unFIX with Jurgen Appelo

unFIX with Jurgen Appelo

Update: 2023-05-09


As an author, speaker and founder, Jurgen is helping creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. He offers concrete games, tools and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers. He also offers the unFIX model for designing versatile organizations focused on continuous innovation and better human experience. Jurgen calls himself a creative networker. Although sometimes he is a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or a Dutch guy. Inc.com has called him a Top 50 Leadership Expert and a Top 100 Leadership Speaker. In 2008, Jurgen wrote a popular blog at NOOP.NL, offering ideas on the creative economy, agile management, organizational change and personal development.

He is the author of the books Management 3.0; It describes the role of the manager in agile organizations; How to Change the World, which describes a supermodel for change management; Managing for Happiness; which offers you practical ideas; to engage workers, improve work, delight clients. Startups, Scaleups, Screwups; this book dives into the major topics that business leaders and entrepreneurs are confronted with throughout the business lifecycle.

Learn more: https://ebullient.com/podcast/unfix/

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unFIX with Jurgen Appelo

unFIX with Jurgen Appelo

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