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Welcome to Impact By Choice, a show unveiling how regular humans use the power of Choice to Impact the world around them.

The three pillars of this show are the following:
- introspections (Monday);
- book/ writing talks (Wednesday);
- interviews (Friday).

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Chip Baker is a teacher/coach that has been in the education profession for 20 yrs (he's a 4th generation educator). He is a graduate of Hearne High School (Hearne, Tx) and he attended college at West Texas A&M University. At West Texas A&M he played football and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Sports and Exercise Science/Special Education. He has a Masters degree from Sam Houston State University in Educational Leadership. Throughout his career, he has received "Teacher of the year" award twice on his campus and published several articles and has  been a Head Football Coach/ Athletic Director. He is also the author of 2 books ("Growing Through Your Go Through" and "Effective Conversation To Ignite Relationships". He has been blessed to cross paths with some amazing people that he has learned from. He is currently a teacher/coach in Conroe ISD in Conroe, Tx. His motto is Live. Learn. Serve. Inspire. Go Get It! Check out his YouTube channel/podcast "Chip Baker- The Success Chronicles" where he interviews people of all walks of life to discuss their paths to success. Find Chip Baker's first released book on Amazon: Growing Through Your Go Through: Solutions To Your Success ( You can connect with Chip on all social media channels, but primarily via his LinkedIn profile ( Thanks for tuning in!
"Feedback is one of your best tools to meet your goals. Whether in business, leadership, or your personal life. Skillfully used, feedback becomes as an inexpensive and highly effective way to invest in your people. It drives engagement, strong team retention, and constant growth.When it’s handled poorly, feedback becomes your biggest danger. Emotions run high. People take everything personally. Nothing gets done. What was meant to be a source of improvement and engagement is now is a source of tension, frustration and often anxiety. The future belongs to coach-like managers, who focus on people development."These are the words of today's guest, Raf Baron "The F-word Coach". In our conversation, we covered topics like Servant leadership, Self-awareness (also in relationship with children), how to catch yourself and control yourself from exploding (by observing the patterns your body sends before it happens), lack of sleep and its effects, patience, the importance of explaining vs “do it because I said so” – from childhood to management. You can connect to Raf by following the below links:His website ( & LinkedIn profile ( or you can send him an email to Thanks for tuning in!
Kris Macchiarola is the founder and president of KMACC Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership development in the workplace. As a consultant, public speaker and coach, she has worked with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, non-profits and universities. She believes in the power of women supporting other women, she's an advocate for vulnerability and this is how her book (#NoApprovalNeeded) shaped up. She believes that practicing yoga has changed her life for the better, starting with her mindset. She also believes that it's very important to give children the power of choice (she's the mother of 14-year old twins). One of her greatest intentions is to live life with arms wide open and to bring a real impact into this world through her work. You can connect with Kris by checking the following links: LinkedIn profile (, Facebook group ( and her company website ( If you enjoyed this episode, show us some love by hitting the "subscribe" button, leaving us a review on iTunes and spreading the word. Feedback is always welcome, so remember that you can leave us a voice message (via Anchor app) or drop us a line at Thanks for tuning in!
Jared Wiese (Wee-Zee) is the founder of He helps you POP Jobs & Leads through Résumé Writing, Career Coaching and, of course, LinkedIn Profiles That 🅿🅾🅿!™He's a co-host of LinkedIn Local, co-origintor of #ONO, originator of #ProfilePopUp (free LinkedIn profile review videos) and posts value-add content daily on LinkedIn.Jared got his start with an IT programming degree. Yet he was never the type to just code in a cubicle. He was always asking WHY. This started at a young age with a fascination with personal development. (NOTE: If he had to pick 3 people he tries to model it would be Stephen R. Covey, Tony Robbins and Maya Angelou!)This led to Jared becoming an IT Business Analyst where he had to find out what the business wanted (WHY), translate it (WHAT) and ensure it got implemented (HOW). Today, Jared uses those same skills to help job seekers attract recruiters, help businesses find and turn leads into prospects, and help individuals and groups maximize LinkedIn.He posts often on LinkedIn with hashtags of #ProfilesThatPop, #TipsThatPOP, #ResumesThatPOP and ThoughtsThatPOP. Follow those hashtags and him at and engage to see his content. You can also learn more by checking out his website - you enjoyed this episode (and the show in general) please give us some love by leaving us a review on iTunes, by subscribing and by spreading the word. At the same time, remember that we value feedback to the max, so send us a voice message (via Anchor app) or drop us a line at for tuning in!
Throughout my adventure on LinkedIn, I've been blessed to meet tons of amazing people. And one of them is the lovely and extremely #beautifulwoman Jacqueline Way. After watching her TedX talk ("How to create happiness in your life every day" - and seeing a video on the aforementioned platform, I told myself I can't let such opportunity slip through my fingers. So I invited Jacqueline in the show. My guest has dedicated herself to social good projects, both personally and professionally, for over two decades. In 2010 she started a parenting project (called #365give) with her oldest son (3 years old by then). The concept was to give back to the world every day, for one year. But this adventure amplified in such a manner that today it's implemented in education institutions, with the support of educators. The program is an educational tool for teachers, powered by students, from kindergarten stage to 12th grade. The program assists in achieving Curriculum, Core Competency and Social Emotional Learning goals set out by the BC Ministry of Education through daily giving activities. It allows students to develop the necessary intellectual, personal, social, and emotional proficiencies, in order to engage in deep and life-long learning. I am happy to say that this year I decided to get involved with the #365give challenge, on 17th of May, by teaching my own children what giving looks like. You can follow/ contact Jacqueline by accessing these links:,, If you enjoyed this episode, and the show in general, feel free to send us your feedback at or leave us a voice message (via Anchor app). Reviews on iTunes, spreading the word and subscribing will make us very happy!Thanks for tuning in!
Sam Alsroré is one of the Top 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn and a member of the Birmingham Club UK, TEDx and a LinkedIn Instructor.Sam is a Human Rights advocate by heart, with a mission to advise enterprises on how to understand, develop and execute smart growth strategies targeting specific generations. He focuses on combining independent and pragmatic thinking across a wide array of sales and Marketing in the U.K., India, and MENA region.I today's episode, my guest is giving away one of his greatest teachings regarding selling on a professional platform such as LinkedIn. Other topics we talk about are: diversity, millennials, the power of choice, the joy of creating LinkedIn challenges and collaborating with people for them, and Sam's future plans.You can learn more and reach out to Sam via his LinkedIn profile (é/).If you enjoyed this episode, and the show in general, we're looking forward to your feedback. Therefore, feel free to leave us a voice message (if you listen via Anchor app) or to drop us a line at Subscriptions, reviews on iTunes and spreading the word are highly valued!Thanks for tuning in!
Jaime Cohen, founder of TheRightWords, teaches individuals and organizations to communicate more effectively. She helps create communication play-books, improve relationships, build community, scale business, and ultimately earn more money. Jaime is also a speaker, coach, and top LinkedIn creator whose content has gotten millions of views. People have always come to Jaime for advice. When she realized this was something she could turn into a business, she was thrilled. Now, not only is she helping individuals improve their lives, but by working with organizations she is helping people at scale!In our conversation for today's episode we cover a few essential topics for everyone interested in self-development. For instance, it's OK to admit, even as an expert, that your truth might not be someone else's.You can reach out to Jaime via her LinkedIn profile (, Instagram ( and her website ( hope you enjoyed our conversation, so feel free to share your feedback with us, by sending a voice message (if you listen via Anchor) or by dropping us a few lines at If this show is among your favorites, please subscribe, leave us a review on iTunes and spread the word.Thanks for tuning in!
Ahmad Imam is the Sydney Director of Metropole Property Strategists, Australia’s leading and award-winning property consultancy. He is a regular commentator on "Your Investment Property" Magazine, "The Michael Yardney" Podcast and "The Property Update" Blog. At the same time, he is a prolific content creator, with a focus on what he calls “Edutainment” – a combination of education and entertainment.Ahmad is passionate about helping others realize their full potential, and is on a mission to spark a change in the way we think, feel and act about Diversity and Inclusion.In today's episode, we covered the following topics, among others: diversity & the magic of embracing cultural differences; labels & communication restrictions; negotiation practices; ego; childhood & inner child.Ahmad can be reached out to via his LinkedIn profile (, his website (, and by checking out the ventures he regularly contributes to - and you enjoyed this episode, you would make us very happy if you left us a review on iTunes, subscribe and share the word about the show.Feedback is always welcome, so you can leave us a voice message (if you listen via Anchor) or send us an email at Thanks for tuning in!
"We are not defined by what knocks us down. We are defined by how we get back up."The words above are being spoken by the guest I am hosting today. Madeleine Black is an international speaker, storyteller for The Forgiveness Project, psychotherapist and the author of the memoir titled" Unbroken". She uses the traumatic experience she went through as a teenager to inspire people to find their own voices and inner strength. Her endeavor goes towards the eagerness she has to end stigma, shame and silence that the sexual abuse is thoroughly surrounded by. You can reach out to Madeleine via her LinkedIn profile ( or via email at Her book can be purchased from Amazon, by following the below link: you enjoyed this episode, we would love to hear from you. So feel free to leave us a voice message (via Anchor) or send us a note at would very much appreciate your subscription, review on iTunes and spreading the word.Thanks for tuning in!
David Calvert is a great writer --> by the time we had this conversation - in January 2019 - he already had 8 books out! He is a podcast host as well --> since we recorded the episode he published 70 more episodes; And he is also one of the LinkedIn Local hosts for Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.In today's very relaxed show, we covered some interesting topics, such as: home schooling, LinkedIn local hosting, writing and the power of choice.You can look up David's podcast on: Spotify - / Anchor - / iTunes - can connect with David on social media by following the below links: LinkedIn -,Facebook -, Instagram - & out his website as well: you enjoyed this episode and the show in general, please subscribe, share and leave us a review on iTunes.Thanks for tuning in!
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