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Author: Cheryl Meyer

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The show will be sharing lifestyle tips to make to be your healthiest, happiest self, and will include one on one interviews with others who have owned their own health and returned to a healthier self. Cheryl Meyer/ Cheryl M Health Muse - I want to inspire you to a healthier and happier you!
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Change Your Mindset, Energize Your Life and Shine On. Angel Marie Monacelli is pure joy and light.   Ever since she was a small child, Angel Marie has brought people together, making them laugh and smile. Since that time, she has immersed herself in learning about energy, mindset, and healing.  As a Reiki Master, Empowerment Coach, Master Speaker, author of a National Best-Selling Book, and creator of the Elite Reiki Certification System and the Shine On Movement TM, Angel Marie has been influential in the healing community for over 20 years.Her passion is teaching others how to energize their lives, be more joyous, have more confidence, and experience freedom to live their fullest happiest life.Shine is her awesome Australian Cattle dog and is her partner in all her healing endeavors, including coauthor of her book.She healed her own chronic pain with mindset.Email: angel@angelmarieshines.comWebsite: angelmariemonachelli
Kimberly Spencer is an award-winning high-performance coach/trainer, Amazon best-selling author, motivational speaker, and the founder of, helping leaders build their empire and stand in their full potential. Award-winning screenwriter, certified Pilates instructor, Miss Congeniality, and six-time WEGO Health Activist Award nominee. Kimberly is proof that it's better to make your own mold than to conform to someone else's. She's the former executive of a national e-commerce startup and was the owner of Fitness with Kim a Pilates studio in Los Angeles. Her journey into mompreneurship with her husband was featured in the 2017 Netflix docuseries, Being Dad. Her work has been featured on The CW, ESPN, Chicken Soup for the Soul, NPR, and in Thrive Global, CNBC, and Forbes. Her premiere solo book, Mind Full Meals: How to Dethrone Food Fears and Reign in a Body the Rules debuts in 2020.To reach Kimberly- https://crownyourself.com
Delaine Shay grew up in small town America. As a child some tragic deaths happened in Delaine's family; when she was three her dad accidentally backed over her brother who died instantly. There were more deaths and traumas that followed in childhood, adolescence and adulthood; she made some wrong choices when trying to deal with them. The harder she tried to come up with solutions, the more frustrating her life became. As a teen she was in trouble. The suicide of a close uncle triggered her need to drink even more to numb the pain of the avalanche of adversities. But the alcohol quickly turned on her and she began hating who she was. Many times, she wished it had been her that died instead of her brother.  Tune in and listen to a woman whose resilience and the love of others turned her life around to find her mission to recover and help others.FB: Delaine Shay-AuthorTwitter: @DelaineShayLinked-in: Delaine Shay And her amazing book, And "Then We Laughed" available on Amazon.
Shannon was very successful and by the time she was 48, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, lyme disease, chronic EBV, endometriosis, asthma, narcolepsy, gastritis, gastroparesis, gastritis, rosacea, IBS, Restless Leg Syndrome, Periodic Movement Disorder, Autoimmune thyroiditis, Stage 3 Breast Cancer and more. It is not uncommon once you get one autoimmune disease to get multiple syndrome. After making significant lifestyle changes, and following the Wahl's Protocol, and Shannon is happy to say that she is free of autoimmune disease and cancer and living her purpose. Listen to this inspiring story of severe disease to wellness.WEBSITE: am a health coach that can inspire you to set your health goals and adopt healthier habits. I work with people struggling with autoimmune disease, cancer and heart disease. Contact me
Susie spent twenty-five years as an RN. At the end of 2009, after months of increasingly debilitating symptoms that were dismissed by her MD as stress and being thin, she ended up in the ER with a heart attack. That hospitalization led to multiple diagnoses, including Lupus, a small heart defect and a blood clotting disorder. It was also discovered that she had suffered a mild stroke. Recovery took years. Susie took that health odyssey as huge sign to change. Susie earned a BS in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. She simultaneously studied the astrological effects on health, business and one's journey. She then accepted an extraordinary offer from The Institute ofProfessional Celebrants to train people to create beautiful rites of passage that acknowledge, celebrate and honor love.  "Take roadblocks as a sign, not that you're on the wrong path, rather they are showing you where you need to make adjustments on your journey."Website:
Lindsey has 5 children. One was really ill. Nothing gave them clues to what was wrong with their 3 yr old daughter. Her skin was blue/ hanging on her frame. She was dying. The medical community was stumped. She met Marilee Nelson by accident, and Marilee explained environmental toxins and gifted her with Branch Basics a remarkable nontoxic cleaner that Marilee's company makes. (Listen to Episode 6) This began a journey where Lindsey started step by step cleaning the toxins out of her home, and by doing so, saved her child's life. The entire family benefited.Links of importMy book which shares where I found the toxins in my life and what I replaced them with When you buy my book write to me for the workbook. It took me 5 years to purge all these toxins.The workbook will help you.Branch basics for their cleaner and their blog real estate business
This is part 2 on how to be your most beautiful now that you understand that Beauty is an Inside Job.I start with the basics that are important for health and beauty. I start with a conversation of Leaky Gut. Leaky gut causes inflammation which causes chronic disease. I explain why it is so important to eat the rainbow and how health shows itself on our skin. Then I talk acne. We take a look at the pharmaceutical products that can be used short term but have long term toxicity. So do your own research and go back and have a conversation with your doctor.I am a health coach and do private one on one coaching via ZOOM. I can walk you through all the things you need to implement to stay healthy and how to get through the minefield of food. You are what you eat, so do you want to be fast, cheap, easy and fake, or beautiful lush beautiful phytonutrients by eating the rainbow, and eating organic. My website is books at or Amazon
Beauty Is An Inside Job. Part 1 of 2 in a series on beauty, skin, skin diseases, and the toxins that impact our beauty. Skin is our largest organ, and toxins go into our body through our skin and toxins are removed from our bodies through our skin.  You are what you eat. Psoriasis, eczema and acne are all the result of leaky gut and inflammation. Things like sugar, toxic stress, and toxic lack of sleep shorten our telomeres causing aging.  Cosmetics are not regulated. I discuss toxic chemicals used in cosmetics and how to look up what is in your product.I am a health coach and do private one on one coaching via ZOOM. I can walk you through all the things you need to implement to stay healthy and how to get through the minefield of food. You are what you eat, so do you want to be fast, cheap, easy and fake, or beautiful lush beautiful phytonutrients by eating the rainbow, and eating organic. My website is books at or Amazon
Tiffany Cano is the CEO of Highly Perceptive People Academy. She has been getting paid for healing since she was 8 years old. Many empaths, intuitive, transformational workshop leaders and coaches hire her to help them see and heal their blind spots., be better at holding space and boundaries because most are overwhelmed, subconsciously guarder, take things personally and contract when feeling fear and negativity. She helps them be clearer and trust their intuition, feel safe to take confident and empowered action and own their sense of Self. Tiffany gets you even more aligned and congruent so that you can be even better at receiving more money, love and joy. host of "Soul of an Empath" podcast and The "Knowing You" show. And the embodiment Mentor Program "Conscious Creation, Love and Empowerment and the Highly Perceptive People" Online admin@hppacademy.comI am available for health and lifestyle coaching at
Murielle Fellous was originally born and raised in France and now resides in Las Vegas Nevada where she is still raising her kids.Because of the challenges she personally underwent as a single parent when her kids became teenagers, she founded the "Single Moms Doing It All" Coaching and Podcast.Murielle has overcome depression and Hep B using mindset and tapping.​As an intuitive life coach Murielle is helping single moms from spiraling into fear, overwhelm, guilt, powerlessness or circumstantial depression and teaches them to access their inner resources and reconnect to their true power to co-create and co-parent with the Universe. It is Murielle's mission to ensure that no mom would struggle alone! am available for healthy habits and lifestyle coaching at
Kevin Gorey had two successful heart bypass surgeries in his early 40's.   Heart disease is the number one killer of humans. Yes, more than cancer or car accidents and way more than bullets. In fact during 2017 over 800,000 Americans died of cardiovascular disease, which is the umbrella term that includes heart disease, stroke and heart failure. Heart disease will kill one of three of us.Kevin had never taken anything so seriously in his entire life, and yet so many people either don't understand the real threat that heart disease poses or are simply in denial that their lifestyle choices play a significant part in the cause and effect of their health and wellness.Kevin's story is about becoming proactive with his health and making changes to bring him back to a healthy happy life. Now he has his own podcast to share a message of hope. There is not miracle cure for heart disease. The cure is you. can find him on facebook and instagram.
Rhonda Liebig is a Mindset Coach. In this episode we will discuss How did you become an energy revitalizer and what does that mean?Why did you get off of medicine?What were the beginning steps of getting off of medicine?What is your core regime to stay off of medicineCan you speak to these current times and give a realistic approach to vitality?In this new world, what do we need to do each day to get ourselves up and feeling inspired?Rhonda is an international speaker on the topics of Karate chopping Your Saboteur for your Health and Mindset, creating higher vitality in your life and business. She is a best selling author of 14 Days to a Flat Belly and The FITT Solution. Rhonda is a CPA with ten years of business experience and an AADP Certified Health Coach in the health industry for over 20 years and is a master in bringing freedom into your body through health and cash flow into your business.
The holidays should be a time of Ho Ho Ho and holiday joy. This year being possibly virtual is no different. We should all be having a joyous time. The holidays really are the best of times and the worst of times. Our tidings of comfort and joy can so easily be devoured by the insatiable stress to do it all, be it all, and buy it all.In this podcast I offer solutions to all the holiday stressors. Since keeping stress below the toxic line is so important to health, these are well worth the listen. It all starts with you taking care of you. If you don't fill your cup, you can't be there for the rest of your loved ones.Planning now around the holiday triggers for stress will make for a much more enjoyable season. The key is to plan now to minimize the stress level as much as possible.If you need help keeping your stress low, I am available for one on one coaching. Write to me at Stress is one of the topics I speak in summits about the most.
My interview with Jesse is a delightful conversation about a health and spiritual journey. Jesse left home at 14 and married, got pregnant, and was so malnourished, lost her child. She suffered through multiple toxic relationships, and hormone issues, and discovered she had a pituitary tumor. She went to school, became a medical assistant, suffered through another toxic relationship and finally was blessed with a child. Through her journey towards health and self awareness, she finally created a happy, healthy life that she knew she deserved. In the process she experienced her spiritual awakening, and how to use her intuitive gifts and call upon her angels to create self love and a healthy relationship with herself, her child and a wonderful soul mate. You will want to hear Jesse's story and how she created her own happy ending. Jesse has her own podcast and a reading with Jesse
It's the holidays and since we are all still in social isolation, I wanted to share ways for your Thanksgiving and then Christmas, Hanukkah or other holidays to be very special in spite of being virtual. This is a year to make new family stories and memories by being super creative to still be inclusive of all of your loved ones.i give ideas on how to do virtual parties, what programs to use, how to make the same meal together, how to order food and get it delivered to family members that can't be with you, how to organize a drop off potluck, how to read holiday stories, and how to still sing holiday songs together. I even give suggestions for games that can be played together virtually. Use your imagination and let it run wild. By doing it over zoom, you can record it and send it out for future viewing. No matter what, create a ho ho ho holiday filled with joy and love.I am a coach and you can contact me I can help you reach your health goals.
Larry DeWitt grew up in a dysfunctional family. Was Juvenile delinquent, HS drop out, periodically homeless. Returned to school, ran cross country, graduated an honor roll student.Joined army, went to Germany, joined track team. Stayed 15 years, running led to cycling. Earned 3 degrees BS Information Systems, BA Exercise Physiology, MS Computer Science. Married and had a son.Moved to Colorado, began mountain bike racing. Switched to Vegan diet-started winning races in top 10.Won and set overall course record for LeadMan competition at 51/Completing the Tour Divide at age 60/Coaching a HS Mountain Bike Team -2 years in a row Colorado Southern Conference Champions. "Coach of the year"One day, in a race, Larry hit a deer and broke his back. The doctors were unsure Larry would ride again.In one week, he was back on his bike; resilient from his healthy diet.He rides to win bikes for kids who can't afford them.Support his kids:
Since we are now just entering phase 3 of the pandemic, I wanted to update everyone on the research I have done that will help you stay healthy.Who is actually vulnerable? Why are these people vulnerable? Why should you wear a mask? How can you eat to boost your immune system? What supplements does the Functional Medical community recommend that you take to fortify your immunity. What cleaning supplies should you be using to protect yourself and what cleaning supplies are toxic? Everything that I have discovered to keep you safe until this pandemic has passed.I am a health coach and do private one on one coaching via ZOOM. I can walk you through all the things you need to implement to say healthy and how to get through the minefield of food. You are what you eat, so do you want to be fast, cheap, easy and fake, or beautiful lush beautiful phytonutrients by eating the rainbow, and eating organic. My website is books at or Amazon
"Dan survived open-heart surgery where his life was revived multiple times during the operation and came-back to achieve top USA ranking as a masters track athlete receiving All American honors from the United States Track and Field Association. Dan became a Maryland Senior Olympics winner and he won three gold medals.Upon learning of his near-death experience and athletic accomplishments, The American Heart Association published Dan's story, New Heart for Life, in their survivor gallery to inspire millions of people with heart disease to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle.Dan passionately shares this experience and more, teaching life principles that bring about change no matter how dire your situation may be."Learn more about Dan- Dan@NewHeart4Life.comDan and I agree is never to late to adopt health habits.If you need help to make healthy changes to your life, you can hire me to coach you. Contact me at or at
Last episode, we discussed how addictive sugar is and how dangerous it is to all body systems. We review all that information and then dive deep into how to do a Sugar detox and how to deal with sugar cravings until you come out the other end.This is invaluable information to support you as you eliminate sugar from your diet.I share many tips on getting rid of your addiction including what foods you can eat and what foods you must avoid for the detox, foods to stock, how to set up the refrigerator for success, what to snack on, what to keep in the car for a snack attack. All of the proactive things that will make your detox a success.If you need support and someone to hold you accountable during a sugar detox you can hire me as your coach. I can help you set your goals and then hold you accountable to achieve them. The food freedom that is the result of a sugar detox is worth it and you will break sugar's hold on your body.
The Perils of Sugar

The Perils of Sugar


Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and heroine. It does harm to every system in the body. It takes away our food freedom by suppressing our appetite hormones. This continually causes us to crave "more" sugar even after we have eaten a large meal. We no longer detect that we are full. We need to detox off of sugar to lower our inflammation. Sugar causes "leaky gut" which causes dis-ease.Fake sugars are no better. They are pure chemicals and do our bodies harm.I discuss the damage that sugars in processed foods and fast foods are doing to our bodies.Hire me to help you navigate the mine field of food. You set your health goals, I help you achieve them. I hold clients accountable to their own goals. People who hire a coach want to win; I help them do that with their health. I help clients write their own story so that they can create their own ending. They take back their power over their health.  Ditching sugar = food to contact me.
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