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What A Drag It Is Getting Old (Musically)

What A Drag It Is Getting Old (Musically)

Update: 2024-01-31


Decades ago, I was the best man for my buddy Charlie and was in charge of driving the bridal car from the church to the reception…the happy couple were in the back seat…next to me up front was the bride’s sister-in-law…

When I started the car, “Welcome To The Jungle” started playing on the radio…the sister-in-law freaked out… “What is this garbage?...turn it off!”…I looked at Charlie…he looked at me and shrugged… no sense in making waves…I switched to a pop station…but the sister-in-law’s violent reaction to the gunners stayed with me…

Then not long ago, I was in the car with a friend when rage against the machine’s “Bulls On Parade” came on the radio…I instinctively turned it up…awesome song, right?

But my friend shrieked… “What is this [bleep]?” She said…”it’s awful!…you can’t possibly like this…”

I was slightly taken aback…we go back a couple of decades and she came from an alt-rock radio background, too…her life used to be filled with this kind of music…how could she not like Rage Against The Machine?...

“I don’t know,” she said… “Maybe I’m just getting old…I prefer softer stuff these days”…

Ah…there it was again: an example of how someone’s musical tastes evolve with age… it’s just something that happens with most people… most of take that as a given…not me, though…this is something that’s always fascinated me…there has to be some science behind why we listen to different types and styles of music as we go through life…

So I tracked down this science and I have some answers…we’ll call this episode “what a drag it is getting old—musically”…

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What A Drag It Is Getting Old (Musically)

What A Drag It Is Getting Old (Musically)