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A podcast about B2B writing. Our mission is to make the business writing industry accessible to anyone with a passion for writing and help existing B2B writers improve their craft.
18 Episodes
Here's a brief introduction of what you can expect from the B2B Craftworks podcast in Season 2 as we explore how B2B writers found and claimed their power in marketing.  www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Eman Zabi talks about writing human Support the show (
HR writer Liz Sheffield shares how she built a thriving B2B writing business out of her corporate HR experience at Starbucks. www.lizsheffieldcopywriting.comwww.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show (
Maggie Frank-Hsu talks about how writers can stand out in the sea of other writers, and the resistance that might come up as you start talking about your One Big Idea. www.maggiefrankhsu.comwww.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Founder Sarah Greesonbach shares quick thoughts on two points of value -- and the secret source of confidence -- every B2B writer brings to the table. www.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show (
Melissa Suzuno explains why it's so important to stay social, and how to build your network as a B2B writer.  www.melissasuzuno.comwww.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show (
Quick thoughts on building relationships so good that B2B brands and clients send you presents. www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Lee Price from shares a six-step process for ghostwriting thought leadership content. www.LeePriceIdeas.comwww.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
In this quick solo chat, we discuss quick thoughts on how to move forward when you're feeling frozen. Subscribe to the Friday Update at www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Hillary Weiss from Statement Piece Studio explains how B2B writers can take a “Brand Voice” off the style guide and onto the screen.www.B2BWritingInstitute.com the show (
In this quick solo chat, we discuss quick thoughts on the connection between stress and money in B2B writing -- and how to grow one so you can grow the other. Subscribe to the Friday Update at www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Michele Linn from Mantis Research walks B2B writers through a branded original research project, a survey-based white paper writing project for B2B marketing.Support the show (
The origin story of the B2B Writing Institute. We look at three guiding principals of the institute:ACCESSIBILITYMULTI-TRACK WRITING CAREERSEDUCATION...And we hear how these principals will play out in the first year of B2BWI. We also learn more about the founder, Sarah Greesonbach, and the first B2B Craftworks guest, Michele Linn from Mantis Research. the show (
B2B writing might seem like it's about filling quotas, but it's really about understanding people. The journey of Editor in Chief and CEO of Fenwick, Chris Gillespie. Learn more about Chris's content team: more about B2BWI: https://www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show (
Choosing freelance or full-time B2B writing seems like it's all about you, the writer. But it's really about who and how you want to help. the show (
Thank you for your patience as we get back on track for Season 2 in October!Scan the new landing page: www.B2BWritingInstitute.comWeigh in on the B2BWI Community in this short 4-question survey: the show (
Selling is hard for naturally talented writers ⁠— we're usually just here for the art of it. But selling and writing have a lot more in common than you might think. This conversation with English-lit-major-turned-B2B-sales-person Christine Gomolka surprises us with sales skills writers already possess, once they can articulate it. the show (
Does it seem like Joel Klettke was born with a case study project map in his hand? In this episode of B2B Craftworks, you'll hear how Joel got started with case studies and his advice for aspiring case study writers. Support the show (
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