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Who am I? Nuam and Olivia revisited

Who am I? Nuam and Olivia revisited

Update: 2022-02-17


Welcome to a dive into the Sharing things archive and a selection of 5 episodes that revolve around the themes of belonging, fitting in and finding your place. These are conversations about growth and about identity. In our third episode we revisit the conversation between Nuam Hatzaw and Olivia Sweeney and listen to them as they talk about family ties, intersectionality and figuring out where home is.  

The episode is hosted by Ayanda Ngobeni, who joined us in summer 2021 before starting her final year as a law student. 

Nuam is a current PhD student in the School of Divinity researching the theologies of migration, diaspora and identity among Zomi in Europe. Nuam studied at SOAS in London for her undergraduate degree, before moving to Edinburgh for her Masters in World Christianity.

Olivia graduated with an MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh in 2017. She is currently a Junior Consultant at sustainable waste consultancy, Resource Futures and also a Black and Green Ambassador working to lead, connect and celebrate diverse community action for the environment. In 2019, Olivia was named among the 'Top 100 Most Influential Women in Engineering' in the UK and Europe by Inclusive Boards in association with the Financial Times. She has also worked with the Royal Academy of Engineering on their 'This is Engineering' campaign.

Each episode of Sharing things is a conversation between two members of our university community. It could be a student, a member of staff or a graduate, the only thing they have in common at the beginning is Edinburgh. We start with an object. A special, treasured or significant item that we have asked each guest to bring to the conversation. What happens next is sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always unexpected.

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This episode of Sharing things was recorded during the Covid thing. We are still online but 2021 was starting to feel a bit okay. 

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Who am I? Nuam and Olivia revisited

Who am I? Nuam and Olivia revisited

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