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The Outliers Inn is a place where people from all businesses and roles within business can examine goings-ons from different and hopefully humorous perspectives. It’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which they do it.
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Episode-78; Holi-DAZE

Episode-78; Holi-DAZE


Video Version About the Podcast This episode of The Outliers Inn finds the hosts, JP and Mule, a bit dazed and confused from the very start; as in, who’s going to start?! holi-daze JP starts by sharing that the year went by in a flash because of engagements and travel and this has left him a bit Holi-DAZED coming into the end of the year. This includes having to fight the horde on Thanksgiving Sunday and spending his 60th birthday in an airport hotel awaiting a return to Frankfurt (but at least the good folks at Saison at Newark Airport made a kind birthday gesture). Mule shares that he won’t travel from Thanksgiving through the New Year unless a dire emergency. The conversation turns from travel to that seasonal sport; gift shopping. JP postulates that “women shop, guys buy” going back to pre-history when the women foraged, and the men hunted. As such, JP has relied heavily (exclusively) on Amazon-Germany for his Holiday shopping (bonus that you can buy all manner of legal beverages on Amazon-Germany). Come give a listen and enjoy a hot toddy as you do…
Video Version About the Podcast In this episode, JP is thankful to have a regular guest at The Outliers Inn, Don "Beer Man" Burshnick, able to step up and be the co-host on zero notice because Mule has forgotten (yet again) to be in a state of readiness to fulfill his hostly duties. Thanks Beer Man! Beer Man, coming from a long line of early starters, shares that he is thankful for recently becoming a great grandfather. And JP is thankful his book has been very well recieved and the thoughts contained therein has resonated with his intended audience and has generated a lot of business; his 2022 has been his busiest ever and 2023 looks to be at least as busy. But come to find out that Mule (who joined as a guest a bit later) was away hunting pheasant in the midwest United States. And fortunately, neither he nor anyone else in his party pulled a "Dick Cheney"; or worse, and "Alec Baldwin". They did manage to get 190 birds. JP, not being against hunting, was nonetheless concerned because that seemed like an aweful lot of birds. But Mule went to explain that the birds are raised to be harvested in the hunt. So the population is sustained and not strained. JP shares that this is similar to the practices in Southern Africa where the herd is managed and maintained for hunting and, without this industry, the animals would surely be in jeapardy. Stephane joins the conversation and continues Mule's conversation regarding the drought conditions he saw while on the hunt. He shares that it has been a very challenging year for the farm industry because of the weather and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But he is thankful that his company is working hard and making progress to help farmers and their crops endure the increasingly unpredictable weather. So come and give a listen!
  Video Version About the Podcast Mule welcomes everyone to The Outliers Inn and introduces this episode's theme; harvest time. And he kicks-off the conversation by sharing what he is presently harvesting from his garden; including sunflowers.  Mule shares how there is some insect that infests the sunflowers and attacks the seeds so that they are empty.  Not to be outdone, JP shares that his sunflowers would be just a day or two from being ready to pick and squirrels would beat him to it; gorging themselves on the sunflowers.  JP also shares that the fruits in Europe are unusually tiny this year because of the draught that was experienced. But the conversation soon turns to matters of business, and the harvesting of opportunities with companies wanting to pull in their numbers to end the year with a bang. However, the business sowing, growing, and harvesting seasons do not (necessarily) follow that of crops.  Sometimes it can take moments, sometimes it can take years, for an opportunity sown to be harvested.  And also unlike crops, you have to sow many seeds all year long, every year, to have any yield whatsoever. Sam joins us from Sweden and confesses he is a city-folk and the closest he comes to harvesting crops is going to the grocery store and filling a basket.  But like Mule and JP, he is always sowing the seeds of opportunity; with his preferred soil for planting being LinkedIn. And Stephane rejoins us to share his thoughts on sowing and growing.  Being particularly close to the subject, he shares his thoughts on proper soil preparation and maintenance; which does not (necessarily) include spreading a liquid manure concoction over the fields. It’s a good session with interesting conversations; even as we stretch and contort farming terminology to fit business.
  Video Version About the Podcast Mule kicks of the conversation at The Outliers Inn with the season wrap of robots season. Kids being kids, they start off wearing their "Sunday best" and end-up dragging the duds through the grass playing frisbee after the official goings-on are done. JP laments about how packed the flights are. But that there is an upside with his travels as the people along the route (flight attendants, restaurant personnel, and so on) have become familiar with his ways and see to it that all is good; and it is good. JP also shares that he changed-out his old notebook for a latest and greatest; and how easy it was to make the change as compared to times past. But whereas JP has one notebook, Mule shares he has several and the challenges therein. JP is the first to share a coincidence, combined with a life-hack. The life hack is that he introduces himself and chats folks up at the hotel bar. Because, drinking alone indicates a problem, but he is always sure to drink with someone else. But the coincidence is that JP has loved space programs since Apollo and Skylab. He used to write NASA and IBM and get all sorts of cool pics, pamphlets, and patches. And while on a project in Denver, he met some NASA pilots who were on the SOFIA program and who were in Denver to train on the "vintage" 747 simulator. Well, one thing led to another and the pilots invited JP to join them at the simulator the next day. Of course, JP messaged the client and let them know he was going to be late the next day and he "flew" the 747 out of SFO, towards the Golden Gate Bridge, out to Napa Valley, and then landed back at SFO. He was a happy guy. Esther joins us and shares that she believes coincidences do not exist, but that things in life happen because they are meant to happen, there is always a reason; definitely in the "Gibbs Rule Nr.37, there is no such thing as coincidence." Mule gets all scientific and etymological on us and postulates that a coincidence is a collision, and its rather difficult to put into words here; you gotta give a listen. And just when you think it can't get any deeper, Ester injects Carl Jung into the conversation. Thankfully, Don brings us back to Earth and raises the most perplexing conundrum; there are 24 hours in a day, and 24 beers in a case - coincidence?
  Video Version About the Podcast Welcome to another episode of "The Outliers Inn". Today's theme is travel tips and tricks. Whether by train, plane, or automobile, anyone who has traveled recently has probably experienced some level of anguish. We have seen the countless challenges people are facing broadcast on the media; flights cancelled, runways melting, soon to be lost luggage stacked to the heavens, automobile reservations taken but not held, check-in and security lines that are miles long, and so on… It's a wonder anyone is willing to travel at all, yet the flights are all packed and the hotels and rental cars all booked. In this episode, the hosts at The Outliers Inn - and special sidekick Don "The Beer Man" Burshnick - being seasoned and veteran road warriors, share some of their traveling stories and the wisdom gained from their experiences. Travel tips and tricks Two most important nuggets of wisdom; Always allow more time than you might need such as getting to the airport early, allowing extra time for layovers, and such like. It will alleviate a lot of stress. Always have at least one back-up plan such as making sure that the last leg on your journey has a back-up flight in case yours is missed or cancelled. There are many more tips and tricks mentioned in the show, and the stories are fun with a lot of laughs. So come on in and give a listen.
  Video Version About the Podcast Welcome to another episode of "The Outliers Inn". Today's theme is making mistakes. It starts right off with Mule asking JP whether he made any mistakes lately. And JP shares that he just filed his taxes, and perhaps he made a mistake, only time (and the IRS) will tell. And JP follows this up claiming; "He thought he made a mistake once, but he was mistaken" and that he "didn't make any mistakes, only had learning experiences". That's what we'll call them; "learning experiences"… Yeah… That's the ticket… Hopefully any "learning experience" with JP's taxes and the IRS will not be too costly (in time or treasure). Mule confesses that his most notable mistake as of late was missing the last recording session at The Outliers Inn and leaving it to JP to scramble (fortunately, Don was able to stand-in). Then one by one, our guests share their "learning experiences". Don shares some learning experiences brewing beer (naturally). The results of some of the "learning experience" were better than expected and some were worse than hoped-for. Stephane shares that, being in research and development, he is in the business of having "learning experiences"; usually in the form of some kinetic event such as a fire, or some small explosions. Thankfully, other than some bruised egos, there have not been any serious injuries. However, sometimes expensive apparatus gets damaged or destroyed and it makes some people "widely unhappy". ;-) Esther then joins the conversation and she poses the question; "What is a mistake?" To which Stephane shares that the difference between a "learning opportunity" and a "mistake" is a matter of cost. If there is nominal cost, it's a learning opportunity. If the cost is significant, then it's a mistake. Sounds reasonable to us. All in, a chat that was good fun yet some interesting insights. Come give a listen.
  Video Version About the Podcast What do you do when the co-host forgets to come to the session? Well, at The Outliers Inn, you just roll with it. Indeed, "Mule" didn't show up so I called upon one of our regulars, Don "The Beer Man" Burshnick to stand in without notice. Thankfully, Don's a good sport and accepted; provided he gets 50% of the revenue from the show. Since 50% of nothing is nothing, of course I agreed. We also had a bit of a change in format. Usually, only the host and co-host have their cameras on with everyone else being voice only. In this episode, we left it to the guests to either use or not use their camera, and most of them decided to turn their cameras on! Still faces for radio, but what the heck. It did make for some challenges in post-production. The group went around talking about the various time wasters we must endure. There were the usual subjects; government, air travel, never-ending streams of meetings and the like and some counter-measures (or fantasies) for consideration. And of course, no visit to The Outliers Inn would be complete without some discussion about beer! JP and Stephane each sample one of Don's very-own concoctions, a beer made from Gummy Bears! A person might better call it Gummy Beers! It was sweet and tangy, like drinking liquified Skittles. But not bad at all! All in, a chat that was good fun. Come give a listen.
  Video Version About the Podcast The business response to COVID has seen that many employees are able to work (and manage) from the comforts of their home (or wherever) while those whose physical presence is required have no such option. In this episode, JP, Mule, and our guests talk about the benefits and risks of working remotely; more specifically, the "Knowledge Workers" can work remotely, but the "Wrench Turners" still have to come to where the production happens. Is there a risk of creating (or amplifying) a culture (work and social) that has defined classes; the elites and workers? How can those calling the shots understand and be empathetic with what is happening with those on the front line? What is the peril of such occurring, what are the signs, and how can it be avoided? Discuss. (Inspired by the Star Trek Episode; The Cloud Minders.)
  Video Version About the Podcast It’s another “Open Mic Night” at The Outliers Inn and JP and Mule are happy to welcome our guest and have a casual chat with whatever might be on their minds (and ours). JP starts off with sharing a return trip travel story from Newark back to Frankfurt which was quite like the movie “planes, trains, and automobiles”. Having to reschedule the flight several times between; having family visiting Poland (the “Florida” of Europe where the COVID restrictions were always unofficially optional at best) and having nobody there to greet me when I arrived, to a snowstorm pushing it out a day, to having said family catch COVID in Poland (all was okay, but I sheltered in place), to moving the flight closer by a day to avoid yet another snowstorm – it was a VUCA trip that required OODA Loops to engage. Mule shares an update with the Robotics Competition including insights on the scoring requirements in the competition (much like scoring in gymnastics or figure skating) where the robot has to complete certain tasks. And also how his coaching changes as the students go from being Freshmen to Seniors (from more nurturing to more demanding). Our first guest is Stephane who joins us from France. And JP shares (and shows) that he is indulging in a “Gummy Bier”, a “heavy” beer coming in at 9% brewed by a regular at The Outliers Inn, Don and his son Dom. JP promised to bring a bottle back to Germany and send it to Stephane. Perhaps we will have the opportunity to share a real bier virtually on a future get together at The Outliers Inn. Stephane also gives us an update on his general goings-on and the latest COVID restrictions in France (which are still rather strict, but there are talks of loosening). Stephane then gets serious and starts to discuss creativity and innovation and the challenges of how to remain creative when working remote. And Sam rejoins us from Sweden. He shares that he likes bier and would also like to participate in tasting the “Gummy Bier”. Sam is interested in the topics of creativity and innovation introduced by Stephane and carries on with the subject; expanding the conversation to address and discuss the team effectiveness (or lack thereof) of people working remotely, but still being part of a team. How do we effectively communicate and collaborate. How do we remain aligned? So pull up a stool, pour yourself a legal beverage, and smoke ’em if you got ’em. Good stuff, and we will do a deeper dive in our next episode.
Episode-69; Goals!

Episode-69; Goals!


  Video Version About the Podcast In this episode, JP, Mule, and Guests talk about their goals for 2022… But first, there has to be a little more venting of the spleen by JP as he shares the absurdity that is the theater of COVID response by his experience at the Frankfurt Christmas Market (which was at full strength this year). You have to understand that the Frankfurt Christmas Market is huge. It's footprint is almost a half-mile (750m) by up to 200yd/m and there are probably 50 or so ways to enter it (between roads, sidewalks, building egresses, and public transport). The "rule" was that you had to be either vaccinated or have a negative COVID test and wear a mask. Although there was a considerable police presence, nobody checked to see if anyone was vaccinated or tested. And you didn't have to wear a mask if you were eating, drinking, or smoking; even in the main thoroughfares. The only time JP was asked to put on his mask was when he was entering an area to purchase a gluhwein (even though he was eating a bratwurst). He was told that he can only have his mask off if he were at a table, with the table being unseparated from the main thoroughfare except for a small wooden fence (post and rail). All theater… But then the conversation gets back to the intended subject; goals… JP shares that his goal for 2022 is to get more sun and warmth; complete with sand, palm trees, and the rum drinks with little umbrellas. He even wore a tropical shirt to get into the proper spirit. And the 6,000iu per day of Vitamin-D3 he is taking is not warding off the SAD. Mule shares that his goal is to have a successful "robotics" competition with the high-school students he mentors and that his daughters continue to successfully navigate their experiences at college (Mule insisted that it is his goal, not just theirs). And Don shares that he wants to get away to someplace tropical to relax. JP gets all excited thinking he might have a companion until Don specifies that he would be taking his wife; who also needs a break (but probably from Don).
  Video Version About the Podcast JP and Mule talk about appreciation and how important it is to show people they are appreciated. Better yet, tell them using the word appreciate. It's much more impactful than saying "thank you". Who do you appreciate? Do they know? Maybe it's a good idea to tell them; let them know. JP, Mule, and guests then spend some time appreciating those who have been impactful in their lives. But one thing JP noticed is how all the guests were appreciative of their wives for "putting up with their shit". Yet JP's wife doesn't let him get away with any shit. Hmmm….
  Video Version About the Podcast In this episode of The Outliers Inn, Mule, JP, and guests discuss reported challenges and disruptions in Supply Chains and Logistics. After all, we have seen it in all the media; ships parked for as far as the eye can see off or Los Angeles (and to a lesser extent, Newark), trains that are 25 miles long heading into Chicago, reports of a lack of trucks (and truck drivers), and the threats of bare shelves at the store and a real Grinch's Christmas. But how much of this is real and how much is hype? Other than having to pay more (much more), has anyone really found it difficult to access the items they need or want? And we also discuss what the "root cause(s)" of the challenges might be and how many of them are self-inflicted wounds - and are government efforts helping or hurting? JP, being in the EU (Germany) has to confess that he has not been personally affected by the alleged disruptions, everything seems to be normal. The same is true of Mule and our guests; except that Andy from the UK shares that they endured a disruption in fuel and had challenges buying "tights". But all in, anyone that needs to buy a GI Joe with the Kung-Fu Grip for a Holiday gift will be able to get one. But Mule and Don both shared that industrial items (chips, steel, machinery, have some pretty nasty lead times and these are threats to businesses. Lead times aside, smaller manufacturers are being sidelined as component manufacturers tend to their largest customers first. They may be told they will be getting product this week or next, but then "poof", their allocation has been re-allocated; probably to someone yelling louder, more important or (gasp) to someone willing to pay more.
Video Version About the Podcast JP and Mule have had a lot of things go not according to plan; especially over the past couple of years. And we suspect that many of our listeners have had similar experiences. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” So we are going to hang our hats on this quote and let it be the theme for this episode of The Outliers Inn. The hosts with the mosts start it off by proclaiming this episode is a plan that’s been punched in the mouth. JP thought it was supposed to be recorded on one day, Mule on another. So it was a scramble to get it recorded and, unfortunately, some of our guests didn’t make it! It seems to be that the root-cause might be the multiple channels of communication with one plan being established (or not) on one channel and another on another. JP shares that we are going to try LinkedIn Live (but that will probably be delayed). Mule shares that his current project involves bringing a new warehouse online for a fast-growing company. And, if anyone has ever been involved in a build, you know that nothing ever goes according to plan. And with the expected opening being imminent and necessary, and still not ready for occupancy, there are a lot of punches being thrown. And JP shares a catastrophic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project with a company that made custom cabinet doors. When originally contracted, the intent was to extract the knowledge that was in the father’s brain and put it in a system so his children could run the business. But within a week of signing the contract, the father died. The implementation turned into a séance and it quickly went coyote ugly from there. Barry managed to find us in spite of our best efforts to be evasive. However, the story he shares of his experience participating in a conference is one for the ages; it all starts with his vendor booth not arriving. But what might have knocked others out only steeled Barry’s spine and with some very quick thinking and decisive decision making, he turns lemons into lemonade.
Video Version About the podcast In this special episode of The Outliers Inn, JP and Mule welcome back one of the founding fathers (or is it non-birthing units); Antlerboy, who graces us with his presence after taking a bit of a dream walk (without the peyote buttons). Indeed, the Inn has not been the same without him - its certainly been better, but not the same. ;-) And we are happy to welcome back as guests some of our early and irregular guests; Peter (who is getting ready to transition out of the corporate world, from the back nine into the clubhouse), Stephane (who is enjoying his enhanced freedom now that France has relaxed its COVID restrictions), Don (who is still making award-winning craft beer, including a special gummy-bear concoction), and Allan from Quebec (who is retired, but still up for having a legal beverage with us and sharing his stories). JP also shares an "Easter Egg", Stay tuned... The entire episode is devoted to some of the more wacky projects, goings-on, and experiences we have had in general. There are a lot of laughs, banter, and self-deprecating humor that we are sure you will enjoy; so give a listen!
Video Version About the podcast Living in a VUCA world. Mule and JP start the show with a topic that morphs as rapidly as a cicada's wings and which is about as irritating; the COVID rules and regulations du jour. JP shares his latest experience with traveling between Germany and the States. Whereas arriving to the States is a matter of having a right to be here (no tourists) and having a negative COVID test, going into Germany is (supposedly) more arduous. And even though JP summoned his Boy Scout skill (be prepared) and had a stack of papers at the ready in compliance with the EU/German requirements, the effort was a waste. The German Passport Control Authorities didn't want to see any of them - it was as if everything had returned to the "before time". JP also shares his first experience having a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A. The sandwich was okay (although JP claims he did feel the love of Jesus and 'murica running through him with his first bite), he did marvel at the processes at the drive-though. With our guest, Damian, the conversation then goes on to discussing the challenges facing individuals and companies alike in an environment that is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) and what needs to be done to properly prepare. In such an environment, slack needs to be built into any approach. Planning too tightly leaves no room for maneuver when things don't go according to plan. Give a listen.
Video Version About the podcast In this episode, in addition to the (ab)normal hosts JP and Mule, Don "the beer man" Burshnick is able to join in real life. JP starts with a lamentation from having to be on a project earlier than he is used to and shares some words of wisdom; folks shouldn't need to wake-up early except for huntin' and fishin'. But soon enough, the conversation moves on to it's main theme; mentorship. JP shares a story about a person who is in a leadership role at the project he is working on and how that person is probably in over his head, even if his heart is in the right place. What makes matters worse is that the senior leadership feels he is failing and instead of helping, they are abandoning him. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy; they believe he will fail so they don't offer any help, and he fails. Seeing this, JP took him under his wing and gave him some coping skills and leadership training; making sure to be available when needed and checking in on him on a daily basis. Mule and Don share their experiences in mentoring and being mentored along their life's journeys; in particular, Mule with high-school robotics teams and Don with Karate. Andy who is outstandingly mediocre joins from the UK where the discussion is gravitates towards the difference between mentorship and coaching; with the purest form of mentorship being times when the mentor doesn't know they are being a mentor. Doug joins us from "Joyzee" and is on the "back nine" shares his insights with recent mentoring opportunities; one with career advice and another where he offered his mentorship to a group of young people and was disappointed that so few accepted the opportunity (for reasons he is still pondering). Finally, Esther joins us from Sweden and shares her experiences being a mentor. She expresses her concerns about the use of AI in the candidate selection process and the possibility (probability) of filtering the best candidates in favor of those who know how to game the system and tailor their submittals to meet the job description.
Video Version About the podcast In this episode, JP starts by sharing his lack of "readiness" for his latest trip to the States when he was called to a project in Florida. You see, he had packed for February and March in Upstate New York (where winter attire is the call of the day) and not Florida (where its darn hot in comparison); forcing him to either buy suitable clothes or melt. Meanwhile, Mule shares that he got his "jab" and JP shares that he has also. Mule reported being tired afterwards while JP complained of a headache and buzzing in his ears for a couple of days as the newly implanted chip synched with the 5G network and caused him to pee his pants a little every time his mobile phone rang or when he used the microwave. JP also shares that he had his long overdue eye exam (it had been 7yrs). The exam itself was rather uneventful and had no surprises, but his eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he was told it was going to be $950 for two pairs of glasses - and that was with a "buy-one/get-one special" offer; and it was going to take three weeks to get them. Fridiculous. So JP contacted a friend who gets his glasses online and was very satisfied - so JP decided to give it a try. A mere 10 days and $350 later, JP had his two pairs of glasses (one pair of which, he is wearing on the podcast). Moral of the story; don't waste your money at an optical, go online! This brings our first guest, Doug, who is recently retired. Unlike a previous guest who was recently retired and thought it a good idea to "optimize" his wife's kitchen, Doug has decided to be a mentor and resource for business and industrial and systems engineering to those in school or early in their careers. Good man, there. We are sure his efforts will be rewarding. Don "The Beerman" makes an on-camera guest visit (although he is drinking wine). JP called him to help on the project in Florida and they are sharing a company-owned house. Zoom has its benefits, for sure. But there is nothing like seeing things first hand to add the extra details that are often necessary to get the complete picture and the ideas flowing. Esther joins us again from Sweden and is fast becoming a welcome regular. She shares that she is working on building a new career that finds her with working with people from all over the world. She is creating a network of people to help people go back to nature and reconnect with and embrace nature. She shares how she and her network believe that technology can help people achieve this ambition and get back to their roots; that nature and technology are not incompatible. And, ultimately, the more we connect with ourselves, the more that we can understand that we create is full-circle. Come give a listen. There is a lot of good stuff here...
Video Version About the podcast In this episode, JP shares his experience with the "mandated" COVID test to come back to the States from Germany; apparently, it is on the "honor system" because nobody actually wanted to see the results. It seems that almost all of these "mandates" are fictitious. Supposedly, quarantines are mandatory (same with negative COVID tests when flying into the States). But if they are not enforced, or even check, they are really voluntary. From there, we discuss the need for good "computer hygiene" after one of JP's clients caught a "ransomware virus" - this was really no bueno. To compound the challenge, the last valid backup the client had was from 15 months prior. It is a shit sandwich and he had to take a giganourmous bite out of it. From there, the conversations drifts to a favorite topic at The Outliers Inn, that being beer. And we are graced with a visitor from Sweden who brings a much-needed, and particularly positive, energy with her.
Video Version About the podcast JP and Mule are happy to welcome our guests to the new format at The Outliers Inn. Of course, we will always have an audio-only track of the podcast, but this is the first full video podcast at The Outliers Inn complete with guests. The video version will only show the hosts, JP and Mule, on camera with the guests being voice only; and we are reminded that the two of them really have faces for radio. And we have changed the recording day and time Saturdays in hopes that others will be able to join who could not normally during the weekday recording sessions we used to do. Naturally, the conversation starts with the latest COVID-related observations and the seeming perpetual stream of conflicting and unsubstantiated guidance; starting with the ridiculousness of wearing two masks. Seriously, if two are better than one, then three must be better than two, and so on. John joins us from the UK and shares his recent experiences. In spite of the extreme lockdowns presently in the UK, John has enjoyed an uptick in work (which thankfully keeps him out of the kitchen). He shares with us the peculiarities of traveling to projects and staying in hotels, with the biggest challenge being meals. But he (and his wife) is happy to be out in the field. Sharmi joins us from Tampa where they are preparing for the Superbowl where she is hoping the hometown favorites, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are triumphant. JP, being a diehard Giants fan, is not a fan of Brady (and Brady is undoubtedly not a fan of the Giants). Mule shares the analysis of quarterback movements based on telemetry that is collected. Sharmi also shares her professional experiences under COVID. From there, the conversation flows; at one point, Mule shifts topical gears without using the clutch makes the jump to wool insulation being better than fiberglass. A really good first edition using the new format.
Video Version About the podcast Although The Outliers Inn is sad to see the departure of Antlerboy as co-host, as they say; "the show must go on." So in this special episode of The Outliers Inn, we introduce David "Mule" Schneider who will join JP as the new co-host. We talk about how we met over LinkedIn and got to know one another some decade-plus ago over a bourbon (or two) in New York City. And, of course, we get to learn a little bit about Mule and what he does for his main gig and some other interests. And we also discuss changes in the format of the show. The most obvious is the introduction of a video version of the show in addition to the audio track (which will remain); a bold move, since both JP and Mule have faces for radio. We will continue with the call-in format for our guests, but only the co-hosts will be shown on video. The guest will be audio-only. It should give our production manager, Chas, some additional headaches with the editing. We are also going to try recording on Saturdays instead of weekdays to try to broaden the reach for guests who want to join, but can't because of work. So, belly up to the bar, grab a stool and your favorite legal beverage, and enjoy our hospitality from the hosts with the mosts.
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