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Life Skills For Leaders is a podcast for managers, leaders and business owners that delves into the mental health issues that affect us in the workplace. Join Dr. Lillian Nejad, clinical psychologist, author and founder of Skills for Life and her special guest, Daniel Hakim, CEO of CUB The Club of United Business, Australia's fastest growing community of established entrepreneurs and business leaders, as they talk about skills and strategies to help you, your team and your business.
Lillian & Daniel talk about the importance of detecting and addressing mental health issues in yourself and others at work and the benefits for you, your team and your business. Find out about the signs that you or someone else may need some help and how to effectively assist yourself and your colleagues with their mental health & well-being.
Lillian discusses all things anxiety! In this episode, Daniel discovers something new about anxiety, and Lillian gives you some tips on how to tell when anxiety is helping you or hindering you. We also delve into the impact of information overload and social media on our anxiety levels, and ways we can manage these influences in our lives.
In this episode, Lillian and Daniel talk about tips to overcome insomnia including specialist treatment options that you may not have heard before. Also, find out why sleep medication can serve to be more of a problem than a solution to insomnia.
Depression in Depth

Depression in Depth


In this episode, Lillian and Daniel dive into the important topic of depression. We cover how to tell the difference between feeling depressed and having a depressive disorder, how to approach someone you think may be depressed, and where to get help. Make sure not to miss this important episode. *Options for assistance discussed at the end of this episode are relevant for Australian listeners. 
Lillian and Daniel talk about their perspectives on resilience, and Lillian highlights the three most important factors in building resilience and the three things that resilient people do really well. Also, in this episode, find out how you can improve the resilience of your workforce. 
Practical Mindfulness

Practical Mindfulness


Everyone has heard about mindfulness but it’s still not a practice that is well understood. Daniel wants to know what is it, where did it come from, how does it help, and how can it be easily incorporated into your life so that you can reap the benefits? Find out the answers in our final episode!
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