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Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Life Kit is here to help you get it together.
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Everyone has different boundaries. In this episode, we'll talk through what consent is and how to get clear about what you're comfortable with — so you can communicate that to others.
In this episode, NPR's Sam Sanders talks with Short Wave host Maddie Sofia for answers to listener questions about the vaccine. (Here's the story we reference about improving your face mask protection:
Whether you've always wanted to be a parent or not, starting a family is a big decision. The pandemic makes it even tougher. In this episode, experts talk through what to consider.
Whether you're completely fed up or just ready for the next thing, quitting a job can be stressful and complicated. Here's how to make a game plan and leave a good legacy. (This episode originally ran in Jan. 2020.)
Changing workplace culture isn't the job of marginalized employees. But knowing how to manage your boss or document your daily work can help employees of color — even if it just shows you when you've had enough. (This episode originally ran in Sept. 2020).
Making a career switch can be daunting — but it's doable. In this episode, audio producer Keisha "TK" Dutes breaks down how she made her own switch, and how you can too. (This episode originally ran in Oct. 2020.)
How To Ask For A Raise

How To Ask For A Raise


Life Kit spoke with negotiations expert Mori Taheripour for her tips on asking for more money at work — and what to do when the answer is no, or there's just not money in the budget.
From informational interviews to applications, landing your first job after college is always hard. A pandemic makes it even tougher. This episode originally ran in 2019, and we've updated it with information about landing a job during the pandemic.
A strong mentor can help you inside and outside of work. In this episode, we'll give you tips on finding the right one to help you achieve your goals. (This episode originally ran in September 2020.)
Human touch is essential. But in a socially distanced world, lots of people are starved for it. Figuring out what feels good to you, from a long hot bath to something more intimate, can be the first step to getting that much-needed touch. (Yes, this episode includes discussions of sex and sexuality.)
You might remember Mandy Len Catron from her hit Modern Love essay about going through 36 questions to fall in love. You might have even tried those questions yourself. Catron's book is called How to Fall in Love With Anyone, and Vice's Rachel Wilkerson Miller spoke with her about it.
It's normal to avoid conflict. But if you approach conflict as problem-solving, it might not be so bad. Here's how to turn a fight into a constructive brainstorming session. (This episode originally ran in August 2020.)
You can't fully show up for the people in your life until you know how to do the same for yourself. In this episode, we talk with Rachel Wilkerson Miller, author of The Art of Showing Up, about how to take care of yourself. (This episode originally ran in May 2020.)
Making (and tasting) chocolate is an art. In this episode, a cocoa expert guides us through the world of chocolate and how you can appreciate it to its fullest.
Logan Ury, Hinge's Director of Relationship Science, says making dating decisions based on initial chemistry alone is a losing battle. In this episode, dating coach Damona Hoffman speaks with Ury about her new book, How to Not Die Alone.
Everyone needs a little alone time, but these days, you might have either too much "me" time or not enough. Here's how to find a balance and get the restorative benefits of time by yourself. (This episode originally ran in July 2020.)
Making money from a hobby takes a lot of work — and strategy. In this episode, host Ruth Tam gets some advice from independent business owners and financial experts about how to make it work.
In her most recent book, poet Maggie Smith compiled notes to self, and says that writing them was her way of 'trying on' hope.
Impostor syndrome: it's the voice in the back of your mind telling you that you're a fraud, and that your peers are all smarter and more creative than you. In this episode, host Diana Opong speaks with experts about how to squash that voice.
According to therapist Anastasia Locklin, procrastinating isn't a sign of laziness. It's your inner critic come to life. In this episode, she explains how you can kick the habit.
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Zixian Zhang


Mar 5th
Reply (1)


I really wish they'd stop saying we can return to a "new normal". You can't return to something new. This is how life will be from now on. Settle in.

Mar 3rd

Emily DeVries

Perfect timing! I'm quiting my job tomorrow!

Feb 28th

Ariel Reynante

Life Kit is usually pretty good, but this episode in particular is excellent!

Jan 26th

tara dan

why she talk like this

Jan 17th

Mustafa Thunder

I know farsi. maybe i could help you :)))))

Nov 24th


The statement date/due date thing is really weird. Learned something new there.

Nov 16th

Soheila Mohammadi

I am strengthening my listening skills with your podcasts and I am very interested in what you are saying Where and how can I find the text of your podcasts to read?😊

Oct 23rd
Reply (2)


love this. so helpful! thank you

Oct 15th


Everyone with medical debt should listen to this, great advice!

Oct 13th


30% US Stock 15% Stock of foreign countries 20% Domestic US real estate 15% US Treasury bonds 15% US Treasury Securities

Aug 24th
Reply (1)

Aastha Dua

I love the tip at the end!

Aug 8th

Erin Nelson

.... How is someone not wearing a mask NOT affecting me? Thanks, Death Kit.

Aug 5th


And how do I keep it out of my eyes when sweating during my outdoor workout?

Jul 20th
Reply (1)

Mo Atchison


Jul 4th

Lucy Tobier

great episode! thanks!

Jun 17th



Jun 9th

Jorge Montes III

I think it has been more than a decade!!! I, belong to a minority. I think that it is high time the we are all treated with the same respect. What makes the white people superior to any othrrs???

Jun 3rd

Jorge Montes III

yes, I agree. The coronavirus has changed everything and every way that we do things.

May 30th

sarvenaz sadati

can we do it constantly? I mean is it possible to putt every day food waste in a same container? or we should do it in different container?

Apr 12th
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