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Power of collaboration

Power of collaboration


Kathy talks about how the Tri-Valley Nonprofit Alliance is harnessing the power of collaboration and creating a big impact by bringing in talented and passionate people together to share great ideas.
Candice suggests not to ignore your books, put yourself out there to network with the right people, and keep your business in a healthy state by being proactive.
Deborah Finestone talks about being yourself, creating a plan and creating content to reach more people and stop wasting time on social media.
Lorna Van Ackeren talks about how getting the right help makes it easier for people to go through a very difficult phase. When organizations believe in their mission statements and practice it every day, they are able to provide an excellent quality of service.
Sara Subbiondo talks about how the non-profit organizations she is working with are creating opportunities for the people in the community by teaching them the right skills.
Road to Success

Road to Success


Mony Nop talks about his inspiring life journey and factors that contributed to his success. He found solutions to numerous challenges life threw at him at an early age. Mony is grateful for his achievements and believes in giving back to the community.
Content is king

Content is king


Content is king. Priscilla Parra talks about building the brand by storytelling that leads people to action.
Business coach Paul Wildrick suggests business owners to work with a mindset that puts their companies in the best possible position to be sold for maximum cash. He talks about common mistakes business leaders make and things required to be highly successful.
Bookkeeping and accounting services can be tricky for small business owners if they try to do it on their own. CPA Steve Kau explains the approach one can take - do it in-house or outsource it, keeping in mind the budget available for business services.
Efficient organizations try to continuously improve the quality of their offerings, monitor costs, and add more value for their clients. A small percentage reduction in payment processing will result in significant savings for high volume businesses. Jessica Casto provides an excellent overview of the payment processing industry.
Marketing Advertising Specialist Michel Knutzman talks about how she gets referrals by asking her clients the right questions. She helps her clients by understanding their needs and connecting them with other businesses. The relational capital built by connecting professionals creates value for all.
Cold calling is tiring and conversion is poor, in spite of non-stop chasing the leads. Rick Silva suggests there is a superior way - let people chase you to buy your products and services. Listen to find out how.
Any employer with 5 or more employees in California will be required to offer a retirement plan by 30 June, 2022. Mike Schifferle made some valuable suggestions on how to plan it and the options that employers have. CalSavers is not the only option and may not be the best option.
Business has two main functions — marketing and innovation. Steve Koel talks about how to advertise effectively and generate the required demand for small businesses to grow.
Business and estate planning attorney Ralph T. Kokka talks about different types of business entities and the importance of building a strong foundation.
Jack Harrington, the owner of Franklin Management Systems, Inc., suggests small business leaders keep an eye on three key areas to ensure the business stays healthy - managing employees, managing costs, and managing cash flow.
Small business insurance coverage gets tricky for owners because they don't want to be underinsured and at the same time, want to keep the insurance costs reasonable. Bill Evans has been in the insurance industry for 21 years and owns his agency in Pleasanton, California. He talked about all things insurance here and gave some excellent suggestions on how to keep the right coverage.
Christine Sevier, the owner of Creating New Hope, shared factors that have contributed to her tremendous success as a trusted senior advisor. No matter how challenging the business environment is, Christine suggests that good communication, being proactive, and staying updated (continuous education) go a long way towards achieving success.
45% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. Business coach Lisa Nichols, a two-time bestselling author, explains the reasons and what the owners can do to succeed.
Rain or shine, irrespective of the business environment, the Hope team continues to do what it has been doing for 41 years - helping the East Bay community by running some wonderful programs. Listen to Jennifer Hansen, CEO of Hope Hospice, and Marc Rovetti, Director of Philanthropy, as they provide an overview of what they are doing and also how Hope has done so well, in spite of the challenges thrown by the pandemic.
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