Podcast Community

Introducing Castbox Community!

Where podcasts are the center of attention

There are over 660,000 podcasts, but there’s no centralized location dedicated to talking about them. That’s why we’re bringing you Castbox Community, a new feature that enables both creators and listeners to connect and engage in the rapidly expanding podcast ecosystem.

Community is a social feed where you can post about your favorite shows and episodes as you’re listening to them on Castbox, join trending discussions and discover popular new content.

Castbox is no longer just a podcast player focused on content discovery and delivery. We aim to bring you a richer, more immersive podcasting experience.

According to Renee Wang, Castbox CEO, “podcast listeners are already some of the most engaged audiences in digital media, so the new Community feature will encourage them to keep coming back while also giving dedicated fans a voice in the conversation.”

You can even create and follow hashtags to keep track of trending topics in the live feed. See what’s in the “HOT” and “NEW” tabs to stay current on Community activity.

For podcast creators, Community is an extension of your podcast. It can help you stay connected with your fans, take a pulse on their interests, and get feedback from your most devoted listeners. You can even leverage the community to attract new listeners.

Let’s share, discuss and have (healthy) debates. We’re here for it.

Community is available today on both iOS and Android versions of the App.

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