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For a lot of people from Asian American backgrounds, discussing mental health - especially with loved ones - can be difficult. Psychologist and author Jenny T. Wang has advice on everything from working through guilt to defining home on your own terms.
Grilling for beginners

Grilling for beginners


Intimidated by grilling? Cooking over an open flame can do that! In this guide, learn the basics from which type of grill to choose, to how to maintain a fire and create different temperature zones, to tips on tools and safety.
Now that you have your diploma, you'll need to focus on a different piece of paper: a résumé. Here's how to think about what you want to do and then go out and get a job — maybe even a career.
When some of the greatest singers are Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande or Beyonce, it's easy to feel like being a good singer is just a dream. But you don't need to be a Grammy-grade singer to have fun at karaoke. These tips will help you find your voice.
How to overcome FOMO

How to overcome FOMO


The fear of missing out isn't confined to our social lives; worrying about whether we're missing out on new experiences, content, trends and even investments can create an existential crisis. Psychologist Aarti Gupta explains how FOMO shows up in our lives and how to battle it.
The world has changed a lot since the internet. Remember asking people for directions? If you miss the days pre-internet (or wonder what it was like), Pamela Paul, author of 100 Things We've Lost To The Internet, gives us a few ways you can reconnect with an analog way of life.
When you're in a familiar place, it's easy to go on autopilot and fail to notice the small joys that surround you. Artist and author Jenny Odell shares tips on how to pay attention to and appreciate what's right in front of you.
Raising kids is among the most essential work humans do, and yet it's rarely valued as skilled labor. Angela Garbes, author of Essential Labor: Mothering as Social Change, guides us through a shift in mindset to help give mothering the value it deserves.
Minding your budget while eating the foods that nourish you takes a little planning — but it's possible. Dietitian Shana Spence shares her tips to help you shop and keep your fridge stocked without breaking the bank. This episode first aired in October 2020.
Whether you forgot to order flowers for that special occasion, or you just want to flex a new creative muscle, here's how to DIY a professional-looking bouquet with grocery store flowers.
It's the wild card of every big event — the toast. If you're giving a new year's toast, a best man or maid of honor speech, or any other toasts this coming year, we've got some tips to make sure people remember your toast with fondness and not horror.
Using your health insurance doesn't have to be on an "in-case-of-emergency" basis. Learn how to make the most of your coverage by taking advantage of preventative care, strategically timing procedures and getting exercise classes covered.
Our friends at It's Been a Minute speak with Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy about their new book, Big Feelings: How to Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay. They explore seven emotions — uncertainty, anger, burnout, comparison, perfectionism, despair and grief — with hopes to normalize conversations on these "big feelings" and share what they've learned in that process.
Storytelling 101

Storytelling 101


Storytelling creates connections and builds community. In this episode of Life Kit, storytelling coaches from The Moth give a step-by-step guide to telling good stories.
More companies are offering hybrid work schedules, allowing office workers to split their time between the office and home. A hybrid set up has plenty of benefits, but can be challenging to navigate. These tips can help you and your team ease into it. (This episode originally aired in July 2021.)
From the songs of sparrows outside your apartment window to the purple crocuses bursting into bloom in a nearby park – all that nature you're observing could actually be helpful to scientists. Here's a step-by-step guide to becoming a community scientist.
Now that a federal judge has thrown out mask mandates on public transportation, many people are wondering, "How safe is it to use these forms of travel if many people aren't masked?" In this episode Life Kit, learn how to assess your risk and make the best choice for you.
Climate change calls for long-term, systemic solutions, but that doesn't mean we can't all strive to live more sustainably. Life Kit is here with solutions from your kitchen to your closet.
Enjoying the outdoors can look like anything from walking the dog to celebrating Indigenous culture — you don't have to hike the tallest mountain peaks or go camping to love nature. Learn how to find your footing in nature in a way that works best for you.
Autistic people are constantly forced to suppress who they are as a means of pleasing a neurotypical world. Social psychologist Devon Price not only wants to give them permission to take off that mask and be themselves, but believes that doing so allows everyone to lead happier lives.
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The Diet of Common Sense Podcast

Start by cooking your own food, make a grocery list, don't go shopping when you're hungry to prevent impulse buying, track your expenses. Here are more ideas on the subject:

May 22nd


Loved this episode, will definitely be putting a fair chunk of it to use (in a "I have basically no money to spend on it" way 😅) #TIL @nprlifekit The fact that I've already decided to learn to do my own #tailoring since I was recently gifted a sewing machine will hopefully help ^_^

Apr 11th


Really great episode, I've certainly noticed that after hours of binging YouTube I often feel "bleh" but now I have a much better understanding of why. @nprlifekit

Apr 9th

Erin Nelson


Apr 5th


Very, very interesting. Something I had never really thought about but now that I have, it's making me think quite deeply 🤔

Feb 3rd


Nice episode!

Jan 5th

Donna Morris

Quite inspiring!

Dec 6th


Great episode, I just wish I had this info before my great-grandmother passed, but I'll be sure to make use of it with the #family that's still living 😊 #lifetips #thankful

Nov 23rd

Donna Morris

Daylight savings time vs standard time messes up my sleep, wake times. Plus my father worked shift work, so as a child my schedule changed weekly. As a natural night owl, my sleep, wake schedule is completely screwed up.

Nov 4th

Tony Zac

I work in a company that has a 9/80 schedule. what that means that in a 2 week period, first week we work Mon-Thur 9 hrs each day, Friday 8 hrs (Total 44hrs. No OT pay.) Then second week, Mon-Thur 9 hrs each day and then have Friday off (36 hrs for that week). A total of 80hrs worked in the 2 week paid period. I feel like adding that extra hour at the end of each day to benefit the fact of having a Friday off every other week without losing work time is totally worth it. That extra "Day Off" does make a difference in my work life I would say, I can choose to dedicate my day off of work on my start up business or simply relax and spend more time with my kids. I would encourage employers to give it a try with their company. As soon as my business take hold I'm most definitely going to apply that.

Oct 11th


Nice list of SciFi and Fantasy books that I haven't read yet but sound good! 😀

Aug 27th

Lenor Dolker

I prefer Dave Ramsey's way instead. family should only have a joint account, a lifelong commitment and openness. I can even imagine marrying a guy, who says "your" or "my" money!

Aug 17th

Steve Yang

why does this podcast constantly repeat episodes? really annoying

Jul 2nd

Motahare Fakhar

It was all I need to hear right now! thanks.

Jun 30th


thank you 🙏

Jun 10th

Melissa Shattuck

Thanks for the info on the burn test....I thrift items often and I have done the burn test to figure natural vs man-made fabrics. I didn't know that is really how experts did it. I am kinda tickled that I figured that out on my own.

May 8th


Such a tiny thing that can mean SO much!

Apr 28th


little disappointed by how little the person being interviewed was able to participate.

Apr 25th

muffen jr

I absolutely suggest this episode. I had a surgery beginning of last year and after I contacted the hospital finance assistance office they let me know that I qualified for a voucher that meant I didn't owe them anything personally. They just took the insurance payout and called it good.

Apr 15th

John N

I 100% agree with this premise. I think you missed the mark on the delivery of the message.

Apr 9th
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