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A Friday update talking about how I plan work and how it feels to have the pressure of earning an income with writing. Pretty cool!Sign up to get Ed Gandia's capacity planner here: up to email me questions: the show
B2B writing might seem like it's about businesses doing their thing, but it's really about connecting with a change people are trying to make in their work lives.  Kristen LaFrance is a community and podcasting pro and Mayor of DTC Twitter. In this episode of B2B Craftworks, Kristen shares her experience  connecting with business, marketing, and content. Learn more about Kristen: fun memes: more about B2BWI: https://www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
It's been a while, and here's an update!List growth from 500 to 2000, third round of the expert-led guided writing sessions, just feeling like I need less permission to rock the marketing world with the Institute. Maybe YOU need less permission to do what you want, too?Tell me what you love in podcasts: hello at b2bwritinginstitute.comSubscribe and learn more: the show
Here's a brief introduction of what you can expect from the B2B Craftworks podcast in Season 2 as we explore how B2B writers found and claimed their power in marketing.  www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
Eman Zabi talks about writing human Support the show
HR writer Liz Sheffield shares how she built a thriving B2B writing business out of her corporate HR experience at Starbucks. www.lizsheffieldcopywriting.comwww.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show
Maggie Frank-Hsu talks about how writers can stand out in the sea of other writers, and the resistance that might come up as you start talking about your One Big Idea. www.maggiefrankhsu.comwww.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
Founder Sarah Greesonbach shares quick thoughts on two points of value -- and the secret source of confidence -- every B2B writer brings to the table. www.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show
Melissa Suzuno explains why it's so important to stay social, and how to build your network as a B2B writer.  www.melissasuzuno.comwww.b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show
Quick thoughts on building relationships so good that B2B brands and clients send you presents. www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
Lee Price from shares a six-step process for ghostwriting thought leadership content. www.LeePriceIdeas.comwww.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
In this quick solo chat, we discuss quick thoughts on how to move forward when you're feeling frozen. Subscribe to the Friday Update at www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
Hillary Weiss from Statement Piece Studio explains how B2B writers can take a “Brand Voice” off the style guide and onto the screen.www.B2BWritingInstitute.com the show
In this quick solo chat, we discuss quick thoughts on the connection between stress and money in B2B writing -- and how to grow one so you can grow the other. Subscribe to the Friday Update at www.B2BWritingInstitute.comSupport the show
Michele Linn from Mantis Research walks B2B writers through a branded original research project, a survey-based white paper writing project for B2B marketing.Support the show
The origin story of the B2B Writing Institute. We look at three guiding principals of the institute:ACCESSIBILITYMULTI-TRACK WRITING CAREERSEDUCATION...And we hear how these principals will play out in the first year of B2BWI. We also learn more about the founder, Sarah Greesonbach, and the first B2B Craftworks guest, Michele Linn from Mantis Research. the show
Belinda Weaver joins me again and we go down yet another rabbit hole about what's monstrously overrated in freelancing, the best tests we've taken, and a look inside how we run our households (hint: both really different🙃). More about Belinda: about B2BWI: the show
Let's spice things up with a series of cohosts! First up? Copywrite Matters founder Belinda Weaver, who teaches copy business building and copywriting. In part one, we talk about how we got here, Belinda's "back up plan," and Sarah's nepotism hire out of teaching (oops!). More about Belinda: about B2BWI: the show
Join us as a fly on the wall inside The B2B Moonshot Machine! In this journaling session, we walk through a simple, low-stress way to plan some goals for 2023. Not pie-in-the-sky goals... goals that you can achieve and that will make your life better.Read the session notes as we go: the Session Graphic Organizer to do your journaling: Want to join our B2B writing "study group"? Just email with the title "Moonshot" and I'll get you the details :). Support the show
Today I want to share a disgustingly nerdy way to think about sentence structure and meaning. Then I have some news about my office (!). And I launched something that people actually want, which was nice. Here's the sentence we talk about: "Marketers have the flexibility in data collection and the configuration of unique criteria needed to handle any situation that comes up."Writer Paradise: https://b2bwritinginstitute.comSupport the show
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