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Episode-72; Time Wasters

Episode-72; Time Wasters

Update: 2022-05-07



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What do you do when the co-host forgets to come to the session? Well, at The Outliers Inn, you just roll with it.

time wasters

Indeed, "Mule" didn't show up so I called upon one of our regulars, Don "The Beer Man" Burshnick to stand in without notice. Thankfully, Don's a good sport and accepted; provided he gets 50% of the revenue from the show. Since 50% of nothing is nothing, of course I agreed.

We also had a bit of a change in format. Usually, only the host and co-host have their cameras on with everyone else being voice only. In this episode, we left it to the guests to either use or not use their camera, and most of them decided to turn their cameras on! Still faces for radio, but what the heck. It did make for some challenges in post-production.

The group went around talking about the various time wasters we must endure. There were the usual subjects; government, air travel, never-ending streams of meetings and the like and some counter-measures (or fantasies) for consideration.

And of course, no visit to The Outliers Inn would be complete without some discussion about beer! JP and Stephane each sample one of Don's very-own concoctions, a beer made from Gummy Bears! A person might better call it Gummy Beers! It was sweet and tangy, like drinking liquified Skittles. But not bad at all!

All in, a chat that was good fun. Come give a listen.









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Episode-72; Time Wasters

Episode-72; Time Wasters