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Do you often find yourself thinking that people are fundamentally interesting? Every week, Dan Nestle, 20-year marketing pro, world traveler, and self-described dot connector, digs into decades of pent-up curiosity and his network of thousands to bring you observations and cool conversations about interesting stuff. Promising no politics, occasionally questionable language, and a lot of knowledge.
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In this episode, Dan has the great honor of exploring the life and career of PR legend and founder and CEO of Silicon Valley consultancy Redphlag, Gerry Corbett. A past Chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Gerry's career led him to the pinnacle of the PR world - but it wasn't always a straight trajectory. He started out about as far from communications as one might think - as an engineer - and learned that his talent for writing and reading people was far more interesting. He and Dan talk about how those talents propelled him from NASA to Hitachi to his own consultancy and more.
In this episode, Dan sits down with serial entrepreneur, raconteur, and relentless connector, Joe Mindak. As Connector in Chief for exclusive business networking group The Connective, Joe lives his passion daily: making and facilitating connections that lead to business deals, mutual learning, and friendships (not to mention podcast appearances). He and Dan dig into his willingness to "go do shit" - to take risks, learn from failures, and relentlessly pursue your goals.
In this episode, Dan reconnects with his very first guest, organizational development, coaching, and training leader Michael Glazer to see how the shiteration process is going. A lot has changed since Michael's first appearance in episode 2: he's now a podcaster, host of Humans At Work, and he and Dan start by talking about their podcasting experiences. The conversation evolves from there into a deep discussion of human interaction in a virtual world, what it means to be a leader today, how people can own their jobs, and much more. It's a dynamic, engaging conversation that proves how, given time and intent, shiteration is a winning strategy.
In this episode, Dan connects with entrepreneur, career coach, and author of Find Work Worth Doing: The Handbook for Creating a Meaningful Career, Jason Mutzfeld. A self-described raconteur and co-founder of Circle City Coaching, Jason's journey starts with theater, meanders through technology and education, and ultimately leads to career coaching and writing - but his love for the theatrical continues to be core to who he is and how he helps his clients. He and Dan dig into the difference between a career and a job, the gift of creativity, the power of curiosity and inquisitiveness, and much much more - wrapping up with a definitive statement of the supremacy of Gen X. Filled with humor and practical advice, this is a conversation you won't want to miss.
In this episode, Dan connects with leadership coach, speaker, conflict resolution expert and equestrian expert Pamela Cournoyer to talk about what it takes to become a better version of yourself. Starting with what we can learn from horses, Pamela and Dan dig into the BS - belief systems - that get in our way, how to read people, how we can be more aware of how we show up, and how surviving both a career in law enforcement and cancer gave Pamela unique insight into the human condition. Now as a coach and owner of Powerful & True Leadership Mastery, Pamela uses these insights to help her clients become better leaders and communicators.
In this episode, Dan connects with author, speaker, investor, TEDx organizer, coach, and entrepreneur Dolores Hirschmann to talk about the key ingredient to achieving success: clarity. As the Chief Clarity Officer of Masters in Clarity, Dolores works with people and businesses to help them clarify their message and realize their goals. She and Dan talk about how to find clarity and introduce listeners to the IDEA Method: 9 layers of clarity (featured in her book, Clarity First) that you need to grow in a sustainable, profitable way.
In this episode, Dan digs into the art and science of networking with entrepreneur, author, and master network builder, Jay Allen. As the CEO of The Influence Board, founder of, and founder of both the HR100 and the CFO100, Jay has literally made networking his business - and business is thriving. He and Dan discuss the do's and don'ts of networking, they talk about Jay's book, The Law of Two Favors, and they explore the innovative business model for The Influence Board, which proves that building a successful network has nothing to do with numbers and everything to do with service and value.
In this episode, Dan connects with digital marketing influencer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and podcaster Michael Fleischner to talk about the state of marketing today and what it takes to become a successful marketing freelancer. They dig into Michael's journey, how his book, SEO Made Simple, changed the trajectory of his career, and how freelancing became his path to success and ultimately to founding his own firm, Big Fin SEO. It's a conversation filled with incredible, practical wisdom from one of the leading voices in marketing today.
In this episode, Dan turns to some of his favorite topics with educator, communicator, coach, entrepreneur, and podcaster, Michael Piperno. Dan and Michael dig into what it takes to communicate better, and - spoiler alert - it has a lot to do with purpose. The conversation covers reinvention, vulnerability, remote work, nonverbal communication, and more as we learn about Michael's amazing journey from would-be actor to CEO of The Comvia Group and host of the Convey podcast.
In this episode, Dan explores what it means to be a successful connector and content creator on LinkedIn and beyond with recruiter, marketer, creator, and super-connector Joel Lalgee. A LinkedIn influencer in his own right, Joel now helps recruitment agency owners to become influencers in their respective fields, primarily by understanding the ins and outs of LinkedIn. He and Dan talk about how getting ahead on LinkedIn isn't a numbers game - it's an authenticity exercise, and the most important thing is to get out of your own way. From there they talk about Impostor Syndrome (and Joel's total lack of it), network quality, Clubhouse, and more - and we learn why Joel has earned the title of LinkedIn Legend in such a short time.
In this episode, Dan connects with ICF certified coach, DISC assessment trainer, body language trainer, accent modification instructor, voice therapist, and LinkedIn super-connector. Elaine Jacques. She and Dan discuss how, during her long career as a speech pathologist, often working with terminal patients, she developed her superpower of communicating during life and death situations. They talk about how she honed that power as a coach, helping her clients cope with stress and, in the process, become even more amazing versions of themselves. Elaine also gives Dan some body language pointers and some LinkedIn profile photo tips that he has yet to act upon. 
This week Dan celebrates surviving his first year as a podcaster with best-selling author, PR Hall of Famer, entrepreneur, ballroom dancer, public speaker, and purveyor of joy, the amazing Patrice Tanaka. As the Chief Joy Officer of Joyful Planet LLC, Patrice is living her life's purpose: to choose every single day; to be mindful of that joy, and to share that joy with others. She and Dan discuss her purpose in some detail and try to get to the bottom of joy itself. By the end of the episode, Patrice offers to help listeners to find their purpose, and Dan promises to take her up on the offer. It's a deep, meaningful, and yes, joyful conversation that you won't want to miss,
In this week's episode, Dan connects with speaker, trainer, consultant, author, and super-connector Ginger Johnson to discuss - what else - how to make meaningful connections. Ginger has turned the art of connecting into a science, and in her book, Connectivity Canon, she lays out her 7-step methodology for making connections that can change the world. She and Dan dig into connections, finding your "why," mindset, abundance, and Dan learns all about FUFT in this entertaining and informative conversation.
In this episode, Dan gets into reinvention and renewal with inspirational career coach Cynthia K. Wade, founder and managing director of, a not-for-profit corporation that provides practical, professional services to anyone seeking meaningful employment. They discuss how Cynthia faced professional and personal challenges that led to her own do-over, and then explore reinvention in a broad conversation about finding meaning and accepting who you are. It's a revelatory, humorous, and touching discussion that you won't want to miss.
It's Episode 50! And this week, you're in for a real treat as Dan digs into what makes visionaries tick with speaker, author, vodcaster, leadership strategist, and performance coach Traci Philips. Traci's approach to working with leaders focuses on tapping into their inner voice and the language they use to help them define their vision and reach self-actualization. Her fascinating journey takes us from educator to prison volunteer, and ultimately to her coaching practice, The Innate Coach. Traci is also a supreme connector of people - a quality that comes through in her contagious enthusiasm throughout our conversation.
In this episode, Dan connects with entrepreneur, business coach, trainer, speaker, and author of Secrets of a Six-Figure Freelancer, Kate Bagoy. A self-described nerd with an MBA, Kate has gone from corporate burnout several times over to a transformative, inspirational figure whose mission is to "help you design a life you love more than a fat kid loves cake." She and Dan talk about how she overcome her personal demons, pivoted several times in her life and career, and ultimately became the confident, self-actualized coach and adviser she is today. It's all about learning how to live life by design and not default - something Kate has done and now helps others figure out for themselves.
In this episode, Dan gets into purpose, creativity, courage, and with marketing and PR trailblazer, cultural diversity and brand integrator, occasional CMO, and constant spiritual being, Adrienne A. Wallace. As a humanist, communications strategist, and thought leader in her own right, Adrienne has brought "culturally diverse excellence" to the likes of Facebook, Diageo, Time Warner, and more. She and Dan explore her experiences, and we learn why Adrienne embodies empowerment, service, and inspiration. Espavo.
This week, Dan digs into leadership, influence, service, and more with a truly dynamic duo (and the first couple to appear on the show), Lou Everett and Sherri McManus. Lou and Sherri, who together own The Lou Everett Group, share their transformative journey with Sherri's near-death experience, and how that led them to discover what matters in life and in business: helping others to transform their lives.
In this episode, Dan goes ten frames with former pro bowler and current podcaster, author, and career coach, John Neral. As the author of Show Up: Six Strategies to Lead a More Energetic and Impactful Career, and host of The Mid-Career GPS Podcast, John helps mid-career professionals to get unstuck and find work they love or love the work they do. He and Dan get into the idea of getting unstuck, how to navigate those "mid-career moments" we've all had, the importance of values, and the art of storytelling - all in the service of learning and growing your career. And yes, we learn a bit about bowling.
On this week's episode, Dan sits down with PR industry insider, communications technology influencer, and social media leader, Todd Grossman. As the CEO - Americas at Talkwalker, Todd is at the forefront of social listening and analytics, and he and Dan dig in and get a bit geeky on just how far measurement has come in recent years. But more than that, they talk about the evolution of the PR industry as a whole, where it's going, and of course, what the CEO of one of the top SAAS companies does in his spare time to save the world.
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