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Get right with your interactions!
Learn to apply a consistent behavior in your negotiations.



Take time for renewal in your interactions.
Building trust is essential for doing business (and maintaining relationships) in a connected world. This podcast episode brings some research to bear on real stories of trusting, and not trusting organizations. 
Some incredibly interesting research calls into question the drivers behind gender differences in negotiated outcomes. This episode is meant to spur some questions, as well as push for some critical thought about how our genders approach negotiation.
New research shows that providing more information can impact the long-term benefits in a negotiation much more than previously thought. Providing a negotiating partner with information that can provide them with more profit, at your own expense, can impact trust and long-term relationships in a way that can dramatically impact your negotiation. This research even looks at the impact of providing the other negotiator with your reservation price, a previously unthinkable strategy.
Strategy Differences

Strategy Differences


Recent research has found that negotiators approach their interactions differently depending on the number of parties to the negotiation. Specifically, the negotiators change their strategy when faced with a multiparty negotiation, rather than a dyadic negotiation. In this episode I break down the research and give you some practical applications.
Incidental Emotions

Incidental Emotions


Learn to manage the impact of incidental emotions on your negotiation.
Science over Stories

Science over Stories


Continuing the series exploring research, this episode examines the value of research over anecdotal learning. I talk about some pertinent research on offers, trust, and lying in negotiation.
Continuing the summer look into current research in negotiation, this episode explains some research on fairness perceptions in online negotiation. After the last episode covered the efficacy of face to face negotiation, this episode tackles the inevitable online negotiation.
All through the summer I am going to break down some relevant research to help you negotiate better. In this episode I look at current research from the Journal of Neuroscience that supports the idea that face to face negotiation is superior to negotiation over Zoom or other technology. 
Aligned Values

Aligned Values


After a difficult year, many of us have had a time to reflect on our values and beliefs. Alignment of values and behavior is something that takes a great deal of deliberate work. Your relationships and interactions deserve that alignment. This episode reflects on some important considerations for proper alignment of values, beliefs, and behavior.
Culture Differences

Culture Differences


We live in a global economy, but that doesn't mean we can ignore cultural differences. But we need to acknowledge that culture is more than national or ethnic culture. Understanding culture at a deeper level takes more effort. Additionally, we need to understand the individual representing the culture with whom we are doing business. If you understand the culture, you can use it as a starting point to understand the individual.
Outside of the context of relationships, rules don't carry a lot of meaning. Learn to build the relationships in your (business) life so that the rules of negotiation can carry you to greater gains for everyone involved.



Every now and then you need to take stock of your interactions and strategically reset them.
Winning isn't relevant to negotiation, but gaining is. Shift your focus and change your interactions (and your life).
Stop Trying to Win...

Stop Trying to Win...


Winning isn't relevant to negotiation. 
We all make a choice about our identity, every day. Sometimes the identity we believe we have is incongruous with the identity others have for us. This podcast will challenge you to take control of your identity, to understand that others may see you differently, and to be ok with that.
In this episode I revisit a subject that I addressed at the beginning of the pandemic, mental health. The pandemic has caused a lack of connection with others and this is impacting our mental health. In this episode I get a little preachy in my discussion of our collective and individual mental health.
We all make decisions based on set a set of conscious or unconscious parameters that we set for ourselves. This episode will help you understand your decision making process and will give you some clarity about those decisions moving forward. Additionally, this episode wraps up the series on strategic negotiation.
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