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A SoCal native, Mark brings straight-up story telling told by the people and for the people. Sometimes Mark is animated and conversational. Other times he'll tread more lightly empowering the story teller to allow those stories to come as a flow of occurring memories. Either way, his shows are engaging, honest and often inspiring. Mark never really knows what's coming. That's where the fun begins. No script. No prep. Mark is here to explore ways to eliminate some of the absolutely avoidable suffering and discomfort associated with living amongst seven billion plus relatively ill prepared people who may or may not be on a spinning orb faced with inescapable death and no place to go. C44 Shows are posted the day they are completed which comes to around one every 10ish days. Thank you for listening and please Subscribe to CASTBOX and become part of the family. When a new show is ready, you'll get "pinged" with your NEW show before anyone else! Set it. Forget it.

Citizen44 with Mark Arinsberg is a Listener Supported Presentation. Thank you so much for this opportunity to present our fellow Citizens and learn new things about others and sometimes ourselves. HERE TO SERVE
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Adey Bell has been an Ashland resident on and off for about twelve years. Raised by a father who believed in the ways of the Christian Scientist church and a mother who stayed more in the realm of intellectualism, both being professional musicians, Adey found herself torn between wanting the ways of her father to save her from illness as a small child and her mothers sensibility to get her the medical attention she needed leaving her in a quest for good health for almost thirty years. After consensually dropping out of high school to pursue a career of cosmetology, Adey began to mold her life as an independent creative person forging her way in the world as only she could do. Adey is now a successful artist, musician, songwriter and spiritual guide amongst other things. To find out more about her Google Oracle 88.
Curtis Smith knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life after his teacher Phil West led Curtis through a control room full of recording gear. Love at first sight. This took Curtis on a path that would lead him from an internship at American records where he folded press releases and ran errands to finally landing the dream gig at Interscope Records where he began to work side-by-side with some of the biggest names in the music business. Curtis has spent his life in service of recording artists the likes of Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson and No Doubt. In the hay day of the late nineties Curtis helped launch and develop many household named acts while creating his own public relations firm called Maelstrom PR which is still going strong today. I also check in with my dad for the first time since coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Long time friend Gary Kout talks about producing projects with the incredibly talented team of Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari on their latest award winning Netfix Original documentary film project, Fire In Paradise about the devastating wildfire that leveled the town of Paradise in Northern California just over one year ago. Gary talks about how the project came to be and the unexpected results hit home hard with him and made its way to the Ashland, Oregon Film Festival. Gary also talks a bit about the success of a Netflix relationship and how the industry has changed in some ways for the better as far as how many people are now seeing other projects he's worked on like Flint Town.
This is the first show both recorded and aired from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Both Tanya O'Conner and Charlie Hurley have dedicated their lives to the betterment of humankind in a variety of ways including but not limited to education and the healing arts. Through their own self education, hard work and a desire to see the world become a better place fo all especially those who are less fortunate, Tanya and Charlie have taken on the monumental task of giving people a much needed opportunity to live better and feel better about themselves. It was an honor and privilege to have them both on this very special C44 Show.
Mimi is the youngest guest on the Citizen44 podcast. She candidly shares some of her earliest childhood memories as well as some of her most intimate life challenges around high school and family. Mimi also talks about how she's made conscious choices around the use of telephone technology in a world that typically does not consider the ramifications of digital overload. Mimi is a very sweet and wise young person who seems to be on a path to a bright future. Also on the show is friend and show producer Rich Rees as well as friend and filmmaker Gary Lundgren who gives us the inside scoop on the upcoming national release of his latest feature film Phoenix, Oregon.
This is Allen's second time on the podcast. On this show, Allen shares some valuable insights into what he's discovered over the past seventy one years of being on this planet. It was recently his seventy first birthday and Allen is very candid when talking about how his body is holding up and how he has chosen to take a position of light hearted grace in accepting all that goes along with getting closer to the end. Allen's great laugh reminds us that none of this has to be taken too seriously. With all his previous experience working with mind expanding organizations like EST and his ongoing quest for knowledge and inner peace, Allen also reminds us of the importance of self awareness and mindfulness being the tools of a healthy mind, heart and spirit.
On November 30th, 2019 my dear, sweet Mother, Margaret (Maggie, Micki) Ruth Arinsberg (Waxman) passed away at the age of eighty from cancer. C44 Show#80 is a Tribute to my Mother who was on the show more than anyone else. I hope you all enjoy this special tribute as much as I enjoyed creating it. Mom (and Dad) and I had a lot of laughs when she/they participated in the making of my podcast. It was a fantastic way for us to stay connected and have a whole lot of fun together. I'm so happy that we will always be able to listen to the sound of my Mother's voice and laughter whenever we want. I love you mom. Love, Mark - February 22, 1939 - November 30, 2019.
C44 / Show#79 / Bon Stewart

C44 / Show#79 / Bon Stewart


As a twenty one year veteran police officer with the Ashland Police Department, Bon Stewart has seen his fair share of why we need to start paying close attention to people who are suffering on the streets with mental illness and begin to rehabilitate versus incarceration. A father of two young men, Bon has taught them both the art of self protection and the protection of others as well as how to live in grace with kindness. Bon is not only a model police officer, he is a model citizen of his community who goes to local businesses and organizations to teach them how to respond to the potential of a shooter. On November 30th, my dear, sweet Mother, Margaret (Maggie, Micki) Ruth Arinsberg at the age of eighty passed away from cancer. R.I.P Mom
Growing up in poverty, successful entrepreneur Bart Rupert decided that school was important enough to do as well as he could academically in order to get ahead and never again look in the face of poverty. Using the tools he acquired through creating companies starting at just eleven years old, Bart developed a keen sense of what it takes to be successful at anything one puts their mind to. Bart has been generous enough to share his success stories with us in order to offer the opportunity for others to enjoy a successful and happy life doing the things we love versus what we think we have to do to make it in this world.  This show is sponsored by Spartans Alliance.
Dear friend and beloved Ashland musician, Gene Burnett shares how one can better serve themselves through the necessary practices of balance and applied pressure. Not growing up with a strong male role model, Gene slowly discovered that having no pressure in his life left him fighting against the natural laws of nature only to find out later in life that having the right amount of pressure exposed his weaknesses thus allowing him to become stronger. Gene's Tai Chi practice and teachings have allowed others to find the necessary balance needed in life for a healthy mind body and spirit. Gene has prolifically and generously produced a lot of original music for the taking which can be found at
Cristiana Cole and I met in 2004 on the Nevada desert at our first Burningman. An indescribable experience shared to say the least. Christiana hails from Mexico City where she learned to love the rich culture and how to be in a big family. Her road to adulthood was paved with challenges ranging from being misunderstood for her mindful ways of vegan activism to turning to the punk music scene in search of her true identity. Married now for over two decades and a mother to two boys, Cristiana still rocks the drums professionally, paints and enjoys a variety of other creative interests as well as recently submitting herself for the cover of Maxim Magazine. Also, I check in with my mother who decided to take another call while we were talking, the latest from my sister Rachel about her non-profit The Power Of A Shower and a chat with my daughter Zoë who is away at her first week of college at Oregon Stet University in Corvallis, Oregon.
Austin Vancampen shares how he's taken life by the horns and lived it his outside-the-box way while raising twin boys with non-traditional methods thus developing two very unique and highly successful young men who are experiencing life on levels most never achieve in a life time at only twenty three years old. Austin's philosophies on life are cause for pause and reflection as he breaks down how we must take advantage of the system of capitalism we have in place and leverage it for the betterment of all mankind. Gary Lundgren checks in after returning from his ten week national movie tour with PHOENIX, OREGON The Movie.
Hailing from San Francisco, Dan O'Connor received theatrical training which would later provide him with the necessary foundation for success as an improvisational actor, director and teacher. Dan has spent years developing his LA based acting company IMPRO Theatre as a training ground to assist actors in becoming better actors and improv artists as well as leveraging those communication tools to empower individuals and companies to take advantage of improvisation as an exciting and engaging way to explore and improve the human condition. Check out his book Life Unscripted.
Daniel Austin Sperry is a classically trained cellist living here in Ashland, Oregon who selflessly plays almost every day (weather permitting) right here in Lithia Park at no cost to patrons and appreciators. He's been providing this incredible gift to our community for the last ten years. Even in the face of challenges from both the Ashland Parks Department and local police, Daniel persevered and has become a beloved and culturally significant part of Ashland's unique and wonderful presence here in the Rogue Valley. I think you will enjoy his story. I certainly did.
From humble beginnings, the son of a railroad man quickly realizes that he was meant to play guitar. After listening to his uncle play in the family kitchen and his mothers two part harmony instruction in the car on the way to work, Rick would have the necessary foundation to put his own band The McCoys together and immediately find success with the hit song Hang On Sloopy. Rick has played with everyone from Johnny and Edgar Winter to Ringo Star. At seventy one years old, Rick still rocks as hard as anyone else.
Burleigh Drummond was the drummer and founding member of the popular 70's rock band Ambrosia. Burleigh is very candid with his stories about being the child of a father in the military, his love for his mother, becoming interested in percussion and landing the dream gig with Ambrosia shortly before meeting his wife Mary. Dylan Zmed talks about the road to developing The Everly Brothers Experience and the historical and musically aesthetic reasons why he and his brother Zach put their hearts into their internationally successful tribute band.
Jesse Borrego is a beloved veteran actor and very cool guy who is currently co-starring in Gary Lundgren's latest feature motion picture Phoenix, Oregon (now playing at selected theaters). Jesse talks about his love of working with Gary and Anne Lundgren on Phoenix, Oregon the movie and also shares some of his cultural and professional life experiences. Also, friend, actor and Phoenix, Oregon the movie Producer Luis Rodriguez gives us his experience working on the movie and talks about their upcoming movie tour that starts on June 13th.
French born Fab Morvan (former member of Milli Vanilli) continues to carry the torch of love and hope after a disastrous experience that took the life of his friend and music partner Rob Palatus. Fab continues to shine his lightness of being to the world through his music. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I hope you enjoy this revealing and heartfelt show. Thanks Fab. One love. ❤️🌏 🎼☮️🎙 C44 Show Producer Rich Rees also checks in.
Growing up in a small town in Canada, Danny would soon learn that traditional ways of living simply do not apply to him as he quits high school and hits the road with a religious acting troupe that included his now wife spreading the word of Jesus. Danny dives into criminal justice to become a police officer only to end up here in Southern Oregon as a local DJ for 102.7 The Drive. Rhys Myers talks about his 30 year investment in auto racing as an amateur driver with a gaol to go pro at age 58. My Mom and Dad check in too.
As an infant, Sophia's parents left her in the loving care of her grandparents in the former Yugoslavia to set up a life for their family in America. She would not meet her mother and father in person for the first time until she was 6 years old. A fascinating woman who is now actively championing the Hemp Movement in hopes that their efforts will ignite a future for humanity built on harmonious relationships and mutual prosperity for all. C44 Show producer Rich Rees checks in.
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Kimberly Allen Bengali

A loving, warm and humorous tribute to your Mom. Sure she is proud and still watching over you. Loved her "perks of being 80"

Dec 6th
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W Bruce Wright

and a better Zappa story....

Apr 23rd

W Bruce Wright

Great Haiti story....

Apr 23rd

W Bruce Wright

I'm curious how Dirk would respond about Cabrio College..... that's where my son Lars got his music degree.

Apr 23rd
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W Bruce Wright

and Dirk....

Apr 23rd

W Bruce Wright

That was the solidifier....

Apr 23rd

John Walker

I’d enjoy helpin ya eat that bag of dicks

Dec 14th
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Dave Smith

LOVE the police chief !!!

Sep 29th

Steven Lindley

now that I've got stable WiFi and a "life" again here in Ashland, its well past time I see all you've been up to Mark! Thank you so much for all this amazing content! I look forward to listening to it, and when I have the means, supporting you!

Apr 12th
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Delphine Susan Pillar


Mar 20th
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Ed Keller

WOW! what an amazing duet @ 16:00(ish)

Feb 7th
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