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The Jasmine Star Show is a conversational business podcast that explores what it really means to turn your passion into profits. Law school dropout turned world-renowned photographer and expert business strategist, host Jasmine Star delivers her best business advice every week with a mixture of inspiration, wittiness, and a kick in the pants. On The Jasmine Star Show, you can expect raw business coaching sessions, honest conversations with industry peers, and most importantly: tactical tips and a step-by-step plan to empower entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.
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I've seen my business and the businesses of those in Social Curator grow the most and the fastest as a result of collaborating, so I'm a huge fan of creating win-wins for everyone involved.Because I’m a huge fan of this method, today I want to teach you EXACTLY how to find people to collaborate with to benefit YOUR business.In this episode, I will teach you how to implement these three steps to find someone to collaborate with:Make a list of 5-10 types of businesses that are working with your Ideal Client.Locate and contact those business owners on social media.Come up with a mutually beneficial collaboration for the two of you. Ready to get collaborating? Click play!Friend, I can’t WAIT to see how you take ACTION on what you learned to elevate your brand, increase your sales, build relationships and create win-win opportunities for you and another business owner. Download the corresponding workbook to this episode >>HERE!<<
I'm the type of person who over-thinks over-thinking. I lay in bed at night unable to sleep because I'm making lists of things to do (grocery lists, email lists, to-do lists, people-to-hug lists), and finding ways to continue following my dreams.>>But sometimes thinking gets in the way living and this causes my brain to succumb to stress and lethargy.<<In light of this, JD and I carve time in our calendars to just be. We share a Google calendar and block out days for resting and catching up…and we also add time for vacations.Whether it’s a week on a tropical island or a staycation in our small apartment, these breaks were exactly what my brain needed.In this episode, you’ll learn:Signs to take a breakHow often to take a breakHow to prepare to take a breakClick play to discover how to take a break from your business and then leave an iTunes review for the Jasmine Star Show!Enjoy your time off, friend… You deserve it.
Friend, whether your sales slow down while people vacation during the summer or after the holiday season passes in January, every business goes through slow seasons....But not being busy doesn’t mean you should stop posting on social media!>>In fact, slow seasons are a GREAT time to test, experiment and create systems for your social media planning.<<Along with what to do in slow seasons, in this Q+A you’ll also hear me answer questions on:Should I pre-schedule posts on Instagram and Facebook?What should I do when my content feels stale?How can I compete with luxury brands without luxury-level marketing dollars?What content should I give away for free vs. what I give in my paid programs?Ready to listen in? Press play! And if you enjoyed this real talk Q+A, leave a review for the Jasmine Star Show on Apple Podcasts!
Friend, prepare your heart because in this episode I’m about to geek out about business and get into high level strategy for small business owners!*Are you intrigued yet?*Today, I’m going to walk you through Social Curator’s biggest launch...not just to talk about bottom line promotional revenue, but to talk vulnerably about what we did to grow, even when things weren’t going our way. >>I’m sharing the behind the scenes of our biggest launch  because I hope you can learn from our mistakes, missteps, and successes and use them for your business.<<In this episode, you’ll hear snippets from our team’s private calls and specific numbers around our goals, as well as learn what a launch looks like for Social Curator.If you’re ready to have an open and honest about the inner workings of our business, click play!
Today on the podcast I’m letting you in on a FIRE Q+A I did after my live class last month, How to Plan, Create, and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts in One Day.These business owners in ALL different industries asked the best questions!>>Even if you’re not in the same industry as these entrepreneurs, the foundational business principles will still apply.<<I had the most fun working with them one on one to help them solidify their strategy to market their business, and I just *know* you’ll learn so much too.In this Q+A, you’ll hear me answer questions on:Is it okay to post the same content on Instagram and Facebook?How do I create content for 2 different ideal clients on 3 different platforms?What is the best way to attract my dream customer on LinkedIn?How can I incorporate Social Curator resources into my blog?Should I separate my business and personal accounts?Ready to listen in? Press play!Also, if you enjoyed this real talk Q+A, subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show for more content just like this! I’m going to be unapologetic in asking you to subscribe because I LOVE sharing this podcast with you and the best way for you to not miss a single one of these incredible conversations is by subscribing on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you are tuning in from today. So please subscribe and I will be forever grateful!
Friend, have you ever had a bad day as an entrepreneur?*I know, that should have been framed as a rhetorical question!*>>The truth is, you can’t own a business without having bad days.<<At the time of this recording, I had just FRIED my beloved MacBook Pro and I opened with my advice for how to handle the bad days that inevitably hit us as business owners.In fact, this episode even contains a different mindset shift I have NEVER shared on the podcast…Without further ado, click play to tune in to this week’s episode of the Jasmine Star How on how to handle bad days as an entrepreneur!If you enjoyed this episode of the Jasmine Star Show, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts! The team and I work so hard to deliver the best content for you every single week and it would mean the world to us if you took a few minutes to share why you love the show.
Have you ever considered starting a podcast to market your business?Not only am I the host of the Jasmine Star Show, but I have found that doing 6-8 podcast interviews per month has grown both the Jasmine Star and Social Curator brands immensely. >>If you love listening to podcasts, chances are you know podcasts are a great way to get your name out into the world, even if it’s only through a listener’s headphones.<<If you’ve ever thought podcasting could be for you, you are in for a TREAT because my guest today is a Pat Flynn, a father, husband, and entrepreneur who is basically the KING of podcasting.In this episode you’re going to learn:Everything you need to know about starting a podcastWhether or not the podcast market is too saturated to get startedWho should and shouldn’t start a podcastand more!So friends, without further ado: click play on my conversation with the man, the myth, the legend: Pat Flynn.And if you’re ready to get started in the podcasting space but have no idea where to begin, Pat has you covered, my friend! Head to to read about all of his Smart Passive Income courses, including Power Up Podcasting, Amp’d Up Podcasting, and more. 
Are you finding yourself hustling hard, spinning your wheels and doing the work but still aren’t seeing results?Then this episode is for you, friend… it just might be your mindset.>>Today, we’re doing something we’ve NEVER done before: a podcast interview mash-up!<<I do about 8-10 podcast interviews per month with incredible business owners and today, you’re about to hear 3 separate audio clips from 3 recent podcast interviews I did that center around 3 crucial things I had to believe in order to be successful in business.The first clip is from Amanda Boleyn’s podcast She Did It Her Way, where she asks a very important question about what mindset shift I needed to make in order to grow, both personally and professionally.Then, the next podcast interview is from I’m A Little Buzzed by the NoBull Company, when the guys ask about a very important man in my life… my husband JD and how he’s played a very important role in my business. Keep listening to hear my tips for those working with their significant other!And finally, the last clip of this podcast mash-up is from an interview I did with Genevieve Antonio on the Harvard Association for Law and Business Leadership Podcast. She asks me an amazing question about my introversion… and my biggest piece of advice for professionals who don’t LOVE the spotlight.Sound like your cup of tea? Click play on our first podcast mashup NOW!If you’d like to learn more about the mindset shifts I’ve made over the last 12 years in business, you can download them for free! My powerful Mindset Makeover Workbook contains the top 5 mindset shifts I have made to cultivate a positive outlook in my business despite any negativity! So be sure to grab it at to make positive changes in your life and business.
Are you finding yourself unexpectedly homeschooling your children for the first time due to COVID-19? Or maybe you’re wondering how to foster creativity in your kids?>>Either way, you are going to *LOVE* today’s podcast episode. It’s very special because my special guest is my mom, Millie Juarez!<<My podcast team and I decided to bring my mom on the podcast to discuss why she chose to homeschool me and my siblings, and how she was able to foster creativity and make gritty entrepreneurs as a result.*We felt that now, more than ever, it’s important to speak directly to parents finding themselves unexpectedly homeschooling their children for the first time due to COVID-19.*I love my mom so much and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we loved recording it.If you loved this episode with my mom, please subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show wherever you’re listening from today. This way, future episodes will automatically download to your phone and you won’t miss a single episode!
Want to know my favorite part of the week?Okay, second favorite part… I can’t put work above my morning singalongs with baby Luna. But my SECOND favorite part of the week is definitely hosting Ask Me Anything sessions on Facebook Live every Wednesday.*I mean, who doesn’t love getting to hang out with other business owners, get questions answered and have FUN?!*What you’re about to hear is one of those very sessions, where I answer questions on:How to get engagement on FacebookBuilding momentum after taking a social media breakHow to offer new products or services to your audienceand more.>>These business owners were on FIRE in the comments (and I’ll admit: I had a liiiittle too much coffee!) so if you need a little inspiration today, this is definitely the episode for you.<<To tune in, click play >>HERE!<<Now friend, it isn’t enough to think about making changes in your business, what matters is taking action.>>We all have the ability to take our dreams and make them come to life...but that only works if we have a plan.<<For a step-by-step plan of your own, download my FREE Productivity Planner to get started with breaking your big goals from All! The! Things! I! Have! To! Do! to a small list of things you can ACTUALLY accomplish, aligned with your big vision.In this planner, I’ll not only walk you through how to make your dream come to life, but you will also get to see a real-life example of MY daily to-do list. I can’t wait for you to get.stuff.DONE with this planner, so RUN *don’t walk* and download it for FREE at and let’s reach our goals… together.
Algorithm... Photos... Engagement... BOO! Did I scare you??Let’s *creep* it real: posting on social media for your business can be scarier than seeing a ghost on Halloween.What do you even post about?What can you say that hasn’t been said before?And for goodness sake… how do you use Halloween to market your business?>>Friend, this short, jam-packed (with both tips and puns) episode, is going to teach you how to show up on social media and watch your followers get *batty* excited about what you have to offer.<<*There’s no tricks--just treats-- and I’m so frightfully excited to take one less thing off your plate!*If you’re ready to gain inspiration for how you can use Halloween to market your business on social media, click play! In no time, you’ll be ready to start posting your Halloween captions right away… but you’re missing something, boo: the photos!Luckily, I have just what you need: 5 beautiful Halloween stock photos that are sure to stop your followers scroll and drive engagement! And the best part? They’re FREE! Head to to download the *wicked* awesome images and get ready to start your seasonal promotions, friend!
Recently, I was invited to Keynote at ManyChat Conversations 2020, the #1 virtual event showcasing winning tactics to bulletproof your business during an economic meltdown…. And that is what you’re going to hear in today’s episode.*It was truly an honor to be speaking on the same stage as respected business trailblazers and industry experts!*In this episode, you’ll hear me have a blast speaking about:Marketing strategyBranding tipsHow to create content created specifically for your ideal know, all the things I LOVE!>>If you’re ready to learn exactly how to get discovered by your dream customer on social media in just minutes, this episode is for you.<<I’m so excited for you to hear this content, so click play >>HERE<< to listen in on my keynote at ManyChat Conversations 2020!If you love the content I share on the Jasmine Star Show, I’d love to invite you to leave a review on Apple Podcasts.*Taking 2 minutes to write about how this podcast educates, inspires, or motivates you to chase your dreams will help the podcast get discovered by other business owners!*Let’s work together to help others build a life they love.. I can’t do it without you, so please: leave a review on Apple Podcasts!
I have a couple questions for you...Do you ever get in a funk, exhausted from posting and putting yourself out there?How about getting the confidence to put your personality into your business?I had a *funny* feeling these questions might resonate with you, friend!>>Well, today is your lucky day Buttercup because you get to listen in on business owners just like you, who through a 1:1 coaching session exclusive for Social Curators, asked me these pressing questions and more.<<Y’all, Dani, Christa, Ken, Samantha and Madison had the BEST questions and I know you’re going to learn a ton in this episode. Click play >>HERE<< to get all of the goodness from this session!Speaking of Social Curators… I might ruffle some feathers when I say this, but I believe life is too short to stare at a blank screen wondering what to post.Get back to doing what you love and use our customizable caption templates, lifestyle photos, and Instagram story sets to turn your followers into customers. On top of all of those resources, in our private Community, I want to show you how to use your social media accounts to build your dream business using our resources and monthly Group Coaching sessions that have helped over 21,000 business owners.If you love what you hear and are ready to make sales on social media, Social Curator is for YOU, friend! Head to to join before enrollment closes THIS Friday, October 5th at 5pm PST. That’s right Hustler, the doors are closing so run, don’t walk, and join Social Curator today!
I’m going to be honest, friend… Sometimes building a business is lonely.There are SO many questions to ask, problems to solve, and pressure to get it right that it's tempting to wish for a magic genie in a lamp to give you all the answers you need.Now listen…When it comes to support and a digital push, we're no genies in a magic lamp, but the Social Curator team and I have had the honor of coaching thousands of business owners to take their business to the next level... and we want to help YOU next.>>Sure, it's easy to make claims about how we can give you the tools to double your business, but the proof is in the success stories.<<The Social Curator group coaching sessions (hosted by yours truly) and our proven time-saving social media content creation system have helped entrepreneurs grow their business bigger than they could have ever imagined.But the best part? You're taking your business to the next level along with thousands of brilliant Dreamers and Hustlers just like you.If you’re ready to see your OWN transformation--whatever that looks like for your business--and build your business on a foundation of action and accountability, I’m happy to announce that the doors to Social Curator are open this week ONLY.Every month, Social Curator members receive:Lifestyle photos (so you always have scroll-stopping images)Customizable caption templates (so you know how to talk *about* your business without *selling* your business)Instagram story templates (to foster engagement with your audience), andA social media marketing plan (to help you build the business of your dreams)And because everything you want is on the other side of consistency, we hold you accountable, too. Inside our private Facebook Community, our members receive Group Coaching sessions with me, along with an online community for networking, collaboration, and support.If you're ready to push beyond your fears, doubts, and those who naysay, join us in our private community that'll show you how to build an influential brand and market it on social media...all while living the life of your greatest dreams at before enrollment closes this Friday, October 9th at 5pm PST!
Picture this...You sit down at your desk with a latte, laptop, and lots of inspiration. You’re ready to slay the day!You check your email, respond to a few important questions, and then pick up your phone to post an Instagram story. You take a photo of your computer and coffee cup with “Monday Morning Hustle” written on it. Then you answer a few DM’s, scroll through your feed for a bit….You go back to what you were working on… *Wait, what was it that I was doing? Oh yea, that project…*Does this sound familiar?If it doesn’t, then you don’t need to listen to this podcast episode because you don’t need to hear my tips, Hustler!But chances are, you’ve been in this position before, and you know you’re not being as productive or innovative as you can be. And the reason?>>You’re not focusing on one thing at a time.<<In this episode I’m going to give you 4 tips to avoid multitasking so you get more done in less time. If you’re ready to work distraction-free and put out your BEST work, click play!These tips are all about saving time, which is one of my favorite topics and top priorities as a business owner! Speaking of saving time… did you know I spend only one day per MONTH planning my social media posts? Yep… and friend, I want to teach you how to do the same.In my upcoming free masterclass, I will show you my exact steps to create social posts so you:Know exactly what to postHave a clear social media planCan create a post within minutesRegister for How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE DAY at and you’ll receive tons of other resources to help you create the social media plan of your dreams. I’ll see you there!
Friend, have you ever thought about using YouTube to grow your business?Whether you feel like I’m reading your mind or the thought makes you shudder, my guest today, Sunny Lunarduzzi, is about to convince you.In this episode, you’ll learn:How to use your story to create relatable content that convertsWhat Sunny would say to a business owner who recognizes the power of YouTube, but who doesn’t feel comfortable being on videoThe cost and barriers of entry to YouTubeand so much more.Y’all, I know you’re going to LOVE this conversation with Sunny as much as I do because she has a heart of gold and is wicked smart when it comes to marketing your business. Click play to hear Sunny’s insights on the A-Z of building your business using YouTube!If you’re ready to hit the ground running (and get massive amounts of time back!), be sure to save your seat for my free masterclass, How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE Day at I won’t be teaching this masterclass for the rest of the year, so this is your ONE chance to get the confidence you want...feeling so stress-free you’ll think you’re on a tropical island.To planning and piña coladas, I’ll see you soon!
I have a question for you, friend… Are you using Instagram Reels?I know, I know… It feels like every time we turn around there’s a new Instagram update, a new feature or algorithm change and it’s hard to keep up.But that’s what I’m here for, pal!>>My goal is to make sure you always have all of the tools you need to market your business and that’s why I’m coming at you with this episode on Instagram Reels today.<<It’s a conversation with one of my closest friends, Amy Porterfield, on her incredible podcast Online Marketing Made Easy and y’all, we get TACTICAL up in here!In this episode, you’ll learn:The difference between Reels, Live, IGTV and StoriesExactly how to create an Instagram ReelContent ideas for different industriesand so much more!Are you ready to use this feature to get more eyes on your business? If so, click play!And if you’re ALSO ready to be consistent on social media to grow your business, I have good news… I want to teach you How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE Day.Yup...this free one-hour masterclass will show you my exact steps to create social posts so you:Know exactly what to postHave a clear social media planCan create a post within minutesTo save your seat, choose a time at and I’ll see you there LIVE!
Recently, I was in the middle of a workout and I wasn’t feeling it. I was tired, sweaty, and felt like giving up… and I needed to think of something to help me push through to the end.I was trying to decide what could help me get through the last 25 minutes of my cycle class, and I decided to express gratitude. But I didn’t think about expressing gratitude for people you’d expect--my friends, family, and people who support me.Instead, I decided to express gratitude for those who have tried to put me down, who tried to put limits on me, and those who have doubted me.>>I think it’s easy to thank your fans, but it’s hard to thank your haters…. And it’s just as important because without your haters, you wouldn’t be where you are today.<<In this episode, you’ll hear me thank the business partner who moved on without me. You’ll hear me express gratitude for the event organizer and CEO that didn’t pay me to keynote their conference, despite the reviews and requests from attendees. And you’ll hear me say thank you for all of the people who dissuaded, discouraged, and deprived me from starting Social Curator.I am so thankful for those experiences because they proved how strong I am and how bad I want it…. And I hope you, my friend, do the same.>>When people try to put you down, instead of being discouraged, express gratitude.<<Ready to thank the haters? Click play!As I wrap up this love note, I want to tell you about the most popular masterclass I’ve ever taught: How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE Day...And I’m bringing it BACK, homie! I think it’s PERFECT timing to show you how I turn followers into customers by:Creating posts that attract the right type of followersPlanning a month of content without the overwhelm and stress (#amen)Showing up consistently without running out of things to postYou’re going to leave this class feeling confident in your posts, stress-free about your social media plan, and with a lot more time in your schedule to get back to doing what you love. Register for the free live class at and you’ll get so many practical tools + resources, you’ll feel like a social media gangster!
Do you know what determines your success?No, it’s not money, talent, or connections… >>Buttercup, contrary to popular belief, the biggest determining factor of your success is your mindset.<<On that note, this episode of a  Social Curator Coaching Session is unique because the questions were more focused around business beliefs (things we believe are facts that limit us, or make us lucky, or--maybe, just maybe--give the impression that some of us are destined for greatness and others are not).In this episode, you’ll hear me answer questions about:How to keep up your motivation when people are not engaging with you on social mediaWhen you have a million tasks to get done and you're COMPLETELY overwhelmed by it, how to narrow down WHAT to tackle first and howThe biggest mindset shift around money that helped me grow my businessand more!If you’re ready to tackle the mindset shifts that are holding you back, click play!Friend, on the inside of Social Curator, the business owners I coached in this episode are learning how to be consistent on social media. If you’re ready to join them, I have good news:  I want to teach you How to Plan, Organize, and Execute a MONTH of Social Media Posts in ONE DAY.Yup...this free one-hour masterclass will show you my exact steps to create social posts so you:Know exactly what to postHave a clear social media planCan create a post within minutesTo register for the masterclass, head to  and just for showing up LIVE, you will receive a free bonus with 20 Hashtags for 20 Industries to help jumpstart engagement on your account!
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Alicja Ciesielska

I love that Jasmine is always so real! her podcast is one of my favorites!

Jun 24th

Cristina Tudor

I love the Jasmine Star Show, it’s full of great business advice, inspiration and motivation! Love listening to J* on my daily walks and runs as a great way to start my day! Thanks for all the help, boo! ;)

Jun 24th

Juniata Childers Ford

I Love Love Love your podcast as well as Social Curators. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Mar 5th

Michelle Sunny Latham

So many Aha moments and Encouragement in this podcast! Thank you ladies for reminding me to be ME 😘

Mar 3rd

Molly Sanchez

I could pick up a car with 18 people 😹😹

Feb 27th

Juniata Childers Ford

This was such an amazing episode and provided me with several aspects of clarity. Thank you so much!

Feb 18th

Lisa Silva

Great episode...thanks for being wonderful. Merry Christmas 😊

Dec 24th
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Jeanne Mendoza

I love it. I have no complaints. I honestly do not care if this podcast was from Facebook. O do not go to facebook often because it is too distracting and busy for me so I hope you keep this type of podcast for people like me who prefers to tune in via your podcast.

Nov 15th

Lawrence Robertson

Loved the first part about procrastination and selfishness. I'm gonna keep that top of mind. Always Love your energy, enthusiasm, and Wisdom. The format though, on this episode, the FB live, wasn't quite as engaging. Hearing you bounce off others, like with their actual voices and emotions, I feel is such a strength that not showcasing it is like leaving money on the table. That said, I could listen to your special brand of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and Wit all day every day. I look forward to hearing, and seeing what ever you bring. Thank You Hotep Y'all 🌄🌄🌄

Nov 14th

Kelly C

Hey Jasmine, Thanks for jumping into the whole podcast thing. I'm really excited to follow you along on this journey. Kelly

Oct 9th

Amanda Heape - Barrett

the pricing conversation is always soooo hard! everyone has different advice. when starting out, of course codb is a factor but imposter syndrome is real!! I am struggling to price my services as a photographer:(

Oct 9th

David Wilkes

Jasmine way to go for it. Looking forward to be taken on this journey with you. Loved the Story you told about your Mom. Sounds like my type of person. Keep sharing with stories and the right people will follow along.

Oct 8th
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