care values rather than internalizing those from our culture, community, friends, or family.

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Unpacking the Invisible Load of Motherhood with Erica Djossa

Unpacking the Invisible Load of Motherhood with Erica Djossa

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