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12: Pete Tong x Dan Smith

12: Pete Tong x Dan Smith


The 12th and final episode and what a finale this is. I am joined by the global ambassador for dance music; Pete Tong MBE, and the nicest man in show business; Dan Smith, lead singer of Bastille. Dan had already answered the question “What’s In A Name” on the 12 Questions album but in this episode he answers ‘Do We Really Care?’ by discussing public opinion, songwriting over zoom and whether the power of positivity can help save the planet. Pete offers insight into what it's like to have your name turned into cockney rhyming slang and he also reveals his record for how many shows he has performed in one night. I have absolutely loved having these conversations with so many household names and I really hope you've enjoyed listening to the answers that have been given by my incredible guests. Huge thanks to everyone that has taken part in the series and to you also for listening. Stay tuned! Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
This week I speak to two artists who are set to become the future of modern music. Griff, fresh from her Brits performance and “Rising Star” award win, discusses whether she can really live up to the title of rising star, whether she’s found her truth in music, and her worries going into writing her next album. Maisie Peters, Ed Sheeran’s newest signing on his Gingerbread Man Records label, speaks about whether Ed is the most generous man in music, whether being a twin means she believes in nature or nuture, and if she has found freedom in her life so far. Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
Two multi-hyphenates Doc Brown and Jelani Blackman join me this week to answer the 12 Questions. Jelani had already answered Nature or Nurture with his track “Nature Or Nurture / Am I Built Like This” on the 12 Questions album but in this episode he muses over connection, finding his purpose and whether this year has seen us more divided than ever. Musician, comedian and author Doc Brown, AKA Ben Bailey Smith, obviously had to answer ‘What’s In A Name?’ but he also speaks about retiring from music, how stand up is the hardest thing he’s ever done, and how his daughters helped him realise what love is. Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
Kojey Radical and Dermot Kennedy; I’ve had the pleasure of working with both artists separately in the studio and instantly saw similarities in the way they both work. We speak about legacy as an artist, Boris Johnsons hair, fear trumping faith, why Kojey doesn’t give a fuck, and somehow I think I’ve agreed to let them give me my first tattoo…  Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
Joy Crookes and Avelino; two artists on the very cusp of superstardom who are soon to release their debut albums. This episode proves that these questions really are the gifts that keep on giving and can be interpreted and answered in so many different ways. Joy fires back one word answers and yet still manages to discuss the emotional experience she had when finishing her album, her family being left as a matriarchy after the Bangladesh war, and her love for her cat Diego. Avelino shares how he turns negative feelings into positive fuel for confidence, questions whether we really should be saving the planet or saving ourselves, and we discover if he really is the most prolific tequila drinker of all.  Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
Food and music…some might say what else do you need?! Two absolute legends in their respective fields join me this week for a chat about food, music, and everything in between. Jamie and Norman met each other during Jamie’s 'Naked Chef' days and they both share memories of Jamie teaching Norman to cook his first meal at 36, his early days as a drummer and how he reignited his passion for music during lockdown. Norman answers 'What’s In A Name?’ by explaining his Guinness Book of World Records entry for the most Top 40 singles under different alias’ and we find out just what happened to the man on the cover of Fatboy Slim’s album 'You’ve Come a Long Way Baby'. Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
6: Kano x Simon Armitage

6: Kano x Simon Armitage


Two lyrical titans, and collaborators on my record battle it out this week with Poet Laureate Simon Armitage making a compelling argument as to why the answer to every question should be 'one thousand pounds’. He also shares how poetry has afforded him freedom and just why Repair Shop is the new Top Boy. Kano talks about his career shift from music to acting and how he brought his life experience to the role of Sully. He explores the reasons behind his name change last year, whether aki and saltfish is in his blood and why love is a never ending pursuit. Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
Ricky Wilson and Mysie… well you didn’t think I would let the series get too deep did you?! This episode is 90% dad jokes and the other 10% biscuit recommendations. I would apologise, but really it's great. Mysie is a wonderful artist, a soul queen who I am mentoring though the Ivor Novello scheme after she won their rising star award who has quickly become a close friend, and Ricky needs no introduction; the Kaiser Chiefs front man who has recently turned his hand to presenting after being a judge on The Voice. However after listening to this podcast you’ll probably know him as the man who introduced you to the Michael Douglas hour...  Listen to the 12 Questions album here
This week I spoke to one of my oldest and dearest friends and best man at my wedding; Craig David. We spoke about creativity as an outlet to keep you sane, gigging together at Live 8, getting lifts to clubs in his mum's Fiat Uno and just why he is the most hydrated man in show business. Presenter and radio host Julie Adenuga joined us and totally blew me away with the strength of her answers. She shared her thoughts on how awareness can lead to mind blocks, how meditation has been helping her though lockdown, whether her Nigerian parents' displacement attributed to her and her brothers' creative careers, and how no, we don’t really care Listen to the 12 Questions album here
3: Brian Eno x Es Devlin

3: Brian Eno x Es Devlin


Brian Eno and Es Devlin - the episode where I didn’t ask a single question and yet somehow…they answered all of them. What absolute magic this was to witness and I can only hope I get to do it again soon as I discovered they are in fact, the ultimate dinner party guests. Brian and Es took it away and riffed on climate change, choral singing, taking creative mistakes seriously, the life of whales and lab meat. Of course all peppered with their showbiz stories involving Bowie, Bono and I threw one of my own in about Celine Dion for good measure. I hope you enjoy listening to these two as much as I did. Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
George the Poet and Kae Tempest... what did I expect from two multi-disciplinary wordsmiths and podcast royalty? I could listen to these answers 100 times over and take away something new each time. We discussed George’s break from music and his reasons behind the move to present himself in the podcast format. Kae can’t help but rhyme when we muse over “what’s in a name” and look at the transitions they have evolved through when adopting Tempest and changing their name last year when coming out as non-binary. We also discuss how the planet will be just fine without us and that we’re all just lucky to be here. Jump in and come along with us for the ride… Listen to the 12 questions album here
What a line up to kick off the inaugural episode of 12 Questions! I spoke to podcast pro Peter Crouch about life after football, lockdown pursuits, and why the greatest love he has is for Abbey and his children. Abbey reveals a hatred of football, her Strictly fears and why she was the only person to bring peaches to a Chic concert, whilst Nile Rodgers also shares the secret to his everlasting energy, his concerns about the planet and the time a bomb threat was called into one of his gigs. Play on!  Listen to the 12 Questions album here:
12 Questions Trailer

12 Questions Trailer


Fraser T Smith is producer for some of music’s biggest names including Adele, Stormzy, Dave and Kano. He recently released his debut album "12 Questions" under the alias of "Future Utopia" where he posed twelve universal, human and urgent questions, all born of Fraser’s own anxieties about the world today. As part of the podcast, Fraser is pairing some of the sharpest minds in popular culture to answer these questions in order to examine the breadth of their answers, and to help him, and others navigate living in the modern world. Listen to the 12 Questions album here 
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