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The Future Is Female Powerlifting

Author: Heidi Dehnel | Core Strength & Performance

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Join powerlifting gym owner Heidi Dehnel and her influential guests for an intimate, off-the-cuff conversation about training, family, business, and owning who you are. The Future Is Female Powerlifting shares heartfelt and hilarious stories of successful women across the world. Asked how they made it, the challenges and opportunities they faced along the way, the lessons they’ve learned, the insights they’ve gained, and what advice would they would give a woman looking to powerlift. New episode every week.
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Developing the skill to perform consistenly well in a meet is not something that comes easy. Just like each kilo earned, performing under pressure is a skill that is developed over time with reps and sets. Today, NCAA Mental Skills Coach and owner of Power Mental Performance Coaching Roger Kitchen Jr. discuss the ways he […]
At some point in your powerlifting training, you are more than likely going to deal with back pain. Some of the older ways of treating your back pain not only might make it longer for you to heal but also might be making it worse. Today I sit with Physical Therapist Dr. Kaytlyn Wells to […]
Thinking about powerlifting but not sure what the first step is? In this episode, we cover the top things to consider before trying powerlifting. Listen as we go over: Featured Guest/People/Info Mentioned: LISTEN HERE on all major podcasts! If you enjoy the show, please take a few minutes to Rate & Review us on iTunes. […]
Do you stretch because you “feel tight”? Do you find yourself always stretching to feel better? Today I sit with Dr. Kaytlyn Wells to discuss what is really happening, whether should you be stretching at all, and what you can do if you are looking to improve your performance. Listen as we go over: Featured […]
Let’s talk about Bandaids vs Solutions. Today Dr. Kaytlyn Wells of Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy and I discuss why there might be things you are doing that are holding back from hitting your next PR. Listen as we go over: Understanding Mobility vs flexibility: think about the demands you impose on your body (as well […]
From her first construction paper-bound book at age 8, Janna Moretti knew she loved writing. Like many of us, our lives take twists and turns that lead our career and life paths in different directions, as did Janna. Luckily, at almost the age of 30, she found herself back studying and pursuing her first love, […]
Many of us have doubted ourselves before stepping on the platform, and it’s always nice to hear some of the strongest lifters in the world also do the same. Today, Liz Ribaudo candidly opens up about her struggles not only with feelings of self-doubt but the stress that results in a lifting session that just […]
You’ve been hitting the gym coming back from injury, but still find that you are not recovering as fast as you’d like. What are you missing? Today Dr. Kaytlyn Wells from Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy and I discuss her tips for maximizing your recovery so that you can get back to lifting heavy fast with […]
Over the years I have gone back and forth squatting with flats or lifters. My grounds for sticking with flats I believe were for the wrong reasons. Reasons I will outline in this episode as I make a case towards considering lifters, even if you have the mobility to squat with flats. Listen as we […]
Looking back at Barbara’s first meet, you’d think she probably would have quit right then. Most people would. Instead, she found the tenacity in sticking with it, which ultimately led her to be the #7 World Ranked Womens 165lbs. Her development both physically and mentally has been astounding. Today Barabara and I relive her journey […]
I never thought that one exercise would change my shoulder pain as much as this exercise has, but it has and I have to tell everyone about it. Today we talk about the benefits of one of the simplest exercises you can incorporate into your training for your shoulder pain & injury prevention. Listen as... Read More
“You can still lift, you should still lift and it’s possible to keep improving your lifts while you’re injured.” Dr. Kaytlyn Wells from Beyond Recovery Physical Therapy breaks down the ways she helps her clients every day recover from injuries while still progressing in their training and lifts. Listen as we go over: Her background... Read More
As one of the most anticipated meets of the year begins to take stage, I sit down with “The American Pro” founders Micah Marino & Episode 19 guest Ana Perez, for a behind-the-scenes breakdown of what this amazing meet has in store for us. And believe me, it is not going to disappoint. “Fight or... Read More
After retiring from International wheelchair basketball in 2016, Louise Sugden was looking for something else she could compete in. Finding she was suited for powerlifting, Louise was hooked. After only being in the sport for 9 months, Louise went to the Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 where she medaled in silver. She continued to kickass... Read More
Choosing the right shoe to compete in can take some thought and consideration. The right shoe can feel more stable, create a better position for your lift and help facilitate good technique. The wrong shoe can pitch you forward, create instability and leave you in a less than optimal position. Today we talk about the... Read More
Powerlifting is not just a sport for the young and it’s no surprise that we see more and more masters lifters competing. As we continue to train, there are some things to consider to help prolong the longevity of your competitive career as well as keep aches and pains at a minimum. Timestamps are available... Read More
Though visible tattoos have become more mainstream within the last decade or so, there are still prevailing social-cultural views of tattoos and the individual who wears them.  Seen as deviant, criminalistic, or immoral, many of these perceptions are generational and biased towards little understanding of the tattoed community, especially amongst scholars. Dr. Ayngelia “Star” Ara,... Read More
In any sport, there are ways you behave that not only are respectful to others but show good sportsmanship. Today we go over some areas that you might want to keep in mind when competing in powerlifting. These are not all, just some major areas to understand. Record hunting Warm-up Etiquette  Meet-day Etiquette Being respectful... Read More
How do you pick your attempts on meet day? Do you have a plan or go off of feel? In this episode, we go over how we select attempts for our athletes. Listen as we go over: What is a reasonable amount to attempt relative to your current 1 rep max Pitfalls of going off... Read More
As someone who started training “late” in her mid 40’s, Linda Franklin sure has made a dent in the strength world. Initially starting with CrossFit, she cleaned her way up to a top 40 ranking nationwide in her age group. After a few injuries and surgeries, her coach suggested trying powerlifting as a way to... Read More
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