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Welcome to "That Entrepreneur Life". Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We interview, record, and produce content to encourage other entrepreneurs. Each week we discuss different business topics aimed at adding value to any entrepreneur's journey. Support this podcast:
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Join Clint McPherson and guest Henry Daas as they talk about the wonders of coaching that other forms of education just can't seem to achieve. Henry explains what entrepreneurial arrogance is, why books and courses don't work for most entrepreneurs, the seven silos of every business, and the most important lesson he learned on partnership. If you remove teachers and leave students to learn from books, for Henry, that's just going to be chaos. That's why, for him, the glory of coaching is that nothing can ever replace the potency of one on one relationships. In this episode you will learn: Henry Daas – entering entrepreneurship through an accidental business Coaching > Books and courses What is CODFISH? The different hats you need to wear as an entrepreneur Be careful and smart about who you bring in as your partner And so much more! About Henry Daas: Henry Daas is a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, serial entrepreneur, author, coach, screenwriter, avid golfer, biker, and international traveler. He is also a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of Connecticut. You can find Henry Daas on… Website: You can find That Entrepreneur Life on… Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees and the award-winning podcast host and author, John Lee Dumas, as they talk about why understanding your audience’s problems should be first for every business. JLD shares why competition is needed, why you should decide on the hardships you’ll choose, his journey to becoming the host of an award-winning podcast, and so much more. For JLD, if you find it hard to get to know your market’s core, you should remember, being broke can be hard too. In this episode you will learn: What’s so great about entrepreneurship? Competition pushes businesses forward A business that listens – thrives! Lessons from the book The Five Biggest Regrets of the Dying John Lee Dumas – on finding financial freedom from podcasting And so much more! About John Lee Dumas: John Lee Dumas is the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast where he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs to help people along their entrepreneurial journey. He is also the author of The Common Path to Uncommon Success, your 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment! For those who are tired of spending 90% of their day doing things they don’t enjoy and only 10% doing something they love, JLD is the go-to. His goal with Entrepreneurs On Fire is to deliver the inspiration and strategies people need to FIRE UP their entrepreneurial journey and create the life they’ve always dreamed of. You can find John Lee Dumas on... Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: You can find That Entrepreneur Life on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Mike Wittenstein as he talks about the type of stories that your customers listen to. Mike explains the quality that helps distinguish brands from competitors, the importance of niching down to product-market fit, why it's crucial to master the value that your product or service carries, how leaders address resistance to change, and so much more. For Mike, the most challenging part of entrepreneurship is developing the ability to dig deep into everything. For him, before working with somebody, it's always essential to look hard and deep if they can help you and if you're willing to help them. In this episode you will learn: The balance between what you want and what others want How is your product's/service's value more important than anything else? The Common AI Tools for Copywriting How can you have fun and make money with customers? In entrepreneurship, you'll dig deeper into yourself more than you thought you'd ever need. And so much more! About Mike Wittenstein: Mike Wittenstein always focuses on others as a co-thinker. He sees the world through stories, which lets him help others connect on a profoundly human level. A lifetime of diverse global experiences taught Mike how to kindly ask tough questions, translate clients' words into stories, and express business strategies as customer and employee experiences. Clients often say that they like Mike's sleeves-rolled-up-on-day-one working style, how approachable he is to their teams, and how he engineers discovery moments into the experiences. In addition, Mike helps leaders leverage and develops a powerful leadership story so that their strategies can increase and sustain their competitive advantage. You can find Mike Wittenstein on... Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: You can find That Entrepreneur Life on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest, Mike Begg, as they discuss how to become an Amazon sales master using SEO and advertising. Mike is the co-founder, chief strategist, and chief marketing officer of AMZ Advisers. He gives out advice on how to boost sales in Amazon. In this episode, you will learn about: Retail arbitrage explained Things that help scale and get organic traffic in listings which are often overlooked Why SEO and paid advertising matters The future of e-commerce in the next ten years An alternative manufacturing opportunity to offshoring And so much more! About Mike Begg: Mike Begg is a co-founder of AMZ Advisers, which helps manufacturers and brands maximize their sales on Amazon by creating content, developing marketing strategies, and managing to advertise. AMZ Advisers works with small and large companies — single employee to Fortune 50. Mike is the chief strategist and chief marketing officer of AMZ Advisers and has over ten years of experience in retail & e-commerce. You can find Mike Begg on... Website: LinkedIn: Connect with Andrew and Clint on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:  --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of That Entrepreneur Life, Clint McPherson and Andrew Lees talk about expectation management as an entrepreneur. You need to adjust your expectations as an entrepreneur and adjust the expectations of your clients. The clients need to know exactly what to expect from you. Is it a product, a service, how often will you be delivering to the client? Communication is vital from the beginning – be clear and concise. At the start, you need more clients; however, you don’t want it to bite you in the butt down the road. Clint always goes above and beyond with his clients. He says sometimes doing this can backfire. For instance, Clint helped create a website with his client. Then, he noticed a problem with something and fixed it. Later, the client expected Clint to continue to fix his site free of charge.When you are in a service-based business, it is essential to have an agreement set up. The more the client can communicate with you, the more successful the project will be. Andrew charges fifty percent upfront and then fifty percent when the project is complete. During one project, the client was waiting for Andrew to post a video. The client never sent the video to Andrew; it took almost seven months for Andrew to get the rest of his payment. Now, Andrew makes sure to ask for his payment after a certain period of time. He didn’t set clear expectations, so the clients took advantage of it. Make sure to have a nonverbal agreement for your projects. Revisit and make changes to the contract whenever necessary. As an entrepreneur, we are always trying to add additional value to our client’s projects. However, when a client starts expecting other items or services for free, you will be creating the wrong pattern. Clint says to watch out for red flags when communicating with clients. When starting with your business, you will take on some clients that may not be ideal - you need to get started somewhere. Eventually, you will begin to identify red flags and not take specific projects. Some projects will be effortless, whereas other projects will be like pulling teeth. You want the ideal customer – it should feel effortless! How do you find more of these clients? Andrew has turned down customers because he was not comfortable with the expectations of the customer. Stay tuned as Clint and Andrew discuss setting expectations for a product-based business.Connect with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
In this episode of That Entrepreneur Life, Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson define entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business, taking on a higher than average financial risk to do so. It can also be someone who takes something of lesser value and creates something of higher value. If you needed to sum up the definition of an entrepreneur in two words, it would be a risk-taker. Jeff Bezos started from nothing in his garage; he could have floundered for a decade, whether it was a great business idea or not. Characteristics of a great entrepreneur: Motivator: you have to learn to motivate yourself and motivate others.  Leader: you might be leading yourself or leading your team.  Initiator: nobody will knock on your door and ask to give you money. An entrepreneur needs to go out and make things happen.  Organized: organizing your mind and everything business-related.  Creator: coming up with additional content, like podcasts and blog articles.  Sometimes it is necessary to adjust your expectations as an entrepreneur. The goal each day is to continue to push forward. Some days it will feel like nothing is moving. However, a few days later, it could all make sense. It helps when you have a plan as an entrepreneur. What are you trying to accomplish? Make a list of one to three things each day. Do not even think about anything else until you have accomplished those. It’s easy to stay busy as an entrepreneur – there’s never a time when there’s nothing to do. However, you need to know when to shut it off; make sure to look out for yourself and your family. The longer you’ve been an entrepreneur, the easier it gets to work all day and night. As an entrepreneur, consistency is vital. Know what you need to do to get to where you want to get. You may not know precisely how you are going to accomplish your goals. That’s why it’s essential to do research, find mentors, and ask questions. Eventually, you’ll see how you get results, and then you can eliminate the things that are not working. When it comes to marketing, there are so many different ways to gain traffic and customers. Keeping up with social media, emails, and affiliates can be time-consuming. You do not need to try and do everything all at once. It’s essential to focus on the things that are going to get you the best results! Connect with That Entrepreneur Life on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the first episode of That Entrepreneur Life with Clint McPherson and Andrew Lees.  Clint describes his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. He was already not normal, to begin with, he excelled at college baseball and became an officer in the military. During his time in the military, Clint saw a lot of toxic leadership – he vowed to never become one of those leaders. Eventually, he got injured and went through several surgeries. After a full-recovery, Clint chose digital marketing because of his education and background in marketing.  Andrew, on the other hand, always had the entrepreneurial spirit from when he was a kid. In the back of his mind, he always knew that he wanted to start a business. In his childhood, Andrew would invent products and write books. After getting a mechanical engineering degree, Andrew started working for a company that made power plants. He realized that he didn't like working for someone else and needed to step out of his comfort zone to become successful. Andrew started Grassracks, easy-to-hang board racks, and furniture, made from one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo. Later, Andrew began his consulting company, Stoke Ventures, helping other entrepreneurs start to develop their products and help get them to market. There is no streamlined way to become an entrepreneur. The market is continually changing. Clint can frequently shift how he runs his digital marketing business – he can serve his clients in so many different facets. Plus, if he gets bored with his business, he can start doing something else like podcasting. Entrepreneurs need to be able to adapt quickly and easily to change. Why do so many companies fail in their first year? Clint says it is because they do not have a full-blown strategy in place. Think everything through before you act. Yes, you need a budget, but you also need to think every little thing through first. As long as you are working as hard as you can to go above and beyond your customer's expectations, it's going to be hard to fail. Andrew says to stick with something standard as much as you can, learn what your customers want – however, remember you can't please everyone.  Enjoy the show! Resources: Heroes Media Group: 5 Paragraph: Grassracks: Stoke Ventures: Connect with That Entrepreneur Life on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: --- Support this podcast:
Join Clint McPherson with his guest, Liz Wolfe, as they discuss how to get unstuck in business. Liz is a former sheep farmer turned computer consultant who now owns a thriving coaching business for entrepreneurs. She shares tips on how to take a business to the next level while working less. In this episode you will learn:About something in entrepreneurship that gets Liz fired up every timeThe value of setting goals and getting into actionWhy people are stuck in business and the tactic to get out of itIn-depth analysis of the “fake it until you make it” approachNo need to justify pricing – it’s all about valueAnd so much more!About Liz Wolfe:Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic business coach, author, and speaker. For more than 20 years, she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.”Liz got her entrepreneurial start growing up on a sheep farm in Western Pennsylvania with her mother and two sisters.  They built a cottage industry making and selling woolen items, which helped Liz develop her public speaking and selling skills. Later she moved to NYC to get as far away from the farming life as possible. Her inner entrepreneurial spirit traveled with her, and she created a successful computer consulting business with her husband, Jon.Eventually, she transitioned out of the technology business to apply her experience in a more interpersonal context, helping others develop an abundance mindset. She now coaches entrepreneurs to get unstuck so they can launch and grow an abundant business.You can find Liz Wolfe on...Website: with Andrew and Clint on...Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Support the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and Robert White as they talk about what you need to do for yourself to elevate your life and business. In this episode, Robert explains what relationships mean to leadership, the lessons made from wins and losses, what he thinks about the balance between life and work, and the lesson he learned from a seminar that changed his life forever. For Robert, if you want to secure the successful future meant for you, you must first learn to complete your past and embrace your truth at present. In this episode you will learn:Robert White – on creating the world's 2nd largest personal growth training company.You are in your own way!Wins and Losses: Robert's Greatest LessonsHow do executives handle betrayal and estrangement?You can be a prisoner of your own story.And so much more!About Robert White:Robert White's extensive experience as an entrepreneurial CEO in the personal and professional development industry has created a deep understanding of the personal and professional challenges faced by executives and owners for the imperative of a "results really matter" orientation.He founded and led training industry success stories LifeSpring and ARC International with over one million graduates of their high-impact experiential seminars.  Robert worked from Tokyo and Hong Kong for a total of 12 years and led ARC companies in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangdong (mainland China), The Philippines, Singapore,  Australia, and the United States.In 1985 he moved to Denver, Colorado, and launched ARC USA, which did successful culture change work with clients including AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank (JPMorganChase), Textron, Progressive Insurance, Donna Karan New York, Hong Kong Bank, United Telephone, Waukesha Bearings, Twentieth Century Fox and Career Track. You can find Robert White on...Website: Living an Extraordinary Life, Book by Robert White: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Clint McPherson and Happiness Coach Becky Morrison to talk about how self-awareness is tied to success and happiness. In this episode, Coach Becky explains how her background as an attorney helps her synthesize information as a coach, how she integrates the coaching process in sales, how people lose their way in figuring out what they're good at, and the better thing to do than escaping unhappiness. As a happiness coach, Becky credits avoiding a split focus helps pinpoint your top priority in life and makes you own it unapologetically.In this episode you will learn:How are you wired?Happiness has layers!Sales in the eyes of a happiness coach.Why should you reclaim your 'me' time?How do you get out of unhappiness?And so much more!About Becky Morrison:Becky's mission is to spread joy. She believes that happiness is an internal job and that most people can live happier, easier lives if they get clear on what matters most to them and then develop a plan to do more of that and less of the rest. If she can help enable people to find clarity and happiness, then everyone wins. People and processes are at the heart of the work that Becky has done for the last 20+ years in corporations, law firms - as both a lawyer and administrator - and small businesses. Now she's using that experience coupled with her own journey to help people supercharge their success and happiness.You can find Becky Morrison on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees and guest Nickolas Natali as they talk about what resourcefulness does for every entrepreneur. Nickolas explains the essence of relationships to entrepreneurship, what personal finance is about for entrepreneurs, the importance of knowing your market, and why checking your perspective as an entrepreneur should never be overlooked. Nickolas believes that if you focus on one target audience, one solution, and one marketing strategy with consistency, failing will be very unlikely. In this episode you will learn:Entrepreneurs have had it within them since their youth.Personal finance first, business finance next.About the YouTube video, Turning $0 to $1000.Entrepreneurs handle their distractions!Feedback tells you what you’re doing right and wrong.And so much more!About Nickolas Natali:Nickolas Natali is a comedic content creator, small software business owner, and people lover from Southern California. Nick began making short films in 7th grade when he got his hands on his first phone, The Envy 2.  He began writing and filming short comedy skits with his friends and eventually created a Youtube Channel in 2010. As he matured, so did his content. From comedy skits to social experiments to vlogs to comedic commentary – Nick tailors his content creation to how he believes he can best influence, entertain, and inspire his audience. Nick attributes the majority of his success and character development to his friends and family that encouraged and believed in him even when he didn’t.You can find Nickolas Natali on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and Christian de la Huerta as they discuss the heroic qualities in mindfulness and in really knowing oneself. Christian reflects on a famous line by Victor Frankl that says, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” As he explains the must-have traits for entrepreneurs, redefines heroism, and shares how he tripled his income during COVID, Christian also opens up about his book, Awakening The Soul of Power.In this episode you will learn:Why does having persistence and a sense of mission matter?Meditation is like running the miles before the marathon.Our brains are just like computers…What can we learn from Viktor Frankl? Step into power in ways congruent to who you are.And so much more!About Christian de la Huerta:De la Huerta was born in Havana, Cuba and is the son of prominent Cuban psychiatrist René de la Huerta. His family left Cuba when he was ten, and he spent the rest of his childhood and early adulthood in Milledgeville, Georgia, and Miami, Florida. He is an alumnus of Belen Jesuit Preparatory and then graduated with honors in psychology from Tulane University. After residing in San Francisco for twenty years, de la Huerta is currently residing again in South Florida within the Coconut Grove area.You can find Christian de la Huerta on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and Dr. Morissa Schwartz as they talk about what it takes to publish a book the right way. When Dr. Morissa first self-published at 17, aside from releasing the book on the hottest platform, she didn't know what else she needed to do. But today, as the Founder of GenZ Publishing and Dr. Rissy Writing & Marketing, Dr. Morissa speaks about their process of publishing books with authors, how GenZ Publishing caters to all of their client's experiences, how effective copywriting works, and the critical points that every self-publisher should focus on when publishing their very 1st book.In this episode you will learn:Early exposure to entrepreneurship plants seeds of curiosity.How is GenZ Publishing different from other publishing companies?Where does an effective copywriter start?Morissa's process of getting to know who to publishWhat should a self-publisher focus on when releasing a book?and so much more!About Dr. Morissa Schwartz:Morissa Schwartz, MS, D. Litt is a bestselling author who has helped thousands of businesses grow through her powerful writing; Morissa holds a Master's in communication and a Doctorate in Literature from Drew University. Her team has grown with her over the years. They are all passionate wordsmiths, focused on helping businesses share their key messages with the world.You can find Dr. Morissa Schwartz on...Website:                       mo@drrissy.comYou can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Clint McPherson and Lorraine Ball, the Architect behind Digital Toolbox, as she speaks about how businesses stay current in the digital landscape, what managers are and what they are not, SEO, and the questions that get you closer to your market online. Lorraine also explains Digital Toolbox and the role digital marketing plays in answering the right questions that help define who you are as a brand. She believes that for a brand to truly create a solid connection to its market, entrepreneurs need to learn how to stop crashing to parties they don't belong in.In this episode you will learn:What's the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur?As a manager, what is your primary purpose?Pretty much every business's customer is online.What do you need to find out about your online market?When you think you have an answer, find out the question it corresponds to on Google. …and so much more.About Lorraine Ball:Lorraine is the architect behind Digital Toolbox. With 40 years of marketing experience, (wow that makes her sound old), she has developed hundreds of training programs and tools which have helped business owners achieve digital marketing success. The best of those tools are collected here, in the Digital Toolbox.Lorraine also hosts More than a Few Words, a marketing conversation for business owners featuring interviews with marketing professionals from around the globe.You can find Lorraine Ball on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees and Smokejumper-Turned Software Developer Geordie Wardman as they talk about how he transitioned to entrepreneurship and programming from working as a firefighter for years. Geordie shares the entrepreneurial steps he took to achieve sustainability in his career, the importance of starting lean in a business, how transformative coaching can prove to be, and what he gives attention to as an entrepreneur to ensure the outcomes that really matter.In this episode you will learn: What can I do that will allow me to work from anywhere?About MVPs or Minimum Viable ProductsWhat is machine learning most useful for?A good coach transforms you, but how?“Finish the task at hand, or nothing gets done.” …and so much more.About Geordie Wardman:Geordie works with a small but highly competent team of senior full-stack developers with dozens of years of experience in building, designing, prototyping, developing, testing, and launching native applications, software as a service app, enterprise-level websites. He believes that if you are an Internet startup, a Software as a Service company that’s growing quickly, or are a 7/8 figure professional services company in need of internal applications, you likely live and die by the quality of your development team. And why not? You already have enough on your plate trying to scale for predictable or even explosive growth in your business.You can find Geordie Wardman on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and  Winnow Pro’s Founder and CEO, David Saedi as they talk about how Winnow Pro’s market approach helps its clients focus on market behavior data, data interpretation, and the tools that boost marketing campaigns toward goals. Here, David also shares his experience on why you don’t need the perfect product and how AI can power up your brand’s market knowledge.In this episode you will learn: What thought process does every entrepreneur need to continue?The most common product development misconceptionHow does Winnow Pro work with market sectors and agencies?An entrepreneur isn’t tied to one given industry.You don’t need to have a totally perfect product; why? …and so much more.About David Saedi:David Saedi is a business strategist with a highly successful global track record across several industries, including Technology, Education, Hospitality & Media. He is a founding member & CEO of Ducasse Education (France) & Certiport, a global certification company acquired by Pearson Education.You can find David Saedi on…Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Blue Iron IP Founder Russ Krajec as he shares how Blue Iron IP began from his hate of the conflict of interest between patent attorneys and inventors. He also speaks about the situations where it's not wise to get a patent, the options available for patent protection, how he got into the practice of being a patent attorney, and the business model of Blue Iron IP. Even for patent holders, a patent is only as good as the resources in store that can be utilized to defend it.In this episode you will learn:As an entrepreneur, what do you need to come to terms with?If you price yourself low, you get treated lowly.Russ Krajec – on how Blue Iron IP's concept came into realizationHow do you fight for your patent?Only do what makes sense for your business or your target. …and so much more.About Russ Krajec:Russ Krajec is an author, inventor, angel investor, podcast host, and patent attorney. After a 13 year career as an engineer, Russ switched to patent law to "reverse engineer" the patent system to create good patents. 20 years later, he has seen the deep, dark underbelly of the patent system.Russ's books "Investing In Patents" and the soon-to-be-released "Startup IP Strategy" describes the systematic process for due diligence on inventions, as well as a comprehensive framework for a startup's IP strategy. The podcast "Patent Myths" tackles many complex IP issues, simplifying them into meaningful strategies for today's entrepreneurs.This is a message of hope and encouragement. Armed with a few simple tools, entrepreneurs can build their businesses with the comfort that they have a good strategy in hand.Russ has bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as a JD from Denver University. Russ has been on Intellectual Asset Magazine's Top 300 Patent Strategists for several years running and is a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst.You can find Russ Krajec on...Business Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees and guest Joseph Fung (Serial Entrepreneur) as they talk about the secret to scaling up any startup or business fast. This secret is so commonly thrown here and there in every discussion on business and entrepreneurship, but in real life, it is often overlooked and misused. Throughout this discussion, Joseph also talks to us about honesty, how he empowers his team’s diversity pool, and why your sales skill is mandatory.In this episode you will learn:Why is exposure to business, finance, and entrepreneurship necessary?Joseph Fung – on launching a sketchy site and attracting hundreds of sign-upsAre company values overstated?That one thing you just can’t outsource in a businessAbout culture fit and culture add …and so much more.About Joseph Fung:Joseph Fung has 2 current jobs as Co-Founder & CEO at Uvaro and Co-Founder and CEO at Kiite. Additionally, Joseph Fung has had 6 past jobs, including VP HCM Products at NetSuite.You can find Joseph Fung on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Andrew Lees and guest Daniel Stanszus as they talk about the four pillars that make up Daniel’s 4x4 Offer Creation Formula – the formula that fortifies high converting offers for every product and business. In this episode, Daniel shares his two cents on long-form lead pages, how Domino’s Pizza eliminates the risks that hold their customers back, the strategies that push your customer’s to take action, and so much more.In this episode you will learn:How important is positioning and packaging to your product?Maximize the value of your elements!Why do you need to build a bold risk reversal?The ways that give your customers the reason to buy now“People are buying from you, so create the best version of yourself!” …and so much more.About Daniel Stanszus:Daniel’s biggest passion is to help people; help people succeed, grow, master their challenges, and thrive with their business and goals. His focus has been to consult his clients and help them get the best results in all his career phases.It started in Daniel’s training in the bank and after that as a financial and insurance adviser. Then followed a lot of great opportunities as an IT Software consultant and managing a lot of great teams, helping them also rise to their full potential. Daniel believes everyone has a God-given talent and purpose.His vision is to help make this earth a better place, helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the full potential of online marketing and irresistible offers creating great value that impacts the world.You can find Daniel Stanszus on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
Join Clint McPherson and special guest Kenny Harper as they talk about growth in vulnerability, the five profit drivers, and the different strategies that maximize the profit driver's effects. For Kenny, if you first focus and invest in the areas that maximize your business the most, traction picks up, and everything else will flow in more easily. This approach can only start by knowing your key drivers. In business, if you don't know what you don't know, you'll never figure out the gaps you need to fill.In this episode you will learn:Kenny Harper – on discovering marketing through musicThe five (5) profit drivers for any businessIf you don't know what you don't know, you can't meet what's needed, and you can't track what's missingIn business, there are points you can't pass without being vulnerable to helpThe strategies that put your profit drivers to work …and so much moreAbout Kenny Harper:Kenny loves working with his fellow Business Advisors to implement systems that consistently deliver a steady stream of quality leads, appointments, and clients that pay, stay and refer while also increasing revenue and profits.He does this by using a proven framework & effective profit growth strategies that he's cultivated over the years focused on optimizing time, increasing sales, and growing profits. Kenny's specialties are profit growth strategies, digital marketing consultant, LinkedIn lead generation strategy, sales systems, marketing messaging, marketing automation, systems & processes, content marketing & strategy.His mission is to inspire and empower business advisors to have more freedom and fulfillment by leveraging their expertise efficiently and effectively and achieve their full potential.You can find Kenny Harper on...Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show ( --- Support this podcast:
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