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Author: Cheryl Meyer

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The show will be sharing lifestyle tips to make to be your healthiest, happiest self, and will include one on one interviews with others who have owned their own health and returned to a healthier self. Cheryl Meyer/ Cheryl M Health Muse - I want to inspire you to a healthier and happier you!
25 Episodes
Last episode, we discussed how addictive sugar is and how dangerous it is to all body systems. We review all that information and then dive deep into how to do a Sugar detox and how to deal with sugar cravings until you come out the other end.This is invaluable information to support you as you eliminate sugar from your diet.I share many tips on getting rid of your addiction including what foods you can eat and what foods you must avoid for the detox, foods to stock, how to set up the refrigerator for success, what to snack on, what to keep in the car for a snack attack. All of the proactive things that will make your detox a success.If you need support and someone to hold you accountable during a sugar detox you can hire me as your coach. I can help you set your goals and then hold you accountable to achieve them. The food freedom that is the result of a sugar detox is worth it and you will break sugar's hold on your body.
The Perils of Sugar

The Perils of Sugar


Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroine. It does harm to every system in the body. It takes away our food freedom by suppressing our appetite hormones. This continually causes us to crave "more" sugar even after we have eaten a large meal. We no longer detect that we are full. We need to detox off of sugar to lower our inflammation. Sugar causes "leaky gut" which causes dis-ease.Fake sugars are no better. They are pure chemicals and do our bodies harm.I discuss the damage that sugars in processed foods and fast foods are doing to our bodies.Hire me to help you navigate the mine field of food. You set your health goals, I help you achieve them. I hold clients accountable to their own goals. People who hire a coach want to win; I help them do that with their health. I help clients write their own story so that they can create their own ending. They take back their power over their health.  Ditching sugar = food to contact me.
My new podcast that dropped this morning is about a lovely woman who is a harpist. For nearly nearly three decades, Kate Kunkle nurtured the gift of music, with her harp. She was then hindered with debilitating rheumatoid arthritis. At about the same time, her Mother began to fade away with dementia. As Kate researched the two diseases, she quickly connected the syndromes and understood if she didn't change her lifestyle immediately, her fate would be the same as her mothers. The lifestyle changes that she instituted to protect her own brain were in response to her Mom's diagnosis. It has become a program that she now shares with clients who are also concerned about brain health.This is an episode of the miracle of health from food and lifestyle changes that you don't want to miss. These are Five Things You can do Right Now to Save Your BrainGift 2:
With the fires that are burning up the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle, and the new norm of increasing wildfires, I live in Los Angeles and the air here has gotten thick with smoke. The smoke has reached friends on the East Coast and I just read that the smoke has reached the EU.Our lungs are crucial organs, so I wanted to share how to protect our lungs at all times, but especially when toxic smoke is in our air. When toxic smoke is in our outdoor air is also is in our indoor air which is more polluted that the air coming in. People in my community are complaining about headaches, asthma and other ailments directly related to our toxic air.These are tips that are good for all in our everyday life, but especially important now. These are lifestyle changes that all of us can adopt now.Its always important to protect our lungs. Now Covid-19 is targeting our lung health, so these tips are even more important so that we maintain our health.Important information to adopt.
Lee Chambers – Environmental Psychologist & Wellbeing Consultant & Founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing.Lee has lived a fascinating story of getting a debilitating chronic disease right before he became a new father, and how he fought to return to health when doctors gave him little hope.Lee now wants to impact the lives of others and to give them hope that they hold the power over their health.Based in Preston in the North of the UK, Lee is working with business owners and employee teams to create champions. He is a father of 2 & coaches a disability football team. He is currently writing his first book, "How To Conquer Anything", which will be released in November 2020.Listeners can download "My Authentic Purpose Book: Here:'s Consultancy: https://leechambers.orgFacebook/Instagram: @essentialisecoachLinkedin:
I recap what has been happening with Glyphosate and the lawsuits against Monsanto/Bayer and how much money Bayer just agreed to pay in settlements to people who have gotten cancer. San Diego has now banned the herbicide from being sprayed in the county. It is still being used elsewhere. I also discuss the dirty dozen veggies and GMO's and why those fruits/veggies must be on your organic purchasing list. I discuss the new research on the multi-generational harm of these chemicals. Finally I discuss processed foods and fast foods that you should avoid putting into your body so that you and your families can live long and thrive.I am a health coach if you need help getting through the mine field of food,I would love to work with you. I can inspire you to clean up, encourage you to set your own goals and then hold you accountable to reach them. It does Feel Good to Feel Good. My books also go into this in depth.
The Wonders of Trees

The Wonders of Trees


I have gotten quite smitten with the recent discoveries about trees.We know that getting into nature is good for our health, mind and soul.But did you know trees release chemicals for their health that are also great for our body. Some are proclaimed to help heal cancer.And the Mother tree remains connected to her children, feeds them and warns them of danger.Some trees even have a circadian rhythm.Listen in to this interesting subject as I discuss the wonder of trees.I am available for one on one coaching via Zoom. Contact me at I have many tips for you to put healthy habits into place. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits. Working with a great coach like me ensures your success to achieve your health goals at your pace. It starts with listening to your health history. I will "hear" you. I am committed to help you live a healthier life with my podcasts, books and coaching programs. It truly Feels Good to Feel Good.
Tamara L. Hunter is a breast cancer survivor. Tamara saw a real need to create a support organization for any one going through breast cancer. Cancer Buddies is now world wide. CB4Life's goal is that no one should go through breast cancer alone. Tamara became the First Big Impact-or, a national contest that honored Tamara's organization for their contributions for women and their fund raising capabilities. She also has a show to honor Service Heroes: The Service Hero Show shares, "Inspiring Stories of Those Inspiring Others." This show runs on Facebook.A note on my services- you can hire me to help you navigate the mine field of toxins in your life. You set your health goals, and I inspire you to achieve them. If U R a cancer survivor, you have navigated the disease so this is the perfect time to fortify your health by adopting healthier habits. Cherylmhealthmuse@@gmail.comMy books come in a gift set and are loaded w/ great information. 15 awards
I share my tips on eating out as they are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. I do not eat the standard American diet because it is loaded with chemicals and fake ingredients that do not serve nutrients to my body and I can feel it immediately. Its been self defense to learn new habits. Going from horrific pain of autoimmune disease, to no pain at all, I don't jeopardize my health and I control what I eat. In this episode, I share my tips on eating out with friends, at friends and families homes, how I vet a restaurant before I walk in. What do I do if can not 'vet' the restaurant, I discuss the mindset of joining my party, but still avoiding foods that won't serve my body well. My tips are invaluable for anyone who is celebrating how good it feels to feel good and still have a social life.You can hire me to help you navigate the mine field of food in the world. You set your health goals, and I inspire you achieve them.My books now come in a gift set
As an Animal Communicator, Pet Relationship Specialist, and Spiritual Life Coach, Suzanne loves serving animal lovers to effectively communicate and heal with their pet. Her mission is to support people who love animals, and their pet(s), to rebalance body, mind and emotions – hands and paws healing together with the Holy Spirit.Links to find Suzanne: to her books on amazon am a health coach and work one on one with clients who want to reach elusive health goals.You set clear goals, and a health coach helps you be accountable to yourself to achieve them.Is the pain of staying the same greater than the pain of change? Wherever you are is NOT how the story needs to end. I work via Zoom. Your first session, for you to tell me YOUR story, is FREE. email me at and set up your appointment today.  
Cooking is crucial to control what goes into your body so that you have a happy healthy place to live. Its so important to use the healthiest ingredients. You can take almost any recipe and make it healthier by exchanging out less healthy ingredients with better choices. I explain my Use This Not That substitution chart which helps me cook healthier food.I am available for one on one coaching via Zoom. Contact me at I have many tips for you to put healthy habits into place. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits. Working with a great coach like me ensures your success to achieve your health goals at your pace. I am a compassionate coach. It starts with listening to your health history. I will "hear" you. Then we determine what you want for your health, and we dig in step by step. I am committed to help others like you live healthier lives with information in my podcasts, books and coaching programs. It truly Feels Good to Feel Good.
Janette is a cancer survivor and a warrior. She got pancreatic cancer 18 months ago, but has always seen and talked with and been supported by her angels. She"knew" that she was going to survive, her mission on this earth is not yet completed. With the right mindset, a loving community and family, a healthy diet and a strong faith, today Janette is cancer free. I want you to hear Janette's remarkable story so that you know that you too can overcome whatever health condition you are struggling with. .You can contact Janette at for an angel reading or buy her books at Janette is truly one of the most loving souls that I have met in my life. She sends daily devotionals if you join her mailing list. She is filled with joy.I am available for coaching via zoom for any chronic illness including cancer. Learn healthy eating habits to support your body and improve your immunity.
We have established in earlier podcast how food quality matters and when its crucial to buy organic. I often hear that people think they can not afford it. In this episode I discuss reframing how your spend your money to save enough for high quality food and why it is so worth it. I then discuss 30 ways to save on healthy food. For the complete list, you can download the list here:
Surviving Overwhelming Toxic LoadMarilee Nelson not only suffered from severe health problems for much of her life, but her ten-year-old son, was exposed to high levels of pesticides, leaving him extremely chemically sensitive to the point he could hardly function. The doctors' prognosis was that he would never recover, but Marilee believed there had to be a way. This is a story of a mothers love. She discovered that organic whole foods were medicine, and it changed her life. Her son grew up to be an officer in the air force and is healthy and robust today. Marilee was committed to getting the chemicals out of her life but also out of household products. She became an environmental toxin expert and created a product for cleaning that is a 1 on the EWG toxicity scale. Made from plant enzymes, I use it to wash my dishes, laundry, floors, toilets, you name it. You will learn just how important it is to lower your toxic load. Learn more
Get to know your farmers market(s). Its important, whenever possible, to know the farmers that are growing your food and the methods that they are using to grow their crops. The advantage of going to farmers markets are many, you can get to know your farmer, you can find lots of wonderful amazing foods that are not easily available from big box grocers because they are made in small batches, you can find like minded people who are shopping with health in mind. Different farmers markets have different products available, so if you are lucky to have several in your area, check them all out. I don't eat synthetic chemicals. I have found wonderful products that are homemade, like a homemade V-8 juice made from home grown organic tomatoes, or marvelous organic breads. You can also find real local honey, which isn't cut with corn syrup and helpful for hay fever. We also buy our pastured meats from our markets. As a foodie who eats clean, farmers markets are loaded with treasures.
My guest today is Joan Bender. She struggled with discomfort, stomach issues and hormone imbalances from a very young age. On a quest to improve her health, she enrolled at IIN to learn more about health.J She finally discovered that she has a gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease.  Joan Bender is a Wellness Practitioner and Author in Delmar, New York, who combines health coaching, Reiki and craniosacral therapy to help people manage stress, eat healthier and lead happier lives. Her own health crises over the years have taught her about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing. She's tackled hives, eczema, chronic pain, premature menopause, migraines, food sensitivities, grief and burn out. Joan has published a book for children and a gluten free cookbook to help others suffering from gluten. You can find her books on Amazon here.
Food Quality Matters

Food Quality Matters


In this episode I continue discussing the importance of eating quality food. We are what we eat, and we need to eat the rainbow from a source as close to us as possible so that the nutrients are at their fullest for our bodies to utilize. I discuss sensitivities, how to discover what yours are, and I discuss each color in real food, what its gift is to the body and why its important to eat them all because of the synergy that is created with all of them to make your body healthy.
After having bariatric surgery, Dr. Marlena went into multi month coma, was septic and almost died. When she woke, she knew that her destiny was clear. Dr. Marlena Sherman Linton shares her life experiences and how she was living a life of denial, comfort, minimalism, avoidance, and, ultimately, a lesser version of her best self. It took a near death experience for her to finally take a stand and make the commitment to rediscover, redefine and reinvent her life in a way that represents what is truly possible. This is a fascinating interview that you won't want to miss.
You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat


In this episode, I discuss why food quality matters and why our bodies need nutrients to be healthy. Fast Food and processed foods are often "fake" food, loaded with synthetic ingredients. We need the nutrients from real whole foods so that our bodies have the correct building blocks to regenreate cells and sty healthy. I give you an idea of the different lengths of time between replacement there is for each type of cell in your body. I also discuss ways to afford and save on healthy food. Give your body the best possible building blocks so that you are building a strong and healthy body.
Glyphosate Poisoning- Glyphosate is Round-Up. Round-Up has lost 3 lawsuits and has 4000 pending suits against them. Still Round-Up is being sprayed on our food, lawns, school yards, sidewalk grass, and golf courses. One of two types of Genetically Modified Crops is "Round-Up" Ready, which means that the food can withstand excess amounts of Round-Up sprayed on it. Avoid GMOs. One of the dangers of glyphosate, other than that it is a herbicide and poison, is that it is chelating all of the minerals out of our growing soil, and making the plants deficient in minerals, and what minerals do make it to our guts are being chelated right out of our bodies before our bodies can utilize them.
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