DiscoverSomething You Should KnowWhy People Waste So Much & How Creative People-Create
Why People Waste So Much & How Creative People-Create

Why People Waste So Much & How Creative People-Create

Update: 2024-05-202


Whenever I fly, I see people on the plane who look like they are doing important work on their laptops. That may actually be a really bad idea because it is hard to do high quality work at 30,000 feet. Listen as I explain why.

We have become a pretty wasteful world. We waste a lot of food, we create a lot of packaging that goes to waste and despite our best efforts we only recycle a fraction of all the things we could. There is likely no one big solution to any of this but there are some interesting things being done you should hear about that are making a difference. Here to explain these solutions and reveal the magnitude of the waste problem is Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Edward Humes. He is author of over two dozen books. His latest is Total Garbage: How We Can Fix Our Waste and Heal Our World (

Creativity sounds so magical – like it is some mystical gift some people were given that allows them to create the most wonderful things. However, creativity has been studied and the science of it is less magical and more practical. Being more creative and accomplished at anything is a skill we can all develop. We may not become the greatest or most creative at a chosen skill, but we can all become better at anything we put our mind to if we understand how. Here to explain is Anna Abraham. She is a professor and the Director of the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development at the University of Georgia and author of the book, The Creative Brain: Myths and Truths (

When it comes to family dinner, many parents serve different food to their children – like mac and cheese or chicken nuggets because kids seem to prefer it. Is that a good idea? Listen as I reveal the dangers of dumbing down your kids’ meals.


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Why People Waste So Much & How Creative People-Create

Why People Waste So Much & How Creative People-Create

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