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Welcome to Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald. The idea for this show came from Ash's book "Surf by day and Jam by night' where he interviewed prominent musicians and surfers across the globe. Soulful Conversations with Ash Grunwald goes in deep with inspiring people from around the world; musicians, surfers and experts in, mindset, creativity, health, wellbeing and making the world a better place. Ash has been a professional musician for almost 20 years, is a dedicated surfer, travelled the world with his family and along the way has been lucky enough to have some amazing Soulful conversations which have had a huge impact on his life! If you're stuck in any kind of rutt, or just ready to improve your levels of happiness success and wellbeing. Get ready to hear all about growth mindset, rock 'n' roll spirituality, health and wellbeing and how this can shape your life.
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Brendan "Margo" Margieson changed surfing forever with his progressive powerful style.  He was the first superstar freesurfer.  Maining he didn't have to go in comps to be sponsored.  He just had to ripp and be Margo.  And that he did... he was voted by his peers to be the best surfer in the world at one point.  I want to thank Margo from the bottom of my heart for really opening up in this most Soulful of Conversations.  Some of the subjects we cover here we're not the easiest to talk about.  If you know nothing about surfing but have found yourself in a dark place you will get a lot out of this.  Thanks again Margz!To see some amazing Margo turns updated regularly check out @margomargs
In this episode I chat with Greens Senator,  Peter Whish Wilson about the new plastics bill and the fact that the environment is a political issue.   We also talk,  mental health in politics and how to be a rad human and make a difference while still enjoying yourself.  
In this episode I catch up with Derham "Tuddy" Tutton,  surfing legend and incredible story teller.  Tuddy has done it all,  from being the Norsca model dude,  to surfing big waves in Hawaii with all of the "Greats",  a serious addiction and now in recovery.    Tuddy is reigniting his career as a surf coach (details below) and is living his best life.  We chat about....Being homeless living in some sand dunes after a successful life as a coach, surfer and male model to finding  redemption. Go hard or Go home! How easy it was to get into heroin as a surfer back in the day.Copping a massive closeout set at Waimea next to Mark Foo.Rabbit Bartholmew for Pm!Simon Anderson and the invention of the thruster.Surfing Technique.Shark and Dolphin behaviour.
In this episode I catch up with enviro legend Paul Hellier.  Paul is on the road helping me out with merch but he is also the founder of an amazing ap,  Fair Food Forager which helps you source sustainable and healthy cafes and restaurants wherever you go in the world.    He also made an awesome documentary called Peleton  Against Plastic following a himself and a team of people riding bikes throughout South East Asia collecting plastic and having a lot of laughs along the way.  I have never met a dude so committed to cleaning the planet.   In this episode we were chatting whilst driving down the highway on my tour.   We chat about the state of the environment,  where to start if you want to make a difference,   business models of the future,  getting to know your local environment,  getting involved at a local level and companies with soul. To download Paul's ap check out his website
A true rags to riches story,  becoming an overnight success after a ten year grind.   Ben and I chat about lifting your game,  drinking too much in Covid,  being an over-thinker and from sleeping in the front seat of his Corolla to living in a mansion.  Whenever I get a chance to hang out with this super talented and humble human,  he always gives me something to think about.  Booseeka have a new single out now called Days Get Better and to check out what they are up to go to track played in intro is Kingdom Leader. We chat about the book The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle 
In this episode that I found in the vault from last years snow season recorded at Perisher during the Peak Festival,  winter 2019.  Troubadours  Leesa and Jules from Hussy Hicks are absolutely incredible performers and just great people.   We chat about making the most of life on the road, building friendships that last a life time,  vocal technique,   Phil Emmanual, sharing life and joy through music and music as a lifestyle. To check out what the girls are up to go to Or instagram @hussyhicks
In this episode Ash talks with his wife Danni Carr the founder of How I Quit Alcohol and Earth Bottles about her in to sobriety,  the key elements to quitting alcohol,  limiting self beliefs and how much better life is without the battle with the binge.  For more information go to Danni's instagram @howiquitalcoholTo order the How I Quit Alcohol Playbook go to join Sunday's webinar to to
In this episode Ash speaks with Josh Teskey of the Teskey Brothers.  They chat about Fatherhood, having a number one album and the Covid19 silver linings.  Ash and Josh have a single out now "Thinking Bout Myself" and a new album due out in November 13th 2020.  Hit this link for more info on Ash and Josh's collaboration or pre-order.
In this episode Ash talks with his Dad about being a black immigrant and fleeing apartheid in 1972 that last year of the White Australia Policy.   This is by no means a commentary on black lives matter but more Garry's personal experiences of being a black man in Australia and how he would like to be treated.  
In this episode Ash talks about his love of blues music and focusing on Muddy Waters.  As part of his self proclaimed blues month in the lead up to his online live blues show.  Tickets available here.
I don’t believe in letting external realities dictate my inner reality so I worked hard during these dark days to keep mentally resilient and focus on what I had power to change.   I resisted the temptation for things to be different to what they were and focused on what I could.   What am I good at?  How can I bring in some money to keep us afloat?  What do people need?  Well I know that I am good at music,  I know I am good at adapting,  I am good at communicating and I have some skills that people might want.   So first up and within a matter of days I set up online guitar lessons, vocal coaching, online private gigs all on the Zoom platform and some money started to filter in.   This was by no means my dream job or what I saw myself doing but I realised it wasn’t about my ego.  It’s firstly about feeding my family and secondly embracing what is and thirdly if I am going to do something I am going to do it the best possible way I can, so I focused on delivering the goods 100% to whoever was good enough to employ my services.  And that felt great!  It is such an uncertain time and uncertainty can cause people to be paralysed with fear causing procrastination.  You might want to sit and watch the news to stay informed.  I can tell you I have not watched the news in over a decade and I still manage to stay informed.   The news builds fear and fear is one of the most destructive forces in your life.  It becomes a habit and gives you every reason why you can’t do x y and z and if you believe you can’t do it you are absolutely right!!  I prefer to strive for the things I want and leave it up for life itself to tell me what I can’t do.  But it’s my job to strive not to decide what I can’t do before I have even tried. It’s not just in live music but in any situation.   As we confront the so called “New Norm” we should realise that change itself is the “New Norm”.   If you can think outside of the box and take action you will be rewarded.   Not just financially but if you can reach out to your wider community they may appreciate it more than you could ever guess.  You will learn new things by challenging yourself and that is one of the greatest gifts you can get from any situation.  Something in the human spirit dies when we feel we are in a rut.  Adversity is the challenge that when met with open arms becomes the catalyst for growth.  
Ash chats with Missy Higgins in the latest episode of Soulful Conversations. Missy has had a decorated carer seeing her first number one single ,'Scar' top the charts at only twenty one years of age, winning multiple awards and accolades along the way. Missy and Ash talk about her career as a musician and the many different twists and turns along the journey, what drove her to closing the door on music and then what bought her back, parenting, song-writing, inspiration and much more. To check out what Missy Higgins is up to go to's what we chatted about: Parenting and music life and carving out a balance Song-writing inspiration and improvisation Art and the struggle during lockdown Environmental messages and causes Using your platform to change minds but finding the line between preaching and your messageDefining your own success Relentless touring of the U.S.A. which lead to Missy's breaking pointLeaving music and Going back to university and studying Australian Indigenous studies, travelling to India and finding her identityFear and pressure in the music industry Creativity in writing Nourishing your creative soul Success at an early age and living up to it Exercise and daily routine in lock down Communication with your partner Otis Eyewear Discount CodeASH&OTIS - 25% Discount at Otis Eyewear Online Orders Eyewear Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here
I had a chat with the amazing Kate Ceberano from her home during lockdown.   Kate is warm, welcoming and humble.  She was insightful and philosophical.   I was really looking forward to this chat,  and I must say it really did surpass my expectations and I feel like I learned a lot.   In this episode we chat cover...Bob Dylan being a messenger.  Literature as a documentary.  Using music as a vessel to mark moments in time.  Being authentic with your art. The beauty of jamming. Getting on stage with the Finn brothers when you weren't actually invited.  AWKS!Shameful Enthusiasm.  Ash's Mum Being at the top of your game. Desiring to be somewhere you are not. Not being in the moment Enjoying the journeyThe conversation that takes place with music. The true measure of success.  Technology interrupting special moments. Regrethumilityobserving what mattersLinksKate Ceberano Webiste Ceberano on Spodify Kate Ceberano on Instagram Here Dylan Speech that Kate refers to Orwell - The book Kate refers to Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's album 'NOW' hereNOW by Ash GrunwaldThis was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here. And as always if you love this chat take a photo or screenshot and shareTags: #AshGrunwald #Teskeybrothers #soul #blues #roots #Australianmusic #meditation #mindfullness #optimisation #art #creativity #tradies #plumbingEpisode is LivePublished: May. 23, 2019 @ 2AM EditUnpublishAmplify this EpisodeAdd Chapter MarkersTranscribe this EpisodePromote this EpisodeCreate a Video SoundbiteShare on Facebook
Ash chats with Mark Lizotte aka Diesel in this second episode of the musicians in lockdown series.  Diesel has had a phenomenal career spanning 3 decades and he is showing no signs of slowing down even during this worldwide pandemic Covid19.  Over his career Diesel has had a slew of no1 hits and won multiple ARIA awards,  he is an incredible singer, monster guitar player and epic songwriter but Not many people know that Diesel is also an accomplished producer.   Although he tours relentlessly he is far from the clique seedy rock dog he is clean living,  hard working professional musician who maintains the beginners mind.  To check out what Diesel is up to go to's what we chatted about: The blessings that have come from lockdown.Expanding your skillset to enable self sufficiency.Dealing with change.The importance of curiosity in keeping you "current"The story behind the "Diesel" name. Showing up and delivering on stage.  His refusal to sully the sanctity of live performance with intoxication. Recording the album Short Cool Ones with the legendary Chris Wislon.Fame being the start of the hard yards. Achievements not being an end point.  Continuing to evolving post pop success. Otis Eyewear Discount CodeASH&OTIS - 25% Discount at Otis Eyewear Online Orders Eyewear Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here
Mindset for lockdown

Mindset for lockdown


In Ash's first monologue for Soulful Conversation he talks about mindset tips and tricks that are useful for lockdown and of course any time.   Placing too much emphasis on the many things that are out of our control can be dangerous.   Turn off the news it promotes fear which suppresses the immune system by triggering the flight or fight response and renders us powerless through drawing our attention to things that,  by definition we can't change.  Ash is suggesting we take an opposite approach and focus strongly on the things we can change which happen to be the very subject matter of Soulful Conversations!Mindset, wisdom and daily habits for improving the mind, the physical body and spiritual  connection.  This is a time to be ambitious and optimistic in areas that we can change and draw on taoist,  buddhist,  self help and personal growth writings to help us face the things we can't change.   The first episode of the Lockdown edition of Soulful Conversations.  Otis Eyewear Promo code ASHANDOTIS for a 25% discount otiseyewear.comFollow Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's album 'NOW' hereNOW by Ash GrunwaldThis was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here. 
The resurgence of cannabis as a miraculous healing medicine is a great cause for optimism in the battle against cancer and a system that many of us are losing faith in.Take your health into your own hands peeps!!! Don’t have blind faith in natural therapies OR conventional medicine.This is a time to be open minded. The cure might be closer than you think!This is a very special addition. I shared a video on my socials the other day about our experience with Medical Cannabis and my father in-law. I received an overwhelming response with so many questions so we set up this podcast to answer some of those. This was also a great excuse to finally get my lovely wife Danni on the show!Medical Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by physiciansHere's what we chatted about: How Danni’s Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Cell Lung cancer and given 3 months to live.How his first round of chemotherapy nearly killed him and why it was no longer an option.How the 90-day protocol Danni put her Dad on gave him a new lease on life. How the medical system works in relation to medical cannabis. How Danni and Ash got started with research alternative therapies. How Danni brought up the topic of medical cannabis with her father who was quite conservative.The cost of alternative treatments involving straight CBD Oil and THC.Information on how to find the correct dosage for you How CBD and THC work synergistically to fight cancer.The importance of transforming your diet.Daily practices - using a gratitude journal as a family. Exercise and Breathwork - chanting, acupuncture, neuro link, and an amazing local GP. How important HOPE is in surviving cancer. How we used a high dosage vitamin C and B drip.Joe Tippens and dog worm tablets.Making your own oil.LinksEarthbottles Blog - First-hand account of Dannie’s Dad 90 day protocol from the CureYoutube – Run From The Cure the story of Rick Simpson (the guy who pretty much found that cannabis could cure all sorts of things including cancer) Tippens Cures Terminal Cancer with Pet Medicine. Eyewear Promo code ASHANDOTIS for a 25% discount otiseyewear.comFollow Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's album 'NOW' hereNOW by Ash GrunwaldThis was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here. 
Thanks to Otis Eyewear for sponsoring this Episode of Soulful Conversations.In this Episode Ash talks to Scott Owen the hard rocking bass player from The Living End. They spoke about The Living End's recent tours in Australia and Europe, how music can fulfil the space left by religion, supporting life long heroes The Stray Cats, The Yuga Cycle Theory, living a sober lifestyle after years of drinking and partying hard, and the value of personal growth.Here's what we chatted about: Recent touring with The Living End in Australia and EuropeWalking the El Camino trail in FranceHell Fest Metal FestivalReligious Ceremony and how music can fullfil the space left by religionSupporting The Stray Cats in LondonTravelling Egypt and the pyramidsThe Yuga CyclePersonal growth and breaking down before you re-grow Surf by Day, Jam by Night - Scotty's chapter in the book Drinking, partying and touring and playing sharpeLiving a sober lifestyle and Benjamin-buttoningHappiness and Discipline Daily Meditation Some of our favourite quotes from this episode."Music has a heirachy of godly things, you can also take the language away from it and it still speaks to people all over the world" "Prayer and ceremony really do serve a purpose because they are an outlet for things and feelings we have inside of us" "I love channeling things that I've always believed""Growth is just a reinvention of cells, that keep dividing and spreading and setting up, so the next thing can come through""It was the first time I'd not had a drink in a long time, it was a great trial by fire. It was a good way to just face it all in one foul swoop and throw all of the challenges up and have to overcome them." " (Sobriety is..) so good for your playing, just being sharpe" "Meditation is a commitment to sit down and straighten things out...It gives my brain the ability to let things settle, stop wavering around, stop the boat from rocking." LinksScott Owen Instagram Living End Instagram Eyewear Discount CodeASH&OTIS - 25% Discount at Otis Eyewear Online Orders Eyewear Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here
Thanks to Otis Eyewear for sponsoring this Episode one of the proud sponsors of Soulful Conversations. In this Episode Ash talks to Tom Carroll the two time world professional surfing champion and hero of pipeline. They spoke about Tom's surfing career, his championships, 'The Snap', The Party Era and substance abuse and the meditation yoga workshops Tom is running in Ulluahtu in June. Tom is now focusing on positive mental health through meditation, the power of now, remaining kind with an ethical focus on life. Here's what we chatted about: Surf-aid International in Indonesia Apartheid, Ethics and boycotting surfing events Negative Impacts in life and surfing and how to overcome injury in surfing World Championship and disqualificationSurfing Pipeline and rebuilding boards for pipeline 'The Snap' The party town era, drugs and your egoAddiction, substance abuse and being able to ask for help and support in dark timesLife after competitive surfing Life threatening wipe-out on giant waves off the WA coastPreparing for a non-breath hold and working towards CO2 tolerant Yoga, the journey involved in Meditation and the power of the mindYour natural source: Mind, BodyChange in the world before it's too late, heavy plastic users Some of our favourite quotes from this episode."Now I release I can sit in a storm, back then i didn't release i couldn't sit in a storm. The time of my ankle injury it was the Universe putting me down on the ground for a bit. There is always a gift in the injury" "Nothing kind of prepares you for when you get hit when you come off on a big wave. When you lose all of the air when you hit the water""The addict inside us is not the drug, it's the entity and the humaness that gets skewed towards destruction. We will destroy relationships, our surroundings degredate our health and give everything over to the drug and abandoned everything that loves us and ignore it.""The mind starts with a thought..and it starts multiplying on itself" 'When we act on a thought make sure it's going to be something that's going to serve you and others""Just go for consciousness" "Change has to happen...We have a lot of power to create better business, we are on a large ocean tanker and need to take action, otherwise it will be a tap on the shoulder for forced change" "Be part of the solution" "Be kind to yourself, look at the areas you're not so kind to yourself and make small changes. When you're kind to yourself you start to put it out to others."  LinksTom Carroll Instagram Eyewear Discount CodeASH&OTIS - 25% Discount at Otis Eyewear Online Orders Eyewear Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here
In this Episode Ash talks to Lauren L Hill a world-class Longboarder and writer. Their conversation spans a vast variety of subjects from, Surf Technique, Parenting, Wild nutrition and the Medicinal Healing powers of the Ocean and Sun.  Here's what we chatted about: Laurens relationship with Professional Surfing and competition   Blogging and how Lauren began developing as a writer Following your passions and how the ocean and surf has transformed Laurens life  How growing up in Florida affected her surfing The subtleties and technique behind Longboarding Improving your longboarding and The science of cross-stepping. Byron Bays surf spots, and the Pass being a world-class longboard wave.Balancing parenting and surfing and weighing up the decision to have a child  How we can use to Ocean as a way to relax and decompress from busy livesLife hacks and the importance of knowing where your food comes from,Immersing yourself in nature and eating wild food Parenting Self Help and why we need to struggle  Yoga, Breath and the power of Sunshine Some of our favorite quotes from this episode. “The best practice for cross stepping when longboard skateboarding, slacklining is really great for balance and core strength, and slowly moving one foot in front of the other, those are the basics.”“There has to be discomfort if we're going to stretch ourselves if we're going to move past the inevitable blocks of depression anxiety feeling lost feeling disconnected and sorry to quote Oprah but she says if you want something you've never had you have to do something you've never done and you do and if we're going to keep ourselves healthy we have to get uncomfortable”“There's a reason why we live here, and the pass is one of them it's one of the best longboarding waves in the world”“We change physiologically when we enter ocean water, cool water in particular, it slows our heart rate down it changes all these responses in our body's and calms us and we can harness that as a way to decompress from busy lives”. “We have this huge ocean to dive into and access calm and to be underwater to hold our breath, to literally dive under the surface chop and find literal or metaphorical calm beneath all the chaos”  “I have lived my life around on and underwater on purpose because the beach is the most medicinal, enlightening place for me.” “just exploring that dance of moving forward and back it's really what longboarding is all about”. “We really value flexibility both dave and I get time in the water almost every day and that's a real priority for us for each person to have time, be out of mind be out of human space and just be in our body's for a little while”LinksLauren Lindnsey King (TheseaKin) Instagram Water People Podcast Follow Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here
Back from the road fresh off a successful album and book launch, Ash returns with a new episode of soulful conversations with good friend and Australian musician Bobby Alu. Bobby's new album Flow is being released on the 18th of October and you can find out his tour dates at . Here's what we chatted about: Touring the United States with Xavier Rudd finding adventures and friendship.   Bobby’s Athletic career and the relationship between sports and success in music and life!The relationship between success and focus  Being present and how to direct your attention in lifeHow to remain focussed in the digital age of distraction The importance and power of rest and sleep How Flow state inspires bobby's music How bobby's Samoan and Australian backgrounds have influenced his life and identity. Going Solo and leaving the perfect Gig/JobBobby Playing Blues Fest with Xavier Rudd after a 20min jam.   Training the mind through meditation to make important life decisions The power and importance of purposeful rest Learning hot to nap for performance from Cathy freeman A beginners guide to napping by Nap King Cole aka Bobby AluSome of our favorite quotes from this episode. “You're either in the grandstand or you're on the court, your either just watching what’s going down or you're determining what's going down, and that's a powerful place”. “I wrote a bunch of songs over a few years and I realized they’re all about the same thing, this flow state when things feel good when you see a bricklayer just killing it or and NBA athlete the zone, in complete control like nothing can touch them”.“I feel like your life is like a garden, you have all these plants and you're fostering them and watering them then your life gets to a point when you garden is so full you have to pull things out to let other things grow” “Last year I felt like it was more important to me to play my own music to a room of 100 people than to play drums for someone else to twenty thousand” “I think multi-race human has lots of questions, and for me when I was growing up I was kind of confused, basically I realized I'm neither Samoan or Australia and it took me a long time to realize I was both” LinksBobby Alu’s Website Ash Grunwald on Instagram here Grunwald Website/Show Dates Bottles - use promo code ASHLOVESME to Ash's latest album 'Mojo' here Check out Ash’s latest book Surf by day, Jam by night was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here. And as always if you love this chat take a photo or scree
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