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Young Actuaries Conference 2018

Young Actuaries Conference 2018

Update: 2018-05-15


Solai Valliappan previews her talk at the upcoming Young Actuaries Conference (YAC) including the importance of a 'strong network' and how she came to consult on 'the Google Maps of asteroid resources in space'.

Angela Poon (Actuarial Consultant at Finity Consulting) asks Solai Valliappan (Business Advisor at HEOR) how she attained her current role and how she has become an advisor to multiple actuarial facets of businesses from risk management to strategy to data analytics and finance.
Solai's experience is varied as she enjoys working on multiple projects and utilising her actuarial skills to help businesses in non-traditional fields excel.

Angela asks a range of questions including:
- How do you get to be an advisor in areas of finance, data analytics, strategy and risk management all in one time?
- How has a strong network helped you in your career?
- Do you have any tips or advice for people who are trying to explore or venture into a non-traditional field?
- How did you find your passion with working in the space area?
- Can you tell our listeners what sort of things can they expect to get out of the upcoming Young Actuaries Conference?

Download the Transcript here

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Young Actuaries Conference 2018

Young Actuaries Conference 2018

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