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The Stryd Power Podcast brings you training discussion, interviews, and news about running with power!
30 Episodes
Hey there! Thanks for tuning into another episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! Please see this link for the full article:
Welcome to the Stryd Power Podcast! Please see for all the content mentioned in this episode!  
Hello everyone, thanks for listening!   Today we get to talk with Andy from Precision Hydration and learn some tips that will help your running year round, but especially in hot environments. 
Hello and welcome to the Stryd Power Podcast!   What if you didn’t have to guess about your running fitness heading into a race? What if you had a better way to measure fatigue day to day? What if you knew exactly how easy or hard to run each run?   Listen for answers to all of these questions!
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! Today we get to talk to Tom Witkin of Stryd on how he started running, how he uses Stryd, and his thoughts on how to differentiate "running" and "training". 
Hello and welcome to another episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! This episode features Kaylee at Stryd interviewing her sister, Lindsay.  You'll hear all about how Lindsay got into running all the way through her top 10 finish at the Boston Marathon!
Hello and welcome back to the Stryd Power Podcast! In this episode we answer a few listener questions!
Welcome to Episode 8 of the Stryd Power Podcast! Today we talk about using Hill Sprints to improve your Muscle Power Trend. 
Thank you for listening to another episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! On this episode, we get to hear from Coach Jim Vance on a variety of subjects including:   How to tell if you are actually improving Why you might consider run/walk as a strategy How to correctly set a ceiling for your next race    
Thank you for listening to the Stryd Power Podcast! This is Episode 6 and it is a great interview with coach Andy Dubois.    We talk about how to find a running coach who is right for you, how to start trail running, and how to specifically plan for trail races. 
Welcome to the 5th episode of the Stryd Power Podcast! This episode covers 12 reasons that a running power meter makes you a better runner.  The inspiration for this episode comes from Run with Power by Jim Vance.    "In the history of running technology, a stopwatch is probably equivalent to using a typewriter—pretty good at its job, but severely limited in scope. Running’s step up to heart rate monitors was a revelation, but in retrospect, it was like moving from the typewriter to what we would now regard as an old, heavy, slow desktop computer. Today’s GPS wrist units are like the first cellphones, much like a flip-phone. The portable power meter for running is the next step, equivalent to the laptop, tablet, and smartphone coming into existence all at once. And while you can still accomplish a lot with a desktop computer, you likely will be much more effective in many ways if you add the laptop, tablet, and smartphone to your arsenal. This is what the power meter brings to the world of training and racing for competitive running." Here are just some of the ways a power meter for running can positively affect your training and performance: Boost Your Training Specificity Improve Your Running Technique Your Power Numbers Don’t Lie Monitor Injuries Know Truly How Hard You’re Training Better Recovery Power Meters Offer Precision Tapering Warm-Up Without Wasting Energy Power-to-Weight Ratios Speed per Watt Pacing to Win Know When to Open the Throttle For all this information and more you can read Run with Power by Jim Vance
Welcome to the Stryd Power Podcast!   This is Episode 4 and we're covering Critical Power.    We'll talk about what critical power is, how to do a critical power test, and five mistakes people make regarding critical power.    If you're able to, please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on the platform of your choice!
Welcome to the Stryd Power Podcast!   This is episode number three of the show and it focuses on the basic Powermeter Metrics that Stryd records. You'll learn all about:  Form Power Elevation Cadence Ground Contact Time Vertical Oscillation Leg Spring Stiffness RSS   Each metric will have a real-world example and you'll gain knowledge on how to analyze your own personal data to learn more about your own running.    Links:   Understanding Powermeter Metrics by Steve Palladino   Stryd Guide   Plyometrics:
Patrick McCran is the founder of Endurance Nation. He is an avid athlete himself with an extensive resume focusing on endurance events.    Patrick has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to endurance training and how to incorporate power as a guideline for training. 
Welcome to the Stryd Power Podcast! This is the first episode, featuring the audio from a webinar we recorded with Steve Palladino in June 2018. Steve talks race planning and more during this ~50 minute podcast. 
Kevin Purvis is a Boulder, CO based strength coach with a focus on endurance athletes. He trains a handful of elite high profile runners and triathletes in Boulder and remotely. Recent results include Jake Riley’s 2nd place finish at the US Olympic Marathon Trials and 2021 Olympic Team Qualifier, Flora Duffy winning her 5th Xterra World Championship (record male or female) and winning her 70.3 debut at IM South Africa 70.3, Sam Long winning IM Chattanooga 140.6, IM Chattanooga 70.3, IM Victoria 70.3, Dede Greisbauer setting the Ultraman World Record at Ultraman Florida, Chris Leiferman winning IM Boulder 70.3 and top 10 at his Kona World Championships debut, and Matt Hanson winning IM Boulder 140.6, IM Traverse City and IM Campeche 70.3.
Physical Therapist & Founder of LightSpeed Lift Malcolm Macaulay joined us to discuss strategies for dealing with long term, nagging injuries and how to effectively train on the treadmill if you are forced to run indoors. Malcolm Macaulay is a physical therapist based out of Duluth, Minnesota with over 33 years of experience. He is the founder of the LightSpeed Lift, a bodyweight support system for rehab and recovery use on the treadmill. His patented system is used by many professional runners and physical therapy clinics across the country.
Kaylee & Lindsay Flanagan are sisters and endurance runners training out of Boulder, CO. They both ran for the University of Washington in college. Kaylee is a Stryd employee and has logged a series of great road racing results over the last few years, including a win at the 2019 Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. Lindsay is a professional runner sponsored by Asics. She recently ran the US Olympic Trials. She placed 9th at the Boston Marathon last year and 7th at the Chicago Marathon. They will be covering:  How their current run training is changing to accommodate a condensed racing season How these changes have raised their performance expectations for their upcoming races What are some new and improved training habits they are picking up as a result of their normal schedule being disrupted
Sakiko Minagawa is discussed how runners can establish a dietary advantage during this time period with smart food choices, meal timing, and how to structure your diet to match your training goals.
A discussion on diminishing returns: How weekly mileage influences endurance and how speed work influences top-end speed. Why you should incorporate speed work into endurance work. What is top-end speed in endurance races? How injury ties into all of this and why it is important to run easy.
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