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Winslow Arizona And A Moment With Mayor Cano

Winslow Arizona And A Moment With Mayor Cano

Update: 2022-08-11


Winslow Arizona - The City of Winslow AZ is a small town with big adventures that incorporated by in 1900. Just about 100 miles west of the New Mexico border on Interstate 40. Sits at just under 5,000 ft in elevation and covers just about 13 square miles in area. Winslow is home to a multitude of attractions including a stop on the mother road! Winslow Topics: "Standing On The Corner Park" made famous by the band the eagles in 1972 with their hit song “Take It Easy”. The park was created by the city back in 1999 to add to the magic of the city of Winslow. Its estimated that over 100,000 people visit this site. The hotel La Posada is a must to see and a must stay if you’re in the area built back in the 1920’s its iconic and after its renovation, has become one of the top hotels in the southwest. Set in a restored railroad hotel built by the Santa Fe Railway, this beautiful southwestern-style hotel lies next to the Winslow Amtrak station. McHood park and Clear Creek are a must as well. If you stay close to town and want a nice cold one, can I suggest a stop in the relic-road brewing company? Fried Pickles are on the menu. If you’re not going to make a stop at the majestic Painted Desert and Petrified Forest east of Winslow I would encourage you to drive just north of Winslow to the little painted desert park. The Meteor Crater, IS the best preserved meteor crater site on earth. Don’t forget to take the old way to get there by stopping by Meteor City, it has its very own exit off I-40 at exit 239 from the east or west and is home to the now closed but roadside photo worthy, Meteor City Trading post. Movie trivia, this site was Used in the movie Starman back in 84’ when Starman meets Mark Sherman from SETI. 

A Moment With The Mayor: Roberta "Birdie" Cano | Very excited to share Moment with the mayor on the Arizona Podcast. This podcast features the Honorable Roberta "Birdie" Cano, Mayor of Winslow Arizona. We’ll get the latest news about her city from the standing on the corner park to the important roll Route 66 has played and continues to play today for the city of Winslow and plans to celebrate the Centennial of the mother Road in 2026! 




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Winslow Arizona And A Moment With Mayor Cano

Winslow Arizona And A Moment With Mayor Cano

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