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When we think about romance, many of us have a specific script in mind. Two people date, fall in love and get married. But that traditional path doesn't work for everyone. This episode explores the world beyond monogamy, whether you're starting this journey solo or already partnered.
Brush twice a day. Remember to floss. Visit the dentist twice a year. We know the drill...or maybe not? In this episode, how to take care of your teeth, from finding a good dentist, to home teeth whitening, to the best brushing techniques. This episode originally published on February 27, 2023.
For many families, there comes a time when it's the kid's turn to take care of their parents. But caretaking is expensive and draining. Make it easier on yourself by talking to your parents ahead of time about their finances, their long-term care plans, and their wishes. In this episode, how to approach your parents, what to ask them, and what to do if they're already experiencing dementia or cognitive decline.
Congratulations! You've been accepted into college. Now you've got to find your way around campus, pick out classes, make new friends, and figure out a plan to graduate — on time. Here's how to make it easier. This episode originally published on September 3, 2019.
NPR's Maria Godoy is a self-proclaimed fiber fanatic. She explains how to add fiber to your diet (munch on popcorn!) and provides a grocery list of high-fiber foods that you can print out at home.
Giving in to your kid too much can be harmful to their development. Take the 'Test of Four' to examine your relationship with your child — then find out how to say 'no' and enforce rules that stick.
Updated versions of the mRNA vaccines roll out this week. Experts say they offer good protection against current COVID variants. Who should get them, and when's the best time to roll up your sleeve?
Making more money tends to lead to spending more money. It's a phenomenon known as "lifestyle creep." Paco de Leon, author of Finance for the People, shares advice on keeping your long-term financial goals in check and fending off the subconscious urge to automatically increase spending when your income increases. This episode originally published on July 14, 2022.
Lilian Cheung, a mindful eating lecturer at Harvard, shares helpful tips on how to slow down while eating — including saying 'The 5 Contemplations' by Buddhist master Thích Nhất Hanh.
I'm struggling to get my husband to make a family budget with me. Whenever the topic comes up, he completely gets defensive. How do I get him to talk to me about money?
An entomologist shares surprising insights about the invasive bug, which is wreaking havoc on crops and trees across 14 U.S. states. Plus: A poster with our facts that you can print out at home.
Art professionals explain how to look at paintings and sculptures like an expert — and how to make the most out of a museum visit. This episode originally published January 10, 2023.
Everyone should consider a prenuptial agreement before getting married, says family law attorney Theresa Viera. Here's how to talk about it with your partner and decide whether it's right for you.
The three-year federal pause on student loans is expiring soon. If your financial circumstances have changed, or you just need an explanation of the many payment plans out there, here's a refresher course on how to pay off your student debt.
Environmentally-friendly living isn't an all-or-nothing equation: think of it as a spectrum of greens. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, green cleaning is one easy way to dip your toe into the green living waters. These tips will help you get started. This episode originally published July 11, 2022.
Spending an afternoon in a forest isn't just enjoyable, it's good for your health. Taking in the forest through your senses can boost your immune system, reduce blood pressure, lower stress hormones and improve your physical and emotional state in other ways. If you want to try forest bathing, here are some exercises for the next time you find yourself under some trees.
When is it OK to lie?

When is it OK to lie?


When are white lies harmless or hurtful? Experts weigh in on when it's appropriate to tell a lie, explain how lying can lead to more lying and share tips for cutting back if you want to break the habit.
Meal prep made easy

Meal prep made easy


What's for dinner? It's a question that can lead to overspending on delivery, unhealthy meals and dread. FitMenCook founder Kevin Curry shares meal prep techniques that can alleviate stress and save money. This episode originally published January 31, 2023.
Go easy on the Q-tips. Watch your phone volume. And if you're experiencing hearing issues like muffled sounds or tinnitus, see a professional. This comic offers advice on how to care for your ears.
We're supposed to do things routinely for our health, like brushing our teeth, showering and exercising. And there are basic hygiene tasks to maintain your financial health too. Here are five tasks to tackle each year.
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umm why is this talking about dating tips with money and budgeting??

May 24th


mini helpfulness for those anxious feelings

May 23rd

C. Stood

It's very challenge to listen to a guest who says "like" 10 times per every sentence.

Apr 28th


Listening to this was enlightening. I wouldn't have thought about liquids being heavy. I'll have to look for a shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo

Apr 13th

Kedar Paranjape

Good episode. Isabelle has a soothing voice.

Apr 12th

Kelly McClendon

I shared this so many times 😁

Mar 10th

Angie Livesay

I love Aubrey and Maintenence Phase. Once you realize how deeply anti fat or society is, you see it *everywhere*. movies, TV, books, magazines, etc.

Jan 18th

mohadese kazemzade

چطور میشه ب متنش دسترسی داشت

Dec 25th

Bahareh Davoudi

is it just for me or his voice sounds rather nasal!! not pleasant at all I'm afraid!

Dec 18th


Loved this episode so much when it first aired that I bought Oliver Burkeman's book, Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals. It's an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

Nov 11th

Hans Meier

Like sorry but uninviting a sibling/family from the wedding because they bring a child and a plus one is just rude.

Nov 11th

Dapper D

So you should rename this podcast, "Life help or immature Valley girls"

Sep 20th

Megan Burk

the art on this is amazing

Aug 31st

Saman Sarraf

Finally... something worthwhile for people's material lives out of NPR instead of the sameold platitudes for the everyday consumerism of the American brunch-class.

Jul 14th

The Diet of Common Sense Podcast

Start by cooking your own food, make a grocery list, don't go shopping when you're hungry to prevent impulse buying, track your expenses. Here are more ideas on the subject:

May 22nd


Loved this episode, will definitely be putting a fair chunk of it to use (in a "I have basically no money to spend on it" way 😅) #TIL @nprlifekit The fact that I've already decided to learn to do my own #tailoring since I was recently gifted a sewing machine will hopefully help ^_^

Apr 11th


Really great episode, I've certainly noticed that after hours of binging YouTube I often feel "bleh" but now I have a much better understanding of why. @nprlifekit

Apr 9th

Erin Nelson


Apr 5th


Very, very interesting. Something I had never really thought about but now that I have, it's making me think quite deeply 🤔

Feb 3rd


Nice episode!

Jan 5th
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