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Janet V. Grillo believes in new beginnings. After her husband died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Janet had to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, embrace her faith, and learn how to live again. Now a suicide advocate, she finds comfort, peace, and joy in helping others who have also experienced the ravages of suicide in a family or friend's life.  She is the founder of the nonprofit Journey of Hope Survivors Inc., an organization that helps those who have suffered a tragedy. Plans include being the host of the podcast Victims to Victory. Janet will interview doctors, suicide activists, influencers, and others.  The CEO of Veterans Suicide Awareness, Janet, is also the Veterans Suicide Awareness flag creator, which has received national attention. A Wilmington, Delaware, native, she moved to Viera, Florida, in 2014 and now calls that home. She has four sisters, a daughter, and one granddaughter.  www.veteranssuicideawareness.org
Cynthia Murphy has overcome mountains. Born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic birth defect that affects the bone, muscles and soft tissues of her face and skull, she was bullied through her childhood. She had a father who abused her and lived in a car as a child. She has had 16+ reconstructive plastic surgeries. She went to jail in grade school. She met her husband Thane, her soul mate, a disabled Marine with brain damage. Together they decided that they were going to design their own life, cleaned up their food and their lifestyle habits, and started getting educated. Cynthia now has multiple degrees and is working on her PhD. Thane has become a master chef of vegan food. Together they have created a business, Assauged, that is impacting other young people and have had over 500 interns work for their business. They are touching lives to change the health of our country. Cynthia is a fashion model for the Kiss The Monkeys celebrity organization.
I have gotten quite smitten with the recent discoveries about trees. We know that getting into nature is good for our health, mind and soul. But did you know trees release chemicals for their health that are also great for our body. Some are proclaimed to help heal cancer. And the Mother tree remains connected to her children, feeds them and warns them of danger. Some trees even have a circadian rhythm. Listen in to this interesting subject as I discuss the wonder of trees.I am available for one on one coaching via Zoom. Contact me at I have many tips for you to put healthy habits into place. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits. Working with a great coach like me ensures your success to achieve your health goals at your pace. It starts with listening to your health history. I will "hear" you. I am committed to help you live a healthier life with my podcasts, books and coaching programs. It truly Feels Good to Feel Good. cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com
Dr. Suki Stone has her PhD from Claremont Graduate University. Her emphasis is in Special Education. A Literacy Specialist who has created a program, Write Read Lead to provide an opportunity for children and adults with dyslexia achieve proficient reading skills in 14 days or less. Her corporation is a nonprofit. She is looking to collaborate with other organizations that have a need to help children and adults read proficiently. Her vision is to train teachers to use her program and to work with corporations who will provide Write Read Lead as a literacy health benefit for their employees' children to master reading with grade level proficiently. This is not phonics. She is seeking angel backers who want to provide funding to help her eradicate illiteracy in the country, Empowering Minds One Reader at a Time.Website is www. Dr. Stone's phone number is 858-775-7889. She is offering a free digital magazine to share more
Toxic Relationships impact our health. This is part 2 of a two part series.In the second episode in the Toxic Relationship series, we begin with narcissists and how crazy making it is to deal with them. They gaslight their victims into believing that what is wrong in the relationship is you and not their controlling behavior. Mirroring is common, where what they see in themselves is deflected onto you. There is no fixing this relationship. In order to walk away plan ahead so that you can make a clean break.We talk about domestic violence, which can be different degrees. It can be verbal, or it can be physical. I discuss the healing process once you sever the abuse, and how to take care of yourself.I briefly talk about energy vampires.And then I concentrate on healthy relationships. How to find one, why you deserve one, and what it looks like. A healthy relationship depends upon how you view yourself. To find one, create your non negotiable list. You deserve happiness
Toxic Relationships have a significant impact on our health. This isan in depth look at toxic relationships, whether they are with a significant other, a parent, an employee, a boss, a customer, or a friend. I go through all the signs that a relationship is becoming toxic and why it is damaging to our health. I don't want you to miss what is happening. I then discuss the different types of toxic relationships how to set boundaries, how to try to make the relationship healthy and when to walk away. When you walk away, I want it to be with no regrets, that you did everything in your power to make it right. I then address how to rebuild your own self-esteem so that you are healthier the next time you enter into a new relationship.As a health coach, I work with people with chronic health issues to give them hope and accountability to meet their own goals. We start with you sharing your story and what you have done in the past. For Contact me at
Victoria Kleinsman is a food freedom & body love coach, inspirational speaker, podcast host, and writer.Victoria helps you make peace with food, become besties with your body & fall madly in love with yourself.After surviving anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and a violent relationship, Victoria truly understands what it's like to feel out of control around food and disgusted with the reflection in the mirror. Having alchemised her pain into her passion and power, Victoria helps women all around the world to positively transform their relationship with food and their bodies. Victoria also has a unique gift of activating women to remember who the f*ck they are - Divinity embodied - and return home to infinite self-loveFree access to the first modules of my paid Body Love Binge Program: Email: info@victoriakleinsman.comPodcast:
This is Part 4 of a 4 part series on Depression.We have several feel good hormones and there are lifestyle changes we can adopt that promote healthy hormone balance.I talk about all of the feel good hormones and how to maximize them in your body to find balance and health. Seratonin, Dopamine, GABA, Insulin, Oxitocin, Endorphines all can be impacted with the food we eat and with exercise and meditation.Eating the SAD and all the chemicals in fast and processed food dampers our feel good hormones.If you need help breaking the addiction of sugar and chemicals in the diet America eats, I run a quarterly class with great success on Ditch the Diet and Stop Eating Crap, and I am just beginning a class on Food Quality Matters and how to get the biggest bang for your money from your food.The purpose of my two classes is to help your body and therefore your hormones to come back into balance.Write to me at to get on my mailing list for more information,
Depression This is part 3 of the 4 part series. In this part, I discuss how vitamins and minerals directly influences mood.Balance in your body is important to find balance in your moods. You control the lifestyle factors that directly impact that balance. In the last show we looked at food and mood, in this show we discuss what vitamins and minerals are important to promote happiness.In this podcast I discuss the role of Vitamin D and why it works in synergy with Magnesium, all the B vitamins that impact mood and the importance of Vitamin C.If you want to understand how to get what your moods need that you directly control, I run 2 courses on a quarterly basis. How to break the addiction to the SAD and to CRAP. (The Standard American Diet, and Carbonated, Refined Artificial Processed foods) and eating the rainbow class and one onf why Food Quality Matters to get the most from your food. Get on my mailing list for class information.
Depression This is part 2 of the 4 part series. In this part, I discuss how food directly influences mood.You have heard the saying, You Are What You Eat. Well, in reality, new findings are that you are what your gut microbes eat.If you are feeding the good gut microbes you are sending a signal right up your vagus nerve to y our brain that promotes balance and happiness.If you are not feeding your good gut bacteria all the wonderful phytonutrients from eating the rainbow from a farm as close to you as possible so that you are getting the maximum nutrition from the fresh whole foods you are eating, then the angry, nasty bacteria rule your gut and rule your brain.The SAD and CRAP (Standard American Diet and Carbonated Refined Artificial Processed) foods in the American diet reaks havic on our mood.I run a quarterly class on how to break the addiction of fast and processed food so that your moods get the right signal. Get on my mailing list at
Depression I have an interview and then a 4 part series. This is part 1 of the 4 part series. In this part, I discuss Do Not Give Up, How to Recognise itTraditional Methods of HelpThe classic signs.  While you are seeking a traditional support approach, at the same time, start to make the lifestyle changes that will improve your mood. Seek help to get you through your crisis, whether it is chemical and you choose to see a psychiatrist, or it is a previous trama, and you see a therapist, please do go get the help that you need.Then start to make the lifestyle changes that I recommend in the 2nd-4th parts of this series.Seek help for the part you can not do alone. Then take charge and make the changes that will directly impact your mood, the things that can make all the difference in the world for you, that you do not need anyone's permission to make.Join my mailing list. right column on first page.
Dedee Cai, founder and a business performance coach of FIT TO PROFIT, a company that utilizes psychology, cognitive science, holistic wellness and business to help entrepreneurs get mentally fit to attain peak level of performance in their businesses. With over 13 years of experience in running her own businesses in the brick/mortar, health/ wellness industry, DeDee married her love for living an optimal lifestyle, and business to create FTP. She believes that your self-worth is your net worth, and she's on a mission to empower women to be financially independent by building wealth from the inside out.DeeDe was focused on her business success, she failed to practice self care. She sunk into depression, but she didn't stop to acknowledge how dark her mood was. Then her best friend committed suiside, a wake up call/changed her life.To follow DeeDe join my mailing right hand column
This is the final episode about all the things that you control that will help you have great health in 2022. Make your own list, and start to implement these things into your lifestyle. This podcast discusses34. Cleaning products and toxicity35. Personal care products and toxicity36. Toxin awareness37. Coffee38. Mindfulness/Meditation39. Religion/ Spirituality40. Gratitude and victory journal41. Sensitivity test42. Hobby/ Join a Group43. Laughter and Joy44. Additional thoughts45. Supplementation46. Most searched words on Google end of 202147. How to heal, 48. History of what is killing us49. We are what we eat, we are what our bacteria eat,  I say next podcast will be on the gut. I shifted. Coming up a 5 part series on depression  You are the master of your body. Start to adopt these healthy habits today. The decisions you make today will determine your health for tomorrow.Join my mailing list. Write to me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com
Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.There are 4 podcasts In this series. Since health is a continual journey, some of the new things I share will surprise you, as they did me.18. Prebiotics and probiotics19. Your gut and how important it is20. Hydrate with H2O21. Gluten22. Smoking /vaping23. Exercise24. Get Out Daily25. Posture26. Stress27. ANTs28. Gratitude29. Know and nurture your purpose30. Downshifting31. Enjoy wine at 532. Sleep33. Electric Air purifier34. Cleaning products and toxicity35. Personal care products and toxicityStart adopting these ideas one at a time. Each step is a step closer to health. Join me again for Part 4.
Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.This is part 24. Learn how to have optimal liver health. And unhealthy liver is the #1 cause of heart disease.5. Eating real food6. Eat the veggie and fruit with the fiber7. Sit Down to Eat Meals with Family and Friends8. Maintain a healthy weight.9. Eliminate real and fake sugar as much as possible10. Read Labels- Food and other products If you can't pronounce it pass11. Protein source12. Avoid GMO oils Omega 6 vs omega 313. Dirty Dozen/ Clean 1514. Avoid GMO15. Invest in smaller plates16. Stop eating 1at 80% full17. Eat more beans and pulsesMake a plan to start step by step to incorporate all these things into your lifestyle.
Over the two years I have being doing this show, I have done in depth dives on several areas of health.  Since health a process, I have continued to grow and to learn, discovering puzzle pieces for my own health.  We have so much power over our health. Some of the things we need to implement are HUGE, like changing our diet, and some are little tweaks to our lives that would also make a difference to our future health.There are 4 podcasts In this series. Since health is a continual journey, some of the new things I share will surprise you, as they did me.Today, I list the areas I will cover and then discuss the first 3. Each of these are things you can do. In the next 4 shows, I cover all 45+.Start somewhere. Each change is one step closer to health. Continue to search and grow. Be your own advocate. Own your own health. Never stop looking for answers.Today we begin with the importance of community, of owning a pet, and the #1 killer today, which is Heart Disease.
A Tell Me Your Story Episode Krisanna Sexton is a filmmaker who has been passionately producing content since the age of 16. She believes in the power of storytelling and pours her heart and soul into each story she has the privilege of sharing. As an independent filmmaker, she is able to craft stories in a way that reflects her heart of love and compassion for the person on the other side of the lens.Dana Croschere is not only a producer for LOVE HEALS but is featured as the main character in the film. Dana's journey is an inspirational one, full of many obstacles including two unsuccessful spine surgeries in 2020. While still feeling chronic pain daily, Dana has been able to harness the power of her mind to accomplish things she once thought impossible by practicing the ancient mind-body techniques featured in the film. She now greets each day with a smile as she works hard to spread the message of LOVE HEALS.To learn about the film
I think most of us are aware that stress can damage our health. As a business owner, however, I thought it was also propelling me forward and helping me get more accomplished.As humans we developed the stress mechanism in order to respond to danger in the wild. If we encountered a tiger when we were out foraging for food, our adrenaline and cortisol went into high gear, moving blood to our brains and our muscles so that we could remove ourselves quickly from the danger.Chronic Stress is a contributor to "leaky gut" which is the root cause of chronic disease, which includes cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases.Not all stress is harmful. Stress that becomes chronic becomes dangerous. I didn't realize, it was also hindering, not helping, my productivity.Recovery from chronic stress is not negotiable, you can make time to rest and rejuvenate now or make time to be sick and injured later. Desktop book on Stress available on Amazon. Stress 2-minute exercises
We need to affirm that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we've received.Grateful Living is supported by daily practices, tools, habits of mind and behaviors that can be learned, translated and applied to many aspects of our lives. It is also nourished in community and in relationship.Small, grateful acts every day can uplift us, make a difference for others, and help change the world.I discuss the importance and benefits of practicing Gratitude in all of our relationships, with ourselves, with our spouse, with our families, with our friends, with our boss and our employees, with our customers, with our neighbors and with other people we come in contact with as we navigate our day.There are health benefits, mindset benefits which improve success, expressing gratitude sets us in the right direction to enjoy the gifts coming in the day.
I am thrilled to share my interview with Joe Cross with you today. When I first got sick, back in 2012, I went on a hunt for answers.Joe Cross had just become a phenomenon with his first movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and it made a huge impression on me. Joe too was suffering from an autoimmune disease. In the movie, he was traveling across the United States and juicing from the back of his car. If he could juice in the middle of a farm in Kansas, I could figure out to eat healthy fruits and vegetables 24/7.  Joe is a globally recognized nutrition advocate, thought leader, author and filmmaker who created a lifestyle revolution around the simple concept of juicing. He produced and starred in the award-winning documentary film "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead," which has been seen by more than 30 million people worldwide and is largely responsible for introducing them to drink (and eat) something green. . He is also a New Times Best-selling author. Joe lives in Sydney, Australia.
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