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Iron Advocate:Iron Advocate

Iron Advocate

Unlock the inner game of advocacy, the winning mindset, psychology and personal habits of highly successful attorneys. We are warriors. Litigation is a form of combat and hardship always accompanies battle. Fear. Dread. Vulnerability. Iron Advocates embrace those feelings while living an examined professional and personal life. For 26 years, Jeff Riebel and Bob Levant have engaged in a daily conversation about life in and out of the law. Each is a seasoned litigator. Bob has successfully defended cases including capital murder and secured numerous multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements in civil rights cases. Jeff typically represents clients in which marital estates worth tens of millions and sometimes billions of dollars are in dispute. His clients include CEOs, venture capitalists and other highly successful and well-known Californians. Join Jeff, Bob and their guests as they discuss how to kill it in the practice of law without it killing you.


the BigAmateurism monologues:Richard Ford

the BigAmateurism monologues

A series of events over the last 18 months—some unforeseeable—have created a perfect storm that will change college sports forever. The NCAA's bait and switch campaign in Congress on name, image, and likeness, a historic case in the US Supreme Court, COVID, race-based social unrest, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and the ascent of Amy Coney Barrett,) the Georgia special elections, and more have conspired to make this era perhaps the most consequential in the history of American sports. In this perfect storm, nothing is as it appears to the public. The NCAA and powerful conferences have marshaled some of the most powerful corporate, legal, public relations, media, and political forces in the world to wage war against a small group of elite revenue-producing athletes—overwhelmingly African American—who threaten to disrupt the NCAA cartel in the 15 billion-dollar-a-year college sports industry. The NCAA is one bill in Congress and one Supreme Court decision away from achieving the Iron Throne of college sports regulation. If that happens, the athletes whose talents underwrite the entire industry will have no recourse in federal courts to challenge the NCAA's amateurism-based compensation limits and state legislatures will be powerless to pass laws that protect athletes' basic economic liberties. Join former Duke basketball player, attorney, academician, and athletes' rights advocate Richard Ford as he dissects the NCAA's war against revenue-producing athletes and the institutions, interests, decision-makers, and motives behind it.


The Run Iron Mountain Road & Trail Half Marathon Podcast:Joe Smith

The Run Iron Mountain Road & Trail Half Marathon Podcast

The Run Iron Mountain Road & Trail Half Marathon Podcast wants to share with you why this race is so special. It's our community in Iron Mountain and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that host this race every year. It's our chance to share with you why our sponsors, volunteers, and community is worth spending time with. Please plan to join us on race day. Until then, tune in and you will quickly understand what we are all about through the words of our sponsors, Running Experts, community leaders, community advocates and at times those that just love to run and love this event!


F This Movie!

F This Movie!

Join the F This Movie! crew as they discuss movies they love, movies they hate, and movies they love with a hot, hot hate.


Time Under Tension Radio:tutradio

Time Under Tension Radio

Joe Rich, Bryon Sperduti and Jeffrey Dettelis discuss in context all aspects of training including exercise, nutrition and mentality. Get your weekly prescription of training talk from these three professional bodybuilders and in trenches trainers. They are also contest promoters, powerlifting & bodybuilding judges and fitness advocates with decades of experience forged under the iron


Fit DJ's Flex Factory:Lauren Pappas FitDJ

Fit DJ's Flex Factory

The world's fittest DJ brings you her high energy workout mixes with the hottest jams so you can run those extra miles or bench press those extra pounds! Her open format style leds itself to wide audenice to get anyone movin & groovin : )About FitDJ:They call me DJ but I prefer life curator because I create a soundtrack to your life.I am a DJ mentored by the top DJ's in Philly, NY, and LA.I grew up with learning disabilites and school was very tough.  Music was my escape.I was always the smallest kid in my class.  Fitness gave me my strength.I never thought this little girl from Philly would be DJing Arnold Schwarzeggers party.  I've also been very blessed to DJ for ABC's Dancing With The Stars and The Mr Olympia Expo for the past 3 years. I provide beats for brands such as Equinox fitness, LuLuLemon Athletica & Addidas.I love fitness and I want to share it with the world.Check out my YouTube Channel for free Workouts & Fitness Tips, "Pimpin Iron"Clickable link above.Rockout to your workouts with my free mixes by subscribing to my Podcast "Fit DJ's Flex Factory"! Thank you greatly for your support!! Happy Lifting  : )BOOK ME to DJ at your at your Club, Party or Event. More info at


G. Brian Benson:

G. Brian Benson

G. Brian Benson is a multiple award-winning author, speaker, actor, musician, entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, finisher of over 50 triathlons including 4 Ironman distance races, cross-country bicyclist, inspirational poet and committed advocate of helping others be the best that they can be.Having authored five books, Brian's List and the eBooks The Art of Balance, Onward and Upward, Cave Man No More and Discover Your True Self,Benson is now completing a sixth self-improvement title, If B ...


What's Cookin' Today on (Madison H)

What's Cookin' Today on CRN

Live Monday through Friday 8-9 AM PT The Nation's Premiere Food, Wine, Travel, Health, Wealth & Entertainment Show! Click HERE for more ways to listen.


How Do You Not Know Podcast:How Do You Not Know Podcast

How Do You Not Know Podcast

A podcast devoted to talking about romantic comedies hosted by Mike Delaney and Lexy Van Dyke. Will they? Won't they? Listen in to find out!

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