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My Sorority Nightmare

My Sorority Nightmare


(VIDEO PODCAST AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE) Welcome to Hot Mess with Alix Earle! In the spirit of sorority recruitment season, Alix is taking you back to her freshman year at the University of Miami. For the first time, Alix shares the details of her traumatic rush experience that almost resulted in her transferring to another school. Watch as Alix takes you through the recruitment process and shares the hard lessons she’s learned along the way - the most important being that you don’t need Greek life to find your people.  In this episode, Alix brings you to New York City with her friend Natalie as they unveil the unglamorous reality behind New York Fashion Week. Alix and her friends end the trip with a wild night out of ripping shots behind the DJ booth until 4AM. Alix wraps up the episode back home in Miami with her girlfriends as they recover from their weekend escapades and brace themselves for what promises to be another hot mess of a week. Follow and connect with all things @HotMess across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Just Friends?

Just Friends?


(VIDEO PODCAST AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE) Welcome to Hot Mess with Alix Earle! We are starting things off by addressing the question everyone has been asking, “does Alix have a boyfriend?” She opens up about how she met NFL man, their first date, navigating public controversy and their current relationship status. Hot Mess is all about providing an authentic glimpse into Alix's life, and that includes introducing you to her friends and family. In this episode, get ready to meet her college BFFs as they reminisce about their early, awkward days and recount some hilarious stories (hint: adventures like sleeping at a middle school and even becoming the school mascot for three weeks). You’ve gotten ready with her, but now it’s time to get real with her. Alix unveils the truth behind the viral TikTok where she went to Drake’s birthday - and it’s not what you think. Lastly, Alix invites you on a final mission that takes her back to her old beloved college home, Casa Amor, where she has an encounter with some frat boys in order to rescue all of her and her friends' nudes that were left behind. Enjoy this Hot Mess! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Podcast Trailer

Podcast Trailer


Premieres Sept 21st 2023. Join your favorite hot mess, Alix Earle, as she invites you to listen in on a weekly recap of her life revealing all the in-depth, exclusive details that has everyone watching, talking, and wanting more. For the first time ever, Alix will be letting you in on what is actually happening, beyond her trending TikToks. From friendships to family, relationship updates to rumors, traveling and navigating life after college, get ready for all the behind-the-scenes details that you’ve been waiting for. Let’s be honest, life is messy, and Alix is here to remind you that we’re all on this journey together. So welcome, you are now officially invited to the debrief. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Jógvan Svalbard

really. no1 podcast??? I don't get it???

Oct 1st

Aakash Amanat

Wow, I just watched the latest episode of "Hot Mess with Alix Earle," and I am absolutely hooked! Alix Earle brings such a refreshing and authentic energy to the show. Her charisma and wit make every episode a joy to watch. I love how she fearlessly tackles all sorts of topics, from personal development to current events, with a unique perspective that keeps me engaged from start to finish. It's rare to find a host who can seamlessly blend humor, insight, and genuine empathy, but Alix does it effortlessly.

Sep 21st
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