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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.
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The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is now open to potential college students to fill out. Here's how to fill out the form to get money for college — and why you should apply now instead of waiting.
When the world feels upside-down, it might seem counterintuitive to turn inward to create change. But that's exactly what meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg says we should do.
Having good conversations is an art form. NPR's Sam Sanders tapped longtime radio host and podcaster Celeste Headlee for her tips for really listening and connecting.
NPR's Allison Aubrey spoke with Myrna Pérez of the Brennan Center for Justice about how voters can make election day go smoothly — from what they need to bring to keeping others safe.
NPR's Laurel Wamsley talked with the experts about how to protect your information — from your text messages to your location — while you're on the phone and computer.
Uncertainty can be hard to live with — especially when it feels never-ending. In this episode, Life Kit hears from three people who have survived tough times and gained perspective.
Uncertainty can be hard to live with — especially when it feels never-ending. In this episode, Life Kit hears from three people who have survived tough times and gained perspective.
Dietitian Shana Spence joins Life Kit to share her tips to making nutritious meals without spending more than necessary.
Making a career switch can be daunting — but it's doable. In this episode, audio producer Keisha "TK" Dutes breaks down how she made her own switch, and how you can too.
It's never too early to start putting away money for retirement. In this episode, NPR's Chris Arnold decodes what you should know — from the types of retirement accounts to strategies for saving.
Just because you (or your kids) are home all day doesn't mean you can skip your vaccines, including a flu shot. Here's how vaccines work and why they're important this year.
It's time to make a plan to vote. NPR's Miles Parks joins Life Kit to guide us through all the ways you can vote this year and how to do each, from registration to Election Day.
The sun is going down earlier and temperatures are dropping. We know we're not the only ones getting worried about winter during a pandemic. Rachel Miller of Vice joins Life Kit to talk about ways we can all prepare to make the coming months a little easier.
We could all stand to stretch our cash a little further right now. Life Kit teamed up with financial expert Tiffany Aliche, also known as the Budgetnista, for tips about how to separate needs from wants, stop stress-spending and save for the future.
Constantly saying yes to everything and everyone drains us of time and energy. This episode helps explain the roots of people-pleasing behaviors and how you can say no more often.
Is working from home causing all sorts of aches and pains? An ergonomics expert talked us through how to avoid the most common home setup pitfalls.
Changing workplace culture isn't the job of marginalized employees. But knowing how to manage your boss or document your daily work can help employees of color — even if it just shows you when you've had enough.
Wildfires are raging in California and the Pacific Northwest. Here's how to prepare for a wildfire and what to do if one is approaching.
If you (or your kids) are in college, there's a good chance you're going through online classes this semester — maybe for the first time. Learning remotely can be tough, but staying organized and maintaining social connections can help.
If you're unable to pay rent, you're not alone. In this episode, we explain how to qualify for the new eviction moratorium and what to know if you can't pay your rent.
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love this. so helpful! thank you

Oct 15th


Everyone with medical debt should listen to this, great advice!

Oct 13th


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Aug 24th
Reply (1)

Aastha Dua

I love the tip at the end!

Aug 8th

Erin Nelson

.... How is someone not wearing a mask NOT affecting me? Thanks, Death Kit.

Aug 5th


And how do I keep it out of my eyes when sweating during my outdoor workout?

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

Mo Atchison


Jul 4th

Lucy Tobier

great episode! thanks!

Jun 17th



Jun 9th

Jorge Montes III

I think it has been more than a decade!!! I, belong to a minority. I think that it is high time the we are all treated with the same respect. What makes the white people superior to any othrrs???

Jun 3rd

Jorge Montes III

yes, I agree. The coronavirus has changed everything and every way that we do things.

May 30th

sarvenaz sadati

can we do it constantly? I mean is it possible to putt every day food waste in a same container? or we should do it in different container?

Apr 12th

Mustafa Thunder

13 minutes of wisdom! excellent podcast.

Mar 26th


Thanks! 🤘

Mar 25th



Mar 20th



Mar 14th

crystal chen

love it😉

Mar 5th

Karrie Cunningham


Feb 28th

Fred Feng

04:30 one paragraph

Feb 27th

Jordan Amor

where did all the episodes go??

Feb 25th
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