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Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Feel like your spinning your wheels but never getting ahead? Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast where we take a holistic, practical approach to the stress of life and tackle controversial topics in mental health and nutrition.
87 Episodes
Jess and Shelby say goodbye in the final Rooted Mind episode as they discuss what they’ve learned during their 2 years doing the podcast together and how they’ve grown in their individual lives and ambitions.
Jess and Shelby discuss ways to create intentional time to rest and recharge, as well as adjusting our mindsets surrounding productivity and healing.
Jess and Shelby discuss common hormone disruptors and toxic chemicals found in homes and how to approach creating a holistic space without overwhelm.
Jess and Shelby talk about the extra stressors 2020 has brought and how to keep your daily overwhelm to a minimum.
Shelby talks with special guest and sleep expert Eva Klein all about sleep training and the importance of quality sleep for you and your baby.
Jess and Shelby talk all about the importance of taking care of our mental health and break myths surrounding mental health care and treatment, as well as how to consistently cultivate healthy habits that renew and rejuvenate our minds and emotional health.
Episode #81 Vitamin D

Episode #81 Vitamin D


Jess and Shelby discuss the importance of vitamin D and how to maximize its absorption, as well as signs of vitamin D deficiency and whether or not to seek supplementation.
Jess interviews special guest, Shawn (from Certified Mold Assessments), all about mold inspections, prevention, and remediation.
Jess and Shelby discuss the importance of morning routines and how to build healthy habits that set our day up for success, as well as developing positive mindsets that keep us moving in a constructive direction.
Jess and Shelby discuss the perils of instant gratification and overspending, as well as how our mindset surrounding contentment can lead us to less debt and less stress.
Shelby shares the story of the birth of her daughter, Hannah, and her postpartum journey, including the painful decision to stop breastfeeding and her youngest son’s initial difficulty with adapting to having a younger sibling.
Jess and Shelby talk about the pitfalls of social media and how limiting screen time can benefit our mental health, and Shelby shares what she’s learned from spending two weeks off of all social media.
Special guest and Birth Educator Dr. Marissa Hols talks with Jess about all things pregnancy and birth related, from choosing a pregnancy provider to writing a birth plan.
Special guest Taylor Ellis talks with Jess about her journey through eating struggles and finding her inner strength to become a health coach that helps other women shift their mindset surrounding food and fitness while building their self-belief. Instagram: @iamtaylorellis
Jess interviews friend Rosey Elizabeth on manifestation and asking for signs from the universe.  Rosey’s Instagram: Rosey’s Youtube:
Jess and Shelby discuss neurofeedback and its numerous mental benefits.
Episode #71 Midwifery

Episode #71 Midwifery


Shelby interviews her midwife, Sarah, about her journey into becoming a practicing midwife and the different benefits midwifery can bring compared to traditional obstetric care.
Jess interviews special guest, Jessie (of the Chronically Healing Podcast!), on her journey with managing the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.
Jess and Shelby define forgiveness, discuss the importance of not holding grudges, and detail steps you can take in moving on.
Jess and Shelby talk low-tox swaps for common baby items such as cribs, mattresses, and bottles, as well as things to avoid exposure to while pregnant.
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