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Bringin' It Backwards: podcast – giving driven musicians the invaluable insight they need to succeed in the music industry, by revealing how legendary musicians achieved stardom.

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Interview with EKOH

Interview with EKOH


We had the pleasure of interviewing EKOH over Zoom video!Branded with the label of HEART HOP by loyal fans who saw something different in his style of hip hop. True emotional lyrics along with hard-hitting delivery, intricate production, and a high energy live show, Ekoh has something that hip hop music hasn’t seen in a long time, TRUE PASSION FOR THE ART OF HIP HOP MUSIC.A songwriter who can blur the lines between genres to create a truly amazing music experience. Blending hip hop with alt rock and everything in-between, Ekoh has a sound that will appeal to almost any music listener. “My music is about embracing REAL LIFE, the struggle, the good times, the frustration, the anger, the heartache. It’s all real because it's all true. I have felt and experienced it all.” His unique sound and voice has gained a loyal following and has taken the scene by storm.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #EKOH #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Donna Lewis over Zoom video!The new album ‘Rooms With A View’ is a collaboration between celebrated singer and songwriter Donna Lewis and renowned electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives.More than just an album though, the record documents Donna’s year long journey through breast cancer: “Cancer was the un-invited messenger, the darkdweller who I sought to banish with the love of my family, brilliant doctors and my art”.In 2021 Donna Lewis was about to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of her breakthrough smash hit single ‘I Love You, Always Forever’ and her debut album, ‘Now In A Minute’ when a routine medical check up, (delayed by the pandemic), brought her the news that no-one ever wants to hear.All plans in place to mark the anniversary, the tour dates, the live TV special, the remixes, were all put on hold to deal with more urgent matters. Donna then spent the next year or so undergoing treatment and surgery, all the while actively writing and recording, before finally late in 2022 she felt ready to prepare for releasing new music once again.Donna had been introduced to the work of electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives in 2021 when he had created a reworking of a piano vocal track she had released called ‘I Told You So’. Since then she had always wanted to further collaborate with him so when it came time to get creative again she suggested they write maybe 2 or 3 tracks together as a potential release for the two of them.All done remotely, they have yet to meet in person, musical ideas were passed back and forth and Holmes worked up tracks for Donna to write lyrics to.As Donna began the creative writing process, she soon realised that without any intent to do so, every set of lyrics going down on the page all represented a different chapter of what she had experienced over the preceding year. Some cryptically capture the trauma and the fear of the diagnosis and treatment while others were observational recollections of more mundane aspects, such as her favorite nurse or the different views from the various treatment rooms. What had been intended to be a four track EP now became an album as how the chapters of the story unfolded made it impossible to convey this momentous journey in anything less.“The instrumental tracks that Holmes Ives sent me coaxed the lyrics from the pages of my journals and inspired an album of stories, unlocking fears, and the climb to a healthier me -mind, body and spirit”Donna’s strong and inspiring lyrics, enhanced by her expressive vocal prowess which she has become famous for, married seamlessly with the driving rhythmic dimensions of Holmes Ives stunning sound-beds and has resulted in an awe -inspiring testament of strength, gratitude and facing fears. As well as providing an immensely satisfying musical listening experience, it also relays support and inspiration to anyone who needs it, no matter whatever the reasons in this ever more challenging world of today.“It is an offering of hope for anyone going through a dark tunnel. I am forever grateful to share it with you”.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #DonnaLewis #ILoveYouAlwaysForever #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Evan Honer over Zoom video!Singer/songwriter Evan Honer recently released his new album Fighting For through Cloverdale Records. The release is the follow-up to his 2023 debut West on I-10, which was met with sudden acclaim through sheer organic connection with audiences, garnering millions of streams worldwide, over 2.6 million monthly listeners, and leading to sold-out headline tours across the country and into Europe. That whirlwind period is captured on Fighting For. Co-produced by Honer with longtime collaborators Stephen Myers and Jon Notar, it's a coming-of-age record that asks hard questions and offers no easy answers. Instead, it embraces the conflicting swirl of emotions that come with early adulthood, from exhilaration to uncertainty. Evan Honer was still a college student in Southern California when his music — a mix of acoustic folk, indie-Americana, and alternative pop, delivered by a young songwriter who's never been afraid to blur the boundaries between genres — began earning a global audience. It happened fast. One minute, he was uploading performance videos to social media with little response. The next, he was a viral success, earning 50 million streams with his version of the Tyler Childers deep cut "Jersey Giant" and building a following with his original music. On graduation day, Honer released West On I-10, which quickly led to collaborations with Liam St. John, Wyatt Flores, Vincent Mason, and more, as well as sold-out shows across America and Europe. Fighting For captures the zeitgeist of 20something life during the 2020s. It's a soundtrack for young adults navigating the long road from past to present, looking to make some sense of the relationships, regrets, and romances they encounter along the way. Appropriately, Honer recorded the album on the move, finding small windows of time between gigs to capture these songs in small studios, churches, living rooms, and even AirBnbs. After the overwhelming success of West on I-10, he had opportunities to do things differently, including seven-figure offers from virtually every major record label, along with A-list Grammy-winning producers vying to work with a young musician who'd already earned 200 million streams on his own. Instead, he opted to turn them all down, stay independent, start his own label Cloverdale Records, and build a community of like-minded and hard-working artists willing to bet on themselves.Stacked high with acoustic-driven songs and plugged-in performances, Fighting For shows just how wide Evan Honer's musical reach can be. This is music for campfires, festival stages, and everywhere in between, delivered with a rare mix of urgency and poise. It's music rooted in Honer's personal experience, yet still filled with universal stories about punching one's way to the next round.This summer and fall, Honer will hit the road in support of Fighting For with dates that will take him across the US and Europe. For the full list of shows and to purchase tickets, visit want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #EvanHoner #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke Alexx over Zoom video!Rising pop starlet Brooke Alexx announced her anticipated debut album BIG MOUTH. Available everywhere on October 4, 2024, the project will introduce the world Brooke Alexx as she shares handpicked stories from her own life experiences through an honest yet lighthearted lens. Pre-save BIG MOUTH HERE.“Each song is meant to feel like hot goss I’m sharing with a close friend” Brooke affirms. “This album is me opening my ‘big mouth’ and not holding anything back. I want you to feel like I’m finally saying that thing you’ve been biting your tongue about.”In addition to announcing the album, Brooke released her new single “Younger Guys,” an upbeat, summery anthem about how Brooke finds herself constantly crushing on guys who are younger than her. Listen to “Younger Guys” HERE. “It’s a summer vibe,” Brooke notes. “I always end up dating boys who are younger than me by a few years. They tend to not take things as seriously and bring out my fun side, which is kind of refreshing for me. Maybe ‘age is just a number’ after all.”“Younger Guys” follows Brooke’s last single “Hot Like You,” a track originally written about Brooke’s own sisters, who she considers to be gorgeous and “hot,” but that also carries a deeper meaning rooted in female-empowerment. Brooke finds herself surrounded by amazing women and “Hot Like You” is Brooke’s ode to them.  Celebrated by her growing worldwide audience for her candid, catchy songwriting, Brooke was recently awarded the first-place prize in American Songwriter’s Song Contest for her viral pop hit “All My Exes’ Moms.” The clever earworm has organically garnered over 25 million total streams since it was released in 2022.  Ahead of her album release, Brooke will be hitting the road with Arrows in Action this summer.Upcoming Dates:June 25 – Ace of Cups / Columbus, OHJune 26 – Hi-Fi / Indianapolis, INJune 28 – The Intersection / Grand Rapids, MIJune 29 – Rec Room / Buffalo, NYJune 30 – Empire Live / Albany, NYJuly 2 – The Webster / Hartford, CTJuly 3 – Palladium / Worcester, MAJuly 6 – Asbury Lanes / Asbury Park, NJJuly 8 – Music Hall of Williamsburg / Brooklyn, NYJuly 9 – Ottobar / Baltimore, MDJuly 11 – Amos’ Southend / Charlotte, NCJuly 12 – The Social / Orlando, FLJuly 14 – Cannery Hall / Nashville, TNStay tuned for more news to come on the rising pop artist.About Brooke Alexx:Brooke Alexx’s music unfolds like the most candid conversation you’ve ever had. She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Instead, she’s comfortable sharing all the ups and downs of twenty-something life, whether it be lamenting how bad it sucks to breakup on vacation, celebrating her exes’ moms, or pondering how to balance career, love, and everything in between. Her dynamic voice belies a gentle girl-next-door charm and razor-sharp songwriting instincts, making her brand of pop as clever as it is catchy. After quietly generating over 35 million streams and earning acclaim from FLAUNT and Melodic Magazine, she invites you to listen in on the conversation through her music.  We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #BrookeAlexx #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Chrissy Chlapecka over Zoom video!The princess of girlie pop, Chrissy Chlapecka just drreleased her highly anticipated debut EP Girlie Pop. The debut collection is quintessential Chrissy, with an explosion of joyfully queer and cheeky pop songs like “I’m Really Pretty” (Rolling Stone), sapphic cheerleader anthem “Verse” (Rolling Stone), cheeky “10 Boyfriends” and more.When asked what the EP means to her, Chrissy says“Girlie Pop is a collection of songs that represent my love for humor, theatrics and high camp hyperfemininity. With my debut EP, I wanted the world to know what kind of artist I am - one who pushes boundaries in a cheeky yet extremely thoughtful way. My musical theatre roots are all over this project, and I’m honored to share it with the world.” Alongside the vibrant debut EP drop is an ambitious, single-take, music video for “Sugar” - where Chrissy the actress confidently dives into her theater roots, delivering a dynamic performance bold enough for the stage. “I knew I wanted to show off my love for musical theatre one way or another on this project” Chrissy shared. “I love creating visuals, but the visuals I know best are all one take. I put my team up to the challenge, and although there was hesitation with logistics at first, we all knew we could accomplish this. Sugar is the dramatic, raw, camp, over the top side of Chrissy that’s been within me since I first ever stepped onstage at 8 years old. This is who I am, and who you will see more of down the line with my work.”Following Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch in 2023, Chrissy was recently highlighted on PEOPLE’s 2024 Spring Emerging Artists List. The queer icon will hit the road on tour this pride season, kicking off at Solid Pink Disco a sold out EP release show in LA and hitting major cities, with stops at cultural hubs like The Grammy Museum along the way.You may have seen Chrissy’s gorgeous mug as the face of “Bimbo-Feminism” in The New York Times, PAPER, Interview, NYLON, or in the year of Barbies and Bimbos, on NPR. Now the subversive online icon is turning total popstar, by way of inspirations like Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and bold Broadway level drama, only more glitter, camp and pink. Only in her first year of dropping music, the Chicago native has earned over 22M streams on Spotify alone with singles like “BRAT”, “I’m So Hot” and “Head Bitch” and was named one of Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch. Her transformation from viral TikToker to pop sensation has left her nearly 6M followers and listeners begging for more more more. And they’re gonna get it.ABOUT CHRISSY CHLAPECKAChicago native and rising pop sensation Chrissy Chlapecka came out the gate swinging with her debut single “I’m So Hot” in 2023. The response was immediate and fervent, earning her immediate accolades from Rolling Stone’s Brightest Pop Stars to Watch, The New York Times, Billboard, Vogue, PAPER, Nylon, The Chicago Tribune, and beyond.  Chrissy not only captivates with her obvious star power, powerful vocals, humor, and magnetic stage presence, but the core of her artistry and journey defies conventional norms. Beneath a glamorous, hyper feminine exterior, Chrissy has solidified a platform rooted in equality, amplifying disenfranchised voices in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond. With each release, Chrissy is leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and forging new paths for the feminist landscape of the future. Chrissy’s debut EP Girlie Pop is out NOW!We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #ChrissyChlapecka #GirliePop #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with St. Lundi

Interview with St. Lundi


We had the pleasure of interviewing St. Lundi over Zoom video!At the age of 20, St. Lundi left his hometown of Hayling Island (off the coast of Portsmouth, UK), to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Employment opportunities were limited on ‘The Island’ and he whilst working in a petrol station and living with his grandparents, he left with under £100 in his bank account, booking a 1 way ticket to London.He soon ran out of money and played an open mic night, where luckily he was spotted by some Australian backpackers who offered him a couch to stay on for as long as he wants in their shared digs. This couch became St. Lundi’s home for the next 9 months, intermittently being relegated to sleeping in a stairwell when his hosts were partying. He soon found a job as a teaching assistant at a local school for children with learning disabilities and started building a life for himself, whilst gracing the stages of basement venues and open mic nights throughout London in the evenings.At this point, he was spotted by the label owner of Good Taste Recordings and after signing, they started working on a debut EP in late 2019. St. Lundi’s debut single was released in March 2020, one week before the UK entered full lockdown.Whilst this spelled disaster for many, it was an excellent opportunity for St. Lundi to hone his skills as a songwriter. He was set up with a home studio and booked in for several remote writing sessions a week over this lockdown period. After just a couple of months, his first big break happened, with Kygo taking a song he wrote called ‘To Die For’ and releasing it on his 2020 Gold selling album ‘Golden Hour’. Later this year, he also featured on Seeb’s Platinum awarded album ‘Sad In Scandinavia’ with a song called ‘Colourblind’.In 2021, St. Lundi wrote his top performing song to date titled ‘Nights Like This’. The song documents his first date with his first (and only) love Josefine. The song entered the radio charts in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway and Portugal, as well as amassing over 70 million streams to date. Fans from all over the world have used this song as a first dance at their weddings and soundtracked their romances, a fact that he is very proud of.In 2022, with the world opening back up again, St. Lundi focussed on building a live following and played around 100 shows across Europe, supporting Kodaline, Tom Gregory and Leon, whilst working on new material in his rare downtime. This culminated in his debut headline tour, pulling small but enthusiastic audiences of 100-150 people a night across the UK, BeNeLux and GSA in Feb 2023. Around this time, he released ‘Ready To Be Loved’, which was the first song to be presented to UK radio and instantly picked up B-list rotation on BBC Radio 2. This was followed by another GSA tour with German chart-topping ClockClock and another single ‘Fall’, which was again added to the BBC Radio 2 playlist.Throughout 2023, St. Lundi has perfected his debut album ‘The Island’, which is set out now! We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #StLundi #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Marcagi over Zoom video!Singer, songwriter, and storyteller Michael Marcagi releases a new version of his breakthrough hit “Scared to Start” featuring Joy Oladokun via Warner Records. Oladokun contributes her trademark aching delivery which adds another emotional layer to the soaring anthem, which has just surpassed 275 million streams across platforms. It has also reached #5 on the Billboard Hot Rock & Alternative Songs  chart, #35 on the Billboard Global 200 chart, and #54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to date.“She fell asleep listenin' to my friends, talkin' on and on about how the world ends," Marcagi sings. "Then she wakes up and climbs in my front seat.” In the new version, Oladokun takes over the second verse, underscoring the song's raw lyrical imagery. “Let's lay in the dead grass, stare at the stars," she sings. "Run away and live out of cars and bars."The update of “Scared to Start” arrives just months after Marcagi’s debut EP American Romance was released.As an independent artist, Marcagi rapidly generated a significant buzz based purely on the strength of his songs, and his authentic, warm and honest voice. A global fan base responded to his relatable stories  that won him a record contract with Warner Records. “Scared To Start” presents Marcagi as one of the year's most important breakout artists.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #MichaelMarcagi #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing onelinedrawing over Zoom video!Jonah Matranga has been making music for over 30 years.A prolific artist, he has become an enduring institution in the scene with a devoted fan base, rich lineage, and varied music career. Jonah has often straddled the line between the underground and mainstream. He's worked with indie labels like Jade Tree and majors such as Atlantic, having fronted the bands FAR, NEW END ORIGINAL, and GRATITUDE.His music has influenced bands from Deftones to Blink-182, and he was there for emo and post-hardcore giants in their earliest beginnings — taking bands such as Thursday and Dashboard Confessional on tour. Simply put, the scene cannot be separated from Jonah's art.Jonah has always written from the heart and performed in an intimate way that few others have accomplished. From basements to massive festivals, he brings the same energy to them all: raw honesty and an ability to make every show unique and personal. This is most apparent in Jonah's solo and collaborative project ONELINEDRAWING. Jonah's solo performance has always been about connecting with fans in an intimate setting, where they often perform with only a guitar and R2D2 sidekick.Sketchbook is the latest release from ONELINEDRAWING, featuring a collection of songs from Jonah's early solo years, 1999-2001, completely remastered for vinyl. The album features originals and renditions of the likes of 7 Seconds and Jawbox, as well as the Sense Field split honoring the late Jon Bunch(Sense Field/Further Seems Forever). The LP also includes liner notes and zine by Norman Brannon (Texas is the Reason/New End Original).Sketchbook exists as both a time capsule and thank you letter to fans and music itself — a combination of the period in which Jonah first embarked on his solo journey and a celebration of the vitality that music and community not only affords him but all of us.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #onelinedrawing #Far #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with Forest Blakk

Interview with Forest Blakk


We had the pleasure of interviewing Forest Blakk over Zoom video!Acclaimed singer/songwriter Forest Blakk announces The Love & Loss headline tour across North America with stops at Los Angeles’ The Troubadour, New York City’s Bowery Ballroom and more - see here for full tour routing. Blakk’s headlining trek follows his recent tour run with James Arthur as direct support on his Bitter Sweet Love Tour across the United States and Canada. Alongside the tour announcement, Blakk has released the deluxe version of new EP Undone (Love & Loss), available now via Atlantic Records. The new track, “The Anchor & The Kite” arrives today alongside its companion animated short film which has clinched 7 awards across various film festivals including Best Animation Film at Cannes World Film Festival, Best Animated Music Video at Rome Music Video Awards, Best Animation and Best Original Score at Rome International Movie Award and more. The award-winning film was directed by long-time creative force Jeff O’Brien Myers, who has worked on notable projects for Coca-Cola, the Obama re-election campaign, Dolby-Atmos and more as well as directed by Blakk himself. The film features music from Blakk, Steve Soloman and David Hodges and was mixed by Michael Freeman. “"The Anchor & The Kite" is one of the most special pieces of art I've ever created. I had the incredible opportunity to write it with my dear friends, Steve Solomon and David Hodges. The inspiration came to us while chatting in David's studio about love and the unique roles we play in each other's lives. Of course, I was thinking about my wife, Tooley. I was sharing this idea of how some of us are like kites, soaring and inspiring others to dream big, while others are anchors, providing grounding and safety. My wife Tooley is my kite. She floats effortlessly in the sky, inspiring me every day, while I have always felt as though I was grounded, weighted down, that was until I met her. We are perfect for each other, each being the other's counterpart.As the song took shape, I realized it needed something truly special to bring it to life. I reached out to my multi-talented, genius animator and friend, Jeff Myers. For nearly a year, "The Anchor & The Kite" was at the forefront of our minds, and now, the film is a reality. We’re finally ready to release it like a kite into the world, searching for its anchors. I can’t believe I’m even writing this right now. It feels like a dream.”-FOREST BLAKK Released last month, the EP houses “You Were Mine,” and “Love Somebody Again” – both of which recently joined much of Blakk’s discography as featured music on Netflix’s Love Is Blind. Blakk’s catalog has become somewhat of a sonic-staple, with him having been named the “patron saint” of the show by creators with the Los Angeles Times pointing out “(Blakk’s) earnest mid-tempo love songs turn up on ‘Love is Blind’ nearly as often as hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey.”Blakk has spent his career soundtracking love stories of all kinds, most recently including his own with “Love Somebody Again” and “I Choose You” – the latter having arrived just days after his Nashville wedding to Tooley Jones in a beautiful ceremony covered exclusively by PEOPLE Magazine (read here). Both songs followed 2022’s intimate and relatable Every Little Detail EP, having featured his breakout Platinum-certified smash single “If You Love Her,” which alone has amassed over 470 million total global streams, earned Blakk his official US chart debut on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart, his national US TV debut on ABC’s Live with Kelly & Ryan, top 30 placement on the Hot AC radio chart & saw the singer/songwriter collaborate with Meghan Trainor on a stunning duet version. Meanwhile, Blakk’s follow-up single “Fall Into Me” (co-written alongside Matchbox Twenty front man Rob Thomas and Gregg Wattenberg) reached top 30 on the Hot AC radio chart and Gold-certification status in his native Canada, in addition to being featured in a perfectly fitting ad campaign for Kay Jewelers.Highlighted as one of PEOPLE Magazine’s “talented emerging artists making their mark on the musical landscape” and deemed an “artist on the rise” by Billboard, Blakk made his debut with his 2018 EP Minutes and follow-up 2020 sophomore EP Sideways – the latter of which saw Blakk collaborate with the likes of Will IDAP (Train, Florida Georgia Line), Nick Long (King Princess), Carl Ryden (Ricky Martin, David Guetta), Ollie Green (Freya Ridings, Gavin James) & more to tell a love story through an incredibly realistic and candid lens. The 6-track collection featured singles “I Wish I Knew” (deemed an “introspective look at love and love lost” by American Songwriter) and uplifting anthem of resilience “Put Your Hands Up,” which debuted on an episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. A compelling live performer, Blakk has toured extensively supporting NEEDTOBREATHE, Gavin James, Dean Lewis & earlier this year embarked on a sold out 17-date North American headline tour.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #ForestBlakk #IfYouLoveHer #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with Myrath

Interview with Myrath


We had the pleasure of interviewing Myrath over Zoom video!With its incredibly personal, epic and beautiful progressive metal with Middle Eastern influences, Myrath has surely established itself as one of the most fascinating bands in the current international metal scene. Formed in 2001 in Tunisia, they are the voices of the revolution and combine lyrics critical of society with lush melodies and heavy guitars.In 2019, Myrath became the talk of Sweden Rock Festival, due to unforeseen circumstances. After playing their afternoon-slot, the band was already on their way to the airport when SRF called them to replace a headliner who has dropped out, because of their overwhelming show some hours before. To say they caused a sensation would be an understatement. The band, whose sound is akin to Dream Theater and Symphony X, has so far released five studio albums since 2007 - most recently the 2019 hit 'Shehili'.With millions of views on their cinematic music videos, world tours and appearances at the biggest festivals such as ProgRock, Hellfest, or Wacken, the band received praise in the most important rock magazines worldwide as well as by their ever-expanding fan base. Fans of Myrath's previous work will not be disappointed, as the band continues to evolve and push boundaries with each new release. "Karma" is a true masterpiece of modern metal, and a must-have for any serious music lover.With "Karma", Myrath solidify their place at the top of the metal scene with a powerful and captivating blend of Eastern melodies and Western heavy metal. From the epic opening track "To The Stars" to the hauntingly beautiful "Child Of Prophecy", this album will take you on a theatrical journey through a world of myth and legend.Featuring soaring vocals, intricate guitar riffs, and complex percussion, "Karma" showcases the virtuosity and creativity that have made Myrath one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the genre. With its stunning production and lush soundscapes, this album is sure to be a classic for years to come.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Myrath #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with Clay

Interview with Clay


We had the pleasure of interviewing CLAY over Zoom video!Alt-pop artist CLAY (she/they) has released her new single and music video “Fade Away.” Written after a break-up, the restorative track speaks on trusting time to absorb the memories of a former lover, alleviating the emotional stress that comes with the process. Using nature as the antidote to her broken heart, the visual sees CLAY in a getaway car as she drives to the beach to release her emotions and commit to herself again.On the release, CLAY shares, “Just like the accompanying video, this song is meant to be played full blast in the car on a sunny afternoon when you finally are ready to move on. It’s the moment you’re ready to fall in love with yourself again, ready to let that world-shattering, earth-shaking love go. In this song, I am letting love fade into the sky, into the ocean, into the elements of nature that I have always trusted wholeheartedly. Nature, the god I worship, whose feet I bow to. Releasing the love that was once all-consuming back to where it came from. Back into the power of the earth and her elements, her glory. Taking on that glory for myself. Taking my power back. Learning to love myself as fiercely as I once loved her. Playful, joyful, embodied.”“Fade Away” is the third single from CLAY’s highly anticipated EP Waiting for God in the Garden, out May 24th. The track appears alongside the previously released “Think of You,” which speaks on the idea that love shared between two people should not be deemed wasted just because the relationship has come to an end, and the EP’s introspective title track which sees her coming to terms with the importance of tending to and loving yourself fully. On the multi-faceted 6-track collection, CLAY enters a new era driven by the exploration of self-discovery and empowerment, embracing the transformative power of self-love. To date, songs from the project have garnered more than 935K streams, earned media support from the likes of Rolling Stone, GLAAD, Spindle Magazine, and Glasse Factory, and landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Chill Pop, Fresh Finds R&B, Lowkey, and Good Vibes playlists.CLAY is currently gearing up for the Waiting for God in the Garden tour which kicks off on May 3rd. The tour marks her first full headlining run across the U.S. with performances in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, New York, Nashville, and Denver before wrapping in San Francisco on June 1st. Join her this spring for an unforgettable experience where music transcends boundaries and CLAY’s fantasy world comes to life. Tickets are on sale now, see full tour routing below. For more details visit Los-Angeles based artist makes music as a vessel for healing and connection. With a voice that resonates with raw emotion and lyrics that captivate like poetry, CLAY takes listeners on a journey through the depths of human experience. Hailing from the vibrant flower-child city of San Francisco, CLAY's passion for social justice and a commitment to uplift marginalized communities stems from upbringing. Proudly embracing her identity as a queer and neurodivergent artist, she uses her platform to create a safe space for all to express themselves freely. As an independent artist, she remains dedicated to preserving her creative integrity and autonomy, a stance that has earned her dedicated listeners and critical acclaim. To date, CLAY has amassed over 45 million streams across platforms and acclaim from the likes of Teen Vogue, NYLON, The FADER, Consequence, W Magazine, LA Weekly, Earmilk, Flaunt, Ones To Watch, and EUPHORIA among others.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #Clay #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Lillian Hepler over Zoom video!Lillian Hepler tells the stories many of us are afraid of admitting. A dynamic and versatile pop artist, she weaves her own experiences into her songs, conveying the kaleidoscope of emotions she so deeply feels. In turn, her songs provide an insight into the openhearted and honest person she is while also becoming the universal soundtrack for her listeners. Born and raised in Utah, Lillian started singing before she could even speak. Even as a child, she was steadfast in her decision to pursue music — even if some people around her thought she was being naive. At 13, she began uploading covers and at 15 she began penning her own songs to help her both perfect her craft and find her audience.Over the past few years, Lillian dedicated herself to experimenting with music and producers, sharpening her own skillset as an artist. Following the release of singles like "Nightmare" and "Easy," she amassed millions of streams and over 2.2 million feverish fans on TikTok. But now, at 22, Lillian feels like she’s starting a new chapter with music that matches her essence as an artist.That next era brings Lillian’s highly anticipated forthcoming EP, including the punchy pop track, “Call Me Yours.” Inspired by being over situationships and hookup culture. “Call Me Yours’ is about being in a relationship where you’re not exclusive but you’re not seeing anyone else,” Lillian explains. Across the EP, Lillian hones in on the things that have been plaguing her for the past few years. On “Lillian,” she touches on a friendship breakup, whereas “Famous” lets the inspiration know that they haven’t really fazed her. In one of the most confessional songs “IDK Her,” Lillian lists out real names of people her now-ex blindsided her with. Despite publicly dealing with all of this, Lillian stays true to the girl who dreamed of being where she is now by keeping her head high and writing about it instead.Combining the cheekiness of pop artists like Sabrina Carpenter with the vulnerable storytelling of songwriters like Gracie Abrams, Lillian’s upcoming releases show that she’s primed to be music’s next big thing. At its core, Lillian’s forthcoming collection of songs serves as a snapshot into her life so far — showcasing her ability to astutely acknowledge her own story while making it something that anyone with as big a heart as hers can relate to. We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #LillianHepler #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with SIPPY

Interview with SIPPY


We had the pleasure of interviewing SIPPY over Zoom video!SIPPY, hailing from Sydney, has quickly become an unstoppable force in the bass music world, renowned for her powerful beats and undeniable stage presence. With a steadfast dedication to elevating the electronic scene, she's left a mark on Australia’s nightlife, headlining the nation's most celebrated clubs and festivals, including Touch Bass and Spilt Milk. Her journey didn’t stop there; SIPPY took her talents to Los Angeles, amplifying her reach and cementing her status on the global stage.Known for her dynamic performances, she transitioned from supporting roles to becoming a fixture in the bass music scene, sharing the stage with titans like Zeds Dead and Excision. SIPPY's influence spans beyond borders, with memorable performances at iconic venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater and festivals such as Lost Lands and HARD Summer, showcasing her as a pivotal figure in bass music both in Australia and internationally.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #SIPPY #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Ferry Townes over Zoom video!Ferry Townes releases new single “T.G.F.K” (Thank God For Kyle) via Licorice Pizza Records. The track is Julia Gargano’s second release following “Be Here” under her new project Ferry Townes. An ode to her best friend, “T.G.F.K” includes a breathtaking chorus composed of isolated, layered choral vocals, a canonic bedroom pop guitar bridge, and lyrics imbued with sincerity: “just got nothing to do without you.” Sonically captivating, “T.G.F.K” serves as a reminder that everyone needs, and deserves a best friend.“T.G.F.K, which stands for Thank God For Kyle, is about my bestest friend. The initial idea came from being so grateful that our relationship is what it is- that we’ll never have to fall in love and break up, but we will just be friends forever.” Gargano shares. The accompanying video, Directed by Stephanie Saias, perfectly encapsulates that forever kind of best friend love between Julia and Kyle.The sounds of Ferry Townes is an eclectic blend of acoustic and electronic elements, reminiscent of bands like HAIM and boygenius, yet with a distinct melodic narrative and alternative pop flair. She shares “Every page of lyrics tries to be closure to a tumultuous day, trying to compost the hard shit and turn it into energy, heartbreak into audacity, anxiousness into meditation. Nothing about life right now is normal and we are all off-roading emotionally and these songs should feel like a 4x4 for listeners.”Born and raised in Staten Island, the name Ferry Townes pays homage to The Staten Island Ferry, a symbol of Julia’s teen years commuting to LaGuardia High School, family days, dates, and watching the Statue of Liberty pass by. She shares, "Staten Island, often underestimated, grows more irreplaceable to me every time I’m on the road.”From her deep Staten Island roots, grows a vivid musical exploration of feminine identity and growing pains, sprinkled with anxious flashes and flirty obsessions. Today’s single “Be Here” is just the start of the Ferry Townes’ melodic and coming of age journey. She shares, “I can literally see my growth as a person when I look at these songs. They were written over the span of the past 3 years, which were a rollercoaster. Mid twenties are such a weird age. Ferry Townes was born out of a need to say things we should but don’t. Our songs are like those intense, never-sent letters, filled with raw overshares that one might only say with brave thumbs, but not their mouths." ABOUT FERRY TOWNESHailing from the streets of Staten Island, Ferry Townes emerges as a poignant voice in the indie music scene, channeling the raw, unfiltered emotions of its frontwoman, songwriter, Julia Gargano. The name Ferry Townes is an homage to The Staten Island Ferry, a symbol of Julia’s upbringing commuting to Manhattan for school, family days, dates, and watching the Statue of Liberty. Having had her public debut on American Idol Season 18 and finishing in the top 7, Gargano’s debut collection is an eclectic blend of acoustic and electronic elements, reminiscent of bands like HAIM and boygenius, yet with a distinct melodic narrative and alternative pop flair. Ferry Townes is a vivid musical exploration of feminine identity and growing pains, sprinkled with anxious flashes and flirty obsessions.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #FerryTownes #JuliaGargano #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Judah & the Lion over Zoom video!“Floating in the Night,” the follow-up to “Great Decisions,” Nashville crossover folk heroes Judah & the Lion (Judah Akers and Brian Macdonald) double down on the post break-up anger – but stretch towards forgiveness. The soul-baring new single is from their forthcoming album, The Process, which will be released on May 10 via Cletus the Van / Downtown Artist & Label Services.Judah says, “Anger was something I wasn’t allowed to feel growing up. The notion that everything had to be “okay” and not be justifiably angry only hurt me and my chronic back pain. When people who hurt you don’t take your pain seriously. That fucking sucks. I won’t let that happen again.”  The Process, their fifth studio album, was inspired by singer Judah’s personal life and struggles. Both he and Brian are sons of therapists, so groundbreaking psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief came to mind – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance – as they began work on the album. Interludes set the tone for song suites dedicated to each of the five stages. Leading up to release of “Floating in the Night,” Judah & the Lion teased the single and shared about the role anger plays in the healing process in a series of short videos. Influencer jordanbyrness amplified the message with her “YALL. AREN’T. HEARING. HIM.” post.Judah & the Lion will be performing some of the new songs on tour this spring. The extensive North American run will kick off on April 25 at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, NC and include shows at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre (May 19) and The Rooftop at Pier 17 in NYC (May 31).The Process is buoyant, impassioned and emotionally connective. The band has a reinvigorated sense of purpose with its aim to create music that resonates deeply, believing in music’s power to connect people and make them feel less alone in life’s journey.The band began releasing songs from The Process last year. The new material has racked up nearly 10 million combined global streams to date and earned spots on numerous playlists across all DSPs, including Spotify’s New Music Friday, Apple Music’s New Music Daily and Amazon Music’s Alternative Hits, with additional support from SiriusXM Alt Nation’s “Advanced Placement,” Pandora, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tidal, Audiomack and Deezer.Since their 2012 debut EP, Judah & the Lion have earned widespread acclaim for their genre-bending music, received Platinum/Gold certifications, amassed over one billion career streams and sold over 500 million tickets. Six of their hit singles have gone Top 15 on Alternative radio and the band won an iHeart Music Award for Best New Alt Rock Band of 2018. The Process is the follow-up to 2022’s Revival, which Atwood Magazine praised as an “electric embrace of what it means to be alive: Soaring through limitless euphoric highs, dwelling in gut-wrenching lows, and soaking up all the feeling in between.”We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #JudahandtheLion #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
Interview with Raegan

Interview with Raegan


We had the pleasure of interviewing RAEGAN over Zoom video!New York-based, queer experimental alt-pop artist RAEGAN releases her highly-anticipated debut EP, FUCK RAEGAN. Her first full-length EP, the project debuts her as a rising, multi-faceted creative force to be reckoned with.At its core, FUCK RAEGAN is an unpredictable, theatrical, and innovative journey through RAEGAN’s inner workings. The six-track record shows her fully embracing her own unique sonic atmosphere, embellishing carefully-crafted rhythms with soft, haunting vocals. Combining witty-yet-personal lyrics with inventive beats and vivid soundscapes inspired by Tyler, the Creator and Marina, RAEGAN’s versatility and songwriting prowess is front and center throughout the EP. The four previously-released singles are now complemented by two additional tracks - tongue-in-cheek title track “FUCK RAEGAN” and the vulnerable “101 DALMATIONS.” “FUCK RAEGAN” sets the tone for the project with its unapologetic confidence of RAEGAN finding her identity that served as a driving force in the EP’s formative stages. Meanwhile, “101 DALMATIANS'' ends the project on a softer, more vulnerable note as RAEGAN juxtaposes the prior tracks as she laments, “You don’t want them to know me.” As a whole, the songs build an empowering illustration of the authentic, head-spinning experiences of navigating self-discovery and to not take life too seriously, despite everything.“In this period, I was finding my identity not only in life but as an artist; these beats are me experimenting with that,” shares RAEGAN. “Continuing to grow and elevate, I see myself having found my audience and creating a bond with them. It’s only up from here, and I'm excited for people to hear what I've made so far so I can start releasing my new music and have my listeners follow me through real time. I'm constantly growing and going through different eras of my life and I'm ready to show the world who I am now.” RAEGAN consistently challenges artistic boundaries with her work. Following the positive reception of her track “COINS'' late last year, which was highlighted in Billboard’s “Queer Jams of the Week,”RAEGAN continues to remain a dynamic force in the alt-pop music scene and grow her legion of dedicated fans online. Her earlier single, “MEAN'' gained praise from People Magazine, earning her a spot on their “Talented Emerging Artists” list, recognizing her as a bold trailblazer in the industry. Her latest release, “FROGS,” set the stage for the EP and earned playlisting by Ones To Watch and praise from Substream Magazine. Her work has not only been praised for its sound, but for the songs’ accompanying visuals that bring them to life on a screen and further prove RAEGAN’s overall artistic genius. The release of ‘FUCK RAEGAN’ is momentum for what is set to be a massive year for RAEGAN. Last week, she concluded supporting Autoheart on their completely sold-out Love Me, Love Me, Love Me tour across the United States, bringing her captivating live set to venues such as the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles and New York City’s Racket.Stay tuned for more from RAEGAN.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #RAEGAN #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Great Good Fine Ok over Zoom video!LA-via-Brooklyn synth-pop sensation Great Good Fine Ok has unveiled their latest musical endeavor, EXIST EP, via Nettwerk. The EP features the new single/music video “Led Me To You,” propelled by an infectious groove and soaring vocals.The EXIST EP features a collection of colorful, groove-laden tracks that establishes Great Good Fine Ok's innovative blend of synth-pop, showcasing their ability to create upbeat melodies and compelling lyrics. A sprawling voyage that transcends sonic boundaries and explores the multifaceted aspects of existence, the EP is another testament to the duo's growth as artists and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre, while balancing both introspective and uplifting material.The latest single "Led Me To You," is driven by catchy hooks and dynamic production. With “Led Me To You,” the snappy groove uplifts another towering display of vocal fireworks. The track explores themes of resilience and finding love in unexpected places, as explained by lead single Jon Sandler, “To a degree, everyone experiences trauma. Most people do find happiness in relationships, so it’s a healthy way to look at it, ‘Hardship led me to you’.”"Breathing" is a sonic journey through pulsating basslines, simmering drums, and wah-wah groans, all set against a neon-hued backdrop. The track encapsulates the band's signature blend of groovy yet sonically dynamic elements, creating an immersive and infectious musical experience. Paired with “Breathing” is a stunning music video directed by Zebulon Griffin (Jonah Kagen, UPSAHL) and the team at Columinati Films (Griffin, Cory Messer, Robyn Griffin). The visuals explore the surreal scenario of people continuing with mundane tasks amidst a crumbling world. A satirical portrayal of human indifference, the clip invites viewers to consider the possibility of alternate realities through vibrant neon portals."Will We Make It?" demonstrates a revitalized soundscape of Great Good Fine Ok, blending warbling vocals with bass-y synths that are sure to entice listeners. Behind the lush and otherworldly production is multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman, whose spacey production adds depth and dimension transporting listeners to a sonic realm where emotion and music collide in new and enthralling ways. The track features hypnotic high register gliding over a bridge that sets the stage for Sandler's emotionally charged plea, "I really need to know right now, will we make it?" This lyrical exclamation delves into the uncertainty that often accompanies today’s complex world of relationships and connections with a relatable perspective.With “Blame,” a soft piano underscores breathy verses only for the momentum to turn on a dime into a funkified, falsetto-powered hook backed by steady handclaps, strutting guitars, boisterous horns, and a disco beat practically tailormade for Studio 54 (as re-conceived in the metaverse). The tender finale “Make This Moment Last” sees the duo lace a head-nodding bounce with raw vulnerability. “It’s about losing someone and being nostalgic,” shares Sandler. “If you had more time, you feel like you’d appreciate it more.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #GreatGoodFineOk #IGGFO #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing MISSIO over Zoom video!Personally, MISSIO is the union of two longtime friends and creative kindred spirits. Musically, MISSIO is a living and breathing entity with a mind of its own. Communally, MISSIO is a movement of fans worldwide attached to the sentient artistry of those creators.The acclaimed Austin, TX duo—Matthew Brue and David Butler—fearlessly break the rules as they fuse elements of rock, electronic, indie, and hip-hop into an unmatched and uncompromising hybrid. They tie seemingly disparate threads together with honest and heartfelt lyrics meant to both provoke and inspire.Following the 2023-2024 Cinco EP series, the pair present their most definitive and dynamic vision yet with their full-length double-album, I Am Cinco [Nettwerk Music Group]. It collates five moods—I Am Sad, I Am High, I Am Awesome, I Am Angry and I Am Crazy—into one.Since 2015, MISSIO have painted this picture. It only became clearer as they served up projects such as Loner [2017], The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man [2019], Can You Feel The Sun [2020], and VILLAIN [2022]. Tallying over 1 billion streams, their catalog has notably resonated with the Gold-certified “Everybody Gets High” and staples, including “Twisted,” “Bottom of the Deep Blue See,” “Sing To Me,” and “I See You.” Between packing houses on tour, they appeared at festivals a la ACL and Lollapalooza and incited the applause of Atwood Magazine, Billboard, Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe, New Noise Magazine, and Substream Magazine. This ambitious season of music initially took shape in their headquarters of Austin only to be completed on a creative sojourn to Mexico City. Excited to share the music with the world, the group teased what would become I Am Cinco with 2023’s I Am Sad, I Am High, and I Am Awesome. Everything just set the stage for them to finally release this body of work in its entirety as I Am Cinco.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #MISSIO #IAmCinco #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing The Glorious Sons over Zoom video!The Glorious Sons, renowned for their chart-topping hits and captivating live performances, are poised to make an impact on the musical landscape once again with the release of their new album, 'Glory'. With a distinct roots rock feel, the 10-track project is out now via Warner Music Canada and ADA Worldwide.Best known for their twoBillboard Mainstream Rockchart-topping singles "S.O.S. (Sawed OffShotgun)" and "Panic Attack," as well as being nominated for the 2020 iHeart Media Best NewRock/Alternative Rock Artist, The Glorious Sons have consistently pushed boundaries and defied expectations. With their latest album, 'Glory', they delve even deeper into the human experience, exploring themes of perseverance, personal growth, and the tumultuous journey of self-acceptance.Lead singer Brett Emmons shares his perspective on the album's inspiration and themes: "When I listen back to this album, it kind of presents itself as one big inner struggle puked out for everyone to hear. Sometimes it actually embarrasses me quite a bit—but that’s what was in there, so—life goes on, I guess."He attributes the album's themes to spending time alone and confronting his inner thoughts during the pandemic: "It kind of feels like the acknowledgment of that annoying pain of what it means to be human."The Glorious Sons' journey in the music industry has undeniably influenced the evolution of their sound.‘Glory’ showcases their growth, maintaining the emotional intensity they are known for while exploring new sonic territories. Emmons reflects,"’Glory’ is just another chapter in what we’re doing—I’m sure we’ll be another band next album, it’s kind of just the way our minds work."He emphasizes the album's departure from the immediate hit-seeking approach, instead focusing on creating a body of work that breathes and takes its time, allowing the band's personal taste to shine through.The album's lead single, "Mercy Mercy," set the tone for the introspective journey. The song combines elements of familiarity and innovation to showcase the band’s distinct sonic style and poignant lyrics, while highlighting their anthemic and ambitious nature.“Mercy Mercy” quickly became a contender, it was the most added track at rock radio formats for two consecutive weeks, reached #3 on Mediabase's Multiple Rock Formats in Canada, and continues to receive strong support from Triple A and Alternative stations in the US."Glory" not only stands as the album's title but also embodies its essence, playing a pivotal role in the project's narrative. Emmons describes it as" a rally cry to the band," a reflection on their journey, a surrendering of emotions, and a reminder that success is not a guarantee. He notes, "I wanted people to know how good we had it, and remind them that this [success] doesn’t last forever. It’s not just something that’s owed to us."We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #TheGloriousSons #Glory #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
We had the pleasure of interviewing Bobbi Storm over Zoom video!Inspirational R&B and Hip-Hop artist Bobbi Storm is one of the industry's top artists to watch in 2024. Starting her music career as a corporate wedding singer, Bobbi is poised for a promising future, highlighted by her top charting debut single "We Can’t Forget Him" which hit 1 million views on YouTube in less than three weeks and rose to Number 1 on Billboard's Gospel chart. The remix features singer-songwriter and chart-topping producer Fridayy and New York Rapper, songwriter and actress, DreamDoll.Bobbi Storm had two features on Maverick City Music’s Grammy Nominated “Maverick Way Complete” album and is preparing to release new music in 2024. She will make her National TV debut as a featured performer on the upcoming Urban One Honors, which will premiere Sunday, February 25th on TV One and simulcast on CLEO TV.Bobbi's musical influences are a blend of legends, from her hometown of Detroit's Motown heroes to Mariah Carey, Minnie Riperton, Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Pink, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Michael Jackson. Bobbi is also inspired by Inspirational/Gospel artists such as Maverick City, Kierra Sheard, Todd Dulaney and many more. These influences have shaped her distinctive sound and style.Bobbi launched her unique #holymix series at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Posting her mixes on social media has attracted the ears of fans and music artists alike, garnering the attention of her now label home TRIBL Records. Led by the Holy Spirit, Bobbi found that popular radio hits could be transformed into songs that glorify the Kingdom of God. Notable mixes include inspirational adaptations of popular hits, like “Hrs and Hrs" by Muni Long and "Wait For You" by Drake and Future. Most recently she did Holy mixes for Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” and “Snooze” by SZA, as well as the current viral track "Made For Me" by Muni Long.We want to hear from you! Please email #interview #bringinbackpod #BobbiStorm #NewMusic #ZoomListen & Subscribe to BiB our podcast on Instagram and Twitter! a supporter of this podcast:
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Alexander Huang

Such a good podcast. Listen to the ep. with Tom Higgenson from Humans were here. So interesting to figure out how TLB got their name.

Mar 23rd

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All around good podcast with great interviews. Listen to the episode with Tom Higgenson (Humans Were Here) and learn how TLB go their name.

Mar 18th