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Author: DeKesha Williams

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Welcome to Profit Producers podcast where we talk business but the journey of entrepreneurs. We are here to bring you strategy, tactics and hope that you can use to succeed in business. Be sure to tune in every week for Profit Producing tips!!!
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Welcome to this week's episode of the Profit Producer Podcast hosted by Virtual COO, Dekesha Williams, where we find the stories behind every successful entrepreneur. Our guest is Chayla Jackson, an Attorney, entrepreneur, and author of Build A Legit Business: “Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Starting and Running A Business While You Build and Protect Your Brand, Legacy, and Wealth the Legit Way... Legal That Is!” She is a graduate of Georgetown Law and trained as a Litigator in Criminal Defense before she pivoted to helping entrepreneurs defend their business against costly, legal pitfalls.As a legal expert, she shares her expertise and insights to avoid these costly, legal mistakes every entrepreneur makes. She also shares her story on how she started in this phase wanting to work with small business owners. She also shares her moments of struggles and the lessons she learned as a legal entrepreneur.Are you interested in learning more about Chayla Jackson's tips and advice? Tune in and join us in this week's episode.This Episodes Highlights"First make sure you have a contract in place. Second, in your contract, there should be some provisions in your business that says what happens if they fail to pay. Are there some procedures in place? And then within your business have a policy on how you deal with folks who stop paying. So from a customer service perspective, reach out to them. Have a conversation. Find out what's happening in their life. Because you know, there might be some things you can work out together to make sure that they can receive the services they need but also your business gets paid. Now you do all of that and that still doesn't work? Depending on the amount, you can take to small claims court. Get your money, get the case rolling, and you can oftentimes do that without an attorney."END
Profit Producer Podcast - Episode 10This is another episode of the Profit Producer Podcast, where we see the tough beginnings of successful entrepreneurs that made up their whole journey, hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams. Today's guest is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, TEDx organizer, strategist, and coach. She helps clients CLARIFY their message, stand out in the market place, and grow their business. She is none other than Dolores G. Hirschmann. Today, she shares how she managed to get out from the cubicle she's at before and be able to find that clarity on what she's really good at and what she really wants to do.For our profit-producing moment, she shares a clarity strategy that our listeners can utilize in their business and get immediate results. This is to work on your organic, human connection and commit to have one on one conversations with 3 or 5 people every day and guide them to have a consultation with you.For more of Dolores' tips and advice, tune in and join us in this week's episode! Highlight[10:08 -10:45]“There's one thing I've done right consistently. I help people make sure they understand what it is that they are doing and gain clarity. I do it for ideas. I have to be in that place of being lost.. you can't say you're a clarity expert if you have not been confused.” 
Profit Producer PodcastEpisode 9 Welcome to another episode of the Profit Producer Podcast, hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams, where we find out the stories behind every successful entrepreneur. Our special guest is the CEO of the Marketing and Mindset Coach: Female Entrepreneurs and visibility and content marketing strategist, Ms. Lesley Notton. Today we'll get to hear how she shifted from her past business to being a successful visibility and content marketing strategist at the moment.Lesley shares some of her tips on creating content. For our profit-producing moment, she also teaches us how to expand our brand visibility to reach more people not just on social media platforms.Are you interested in hearing more from Lesley Notton? Tune in and join us in this week's episode!
This is Profit Producer Podcast, where we don’t only see the glitz and glam of successful entrepreneurs but more importantly their tough beginnings that made up their whole journey, hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams.  This week’s special guest is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at Creative Services International, Inc. She is a Web Designer, Speaker, Tech Geek, and Author - Carol J. Dunlop. Carol shares her expertise in using social media, websites, and email marketing as powerful tools to generate revenue. She also gives us three tips that can be used in the next 30-45 days and one important REVENUE-GENERATING ACTIVITY that you can immediately implement in your own business! Join us in this week’s exciting discussion with Dekesha and Carol! 
Profit Producer PodcastEpisode 7 Welcome back to another episode of the Profit Producer Podcast, where we get to seethe stories behind every successful entrepreneur and get effective tips from them,hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams. Our special guest for this week’sepisode is Ms. Judi Fox, a Speaker and Video & Content Strategist at LinkedInBusiness Accelerator. She is the “LinkedIn Guru” and will teach us tips on how to utilizeour social space to generate revenue.  In this episode, Judi teaches us the importance of putting up a calendar business linkthat would give your clients the “gate” to connect and work with you. This is an effectivetool to drive sales at the comfort of your own social profile. She also gives us theconcept of “doing more business together” in her profit-producing moment.    Curious about all these? Tune in and join us in this new episode!
Profit Producer PodcastEpisode 6 This is another episode of the Profit Producer Podcast, where we find out the storiesand starting points behind every successful entrepreneur, hosted by our Virtual COO,DeKesha Williams. This week, our special guest is an Executive Leadership Coach,Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and Award-Winning TedX Speaker at LeadHERInternational, none other than Dr. Sarah Renee Langley. As we always do on thispodcast, we’ll get to hear Dr. Sarah’s starting points, struggles and all the signs sheasked for to get started being an entrepreneur herself.  As a psychologist, she also shares tips on how we can adjust and maintain sanity onthis global pandemic. For our profit-producing moment, Dr. Sarah advises us to create aPROFIT PLAN - use a profit planning journal: track and measure your progress.  Are you interested in hearing more of Dr. Sarah’s tips and advice? Tune in and join usin this week’s episode!
Profit Producer PodcastEpisode 5 Coming back with the fifth episode of Profit Producer Podcast hosted by the wonderful DeKesha Williams, our Virtual COO. We don’t only talk about business but more importantly the journey through entrepreneurship. We’ve had incredible guests with us from the past episodes and learned a lot of business strategies and getting motivated through their own journey. Joining our episode today is Tamika Bickham, Owner and Chief Storyteller at TB Media Group. She is a Multimedia journalist, content creator, and communications professional with 12 years of experience telling stories that connect with a target audience to drive results. She shares her 3 tips on how to produce profit: Clear on your whys, Don’t be afraid to share your story and get started now! If you want to hear more from Tamika, stay tuned and join us in this week’s episode!
This is another episode of Profit Producer’s Podcast hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams. Our guest today is the Creator and Founder of Client Attraction University™, a results-based marketing consultancy, Mr. Marquel Russell. His team has helped their clients generate billions of ad impressions, millions of leads, thousands of clients, and over $20 Million in revenue. We’ll look at the journey of Marquel from the beginning up to this point in his success. He also gives us a very detailed profit-producing strategy called the “SFM Method” that you can literally implement right after this episode in your own business to generate revenue. “Be like a stamp, stick to one thing until it delivers, and what you focus on expands.” Listen to this week’s episode and learn more about the effective strategies brought to you by Marquel Russel!.Join our private FB group at 
Welcome back to another episode of Profit Producer’s Podcast hosted by our inspiring Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams. Today’s guest is Ms. LaShonda Bracey known as the "Government Contracting Guru" whose vast experience, expertise, and education is sought after by Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft, etc. Today we'll learn more about the Government Contracting Space and all the quick tips on how to get started. She also shares a concrete strategy in profit-producing which she calls the "Micro Purchases Opportunities". Join DeKesha and LaShonda in this week's episode of new and interesting ideas of producing revenue and being profitable in your own space. Join the private FB group.. 
COVID-19 hit the world and we were shut down with little notice and events were canceled across the world.  Where did that leave Completely Yours Event Manager & CEO Jon'll Boyd and her staff?Listen to see how she was able to quickly adjust & adapt to the entire business online in less than 30 days.  Be sure to stay in the conversation in our private Facebook group at 
Darien Hill started the company SMART Growth Marketing that helps entrepreneurs AMPLIFY visibility and increase their revenue.  His story is one interesting journey that has led him to work with some pretty high clients. Every entrepreneur doesn't get to the top without experiencing some level of difficulties.  His comeback is unbelievable!!Stay in the conversation by joining our private Facebook group at 
Welcome to the first episode of Profit Producers Podcast with your host, DeKesha C. Williams, MBA. In this episode, you'll get the tea on why I started this journey into entrepreneurship.You'll get my take on what's happening in the world considering our first episode launches during a pandemic, COVID-19 and the larges civil rights movement across the world.Stay tuned and join the tribe at
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