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Author: Dr. Jen Riday

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The Vibrant Happy Women Podcast is for women who want to expand their capacity for joy. If you crave a more authentic, heart-centered, and balanced life, you’ll love learning with Happiness Expert Dr. Jen Riday as she interviews vibrant women and shares proven tools that will help you “get your SPARKLE back” in all areas of your life. You’ll be inspired by discussions of authenticity, healthy boundaries, emotional healing, time management, confidence, adventure, spirituality, conscious parenting, marriage, friendship, identity, self love, and more! And if you enjoy this podcast, you’d love Vibrant Soul, the place to heal, transform and expand your soul with likeminded friends. Join us at
541 Episodes
Do you struggle with energy and clarity? Or with headaches or other aches? This is the episode for you. Dr. Meg Mill talks about using a functional approach to healing your body so you can feel more confident and in charge of your health. What You’ll Learn: The difference between functional and conventional medicine and why it matters for your health. The functional way to deal with headaches, brain fog, low energy, and weight. How the E.A.T. Method can help you take charge of your health. The secret to being able to say, "I didn't know I could feel this amazing!" Why it's essential that we measure all the complicated pieces that contribute to health and weight. And much more!
Body shame is pervasive in our culture, and this episode is geared toward releasing that shame. Join Jen and guest Arielle Estoria as they discuss: How to take up space with your body What it means to be powerful, even if you're a bigger-bodied woman  What it means to follow the 5-step path of awakening, eclipsing, illuminating, mending, and returning as we try to fully inhabit our bodies and release shame  And much more!
For decades mental health and child development experts have taught us to focus on thoughts and behaviors in order to be happier and more successful. Unfortunately, this approach wasn't fully effective for many people because it didn't address energy and nervous system regulation.  Join me and my guest Nicole Smith Levay as we talk about somatic practices that help us to more fully inhabit our bodies so we can experience more peace and calm.  What You’ll Learn: Why it's essential for parents to address a child's nervous system regulation before trying to address a child's behavior. The reason breathing doesn't always regulate the nervous system and what to do instead. The gifts that can come to us when we "show up messy" Nicole's strategy for calming herself before performing or public speaking.   Jen's experience of "recreating the womb" and enjoying being rocked by a circle of women.  How autistic people can teach the rest of us so much about nervous system regulation.  And much more!
What does it really mean to be authentic? And how do we release control and allow our kids to be their authentic selves? Guest Rachel Macy Stafford answers these questions and shares her story of ditching perfectionism and shame so she could truly shine. In this episode you'll discover: How to plant yourself in the right ground for you Ways to find out what you really like What happened with Rachel's daughter Avery What happened with Jen's daughter (and how she's handling her husband's disapproval) and much more!
Positive thinking has its merits, but sometimes when life feels heavy and overwhelming, it is even more powerful to know how to regulate your nervous system. In this episode Jen describes: Where she has been since November What the three main nervous system states are (and which one has been Jen's baseline state) How to release stress, overwhelm, and anxiety through somatic practices  Why we can't get out of a freeze/shutdown/depression response through stress regulation strategies (and what we need to do instead) and much more!
Ever felt like your kids are always out of sorts, having a meltdown, or just not listening?  This week we're talking about how to raise emotionally intelligent children, and especially how to teach them about nervous system regulation. My guest, Alyssa Blask Campbell, shares why it's essential that we as parents become aware of how our nervous systems work so we can help our kids manage stress and anxiety, depression and low energy, and everything in between.  This skill set has a powerful impact on how the energy in our homes feels, how kids handle stressors at school or in social situations, and how kids will likely perform as adults. Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence so you're better equipped to help your kids do the same so you can experience greater connection and peace in your relationships with your kids.  If you're ready to slow down, find balance, and love more, join me in the Vibrant Happy Women Club. It’s only $47 per month and if you purchase the annual membership you get two months free!   What You’ll Learn: Why we can't teach social skills without understanding emotional safety.  The biggest gaps parents have in trying to raise well-adjusted kids.  The definition of nervous system regulation and why it's an essential skill set for parents. How avoiding overwhelm, exhaustion, burnout, and meltdowns as parents pay huge dividends in the parent-child relationship.  The various buckets every child (and adult) needs to fill to keep our nervous systems in emotional safety.  How parents can balance their need for downtime (or stimulation) with their kids' needs for stimulation (or downtime).  Why parents would benefit from carpooling. How hormones and neurotransmitters are involved in nervous system regulation and dysregulation. The difference between dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin activities. And much more! 
Wondering where I've been? In this episode, I explain everything! You'll learn how time away can help you find your truth and live in greater alignment. I talk about the importance of boundaries, adding light to your life (aka, filling your cup, but in the best ways possible), and how to let go of negative thoughts about your loved ones. By the end of this episode, you'll be more clear on how to not only find your purpose but to integrate what you learn back into your everyday life.  Get full show notes and more information here:  
I’m joined by two friends I met at the Vibrant Happy Women retreat, Jen Mernick, and Bernadette O’Grady. Jen and Bernadette both have kids, jobs, and busy lives, but they learned the importance of taking time for themselves when they attended the retreat. They join me this week to share where they are on life’s journey, why it was essential for them to have this space to get the clarity they wanted, and the benefits of having space for ourselves to let go of the stress, overwhelm, and confusion of daily life.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Rachael Evans is a world-leading visionary, business pioneer, author, and advisor who is making waves across the world with her new redefinition of bravery. A dynamic speaker, Rachael inspires audiences to embrace the bravest, boldest versions of themselves and has dedicated herself to fuelling positive change for women through her Brave Media Network. She joins me this week to share her own experience of bravery, and how she is helping women everywhere redefine bravery in their own lives.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Dr. Arielle Schwartz is a Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Therapy Consultant, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Certified Yoga Instructor. This week, Dr. Schwartz shares what somatic practices are and why they can often be more effective than traditional talk therapies. She also lets you in on what she believes to be the key to our healing. We dive deeper into movement practices in general and how helpful they can be in processing trauma, and you’ll learn some hands-on, doable strategies to help you manage your emotions.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Efia Sulter is a Mindset and Manifestation Coach, host of The Manifest Edit Podcast, and creator of the V.I.B.E.S method for aligned manifestation. Her mission is to empower and teach ambitious women how to stop playing small and access their innate magic so they can expand their current reality. She joins me this week to talk about manifesting your highest self and show you how to create a soul-aligned life by design.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Mandy Mecham shares part of her own journey to finding her purpose, and we talk about breaking the rules, finding inspiration in yourself, and showing up as enough. We even cover creativity and the thing that makes all of this so difficult—fear. This conversation will change how you think about finding your purpose, my friends, don't miss it.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Whether you struggle with anxiety or a loved one close to you does, you are not alone. This week we are sharing where anxiety comes from, what’s happening in the brain with anxiety, and some holistic tools that can help with it. Hear some key takeaways about anxiety, how we can support ourselves and our loved ones through it, and Dr. Marks’ advice for supporting an adult or child who experiences anxiety or has an anxiety disorder.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Kerry Wisdom-Henbest shares what she has learned about stuffing emotions versus feeling them and how she helps firefighters and first responders process the daily trauma they face. Hear why it is so important for first responders to start learning to process their trauma and her advice for handling trauma and developing emotional resilience.     Get full show notes and more information here:
Ericka Sóuter is the Author of How to Have a Kid and a Life: A Survival Guide. She explores the 21st-century parenting dilemma that being a good mom is synonymous with giving up everything that makes you, you, and joins me this week to talk about how moms can find the thing that lights them up again, and why it is so important to be more than just a mom.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Salisia Valentine is an amazing woman I met on a boat while on a whale watching tour. She sat down next to me, we immediately clicked, and I knew that this is a woman who is not just existing, but living the kind of wild, free, and fierce life we’re all craving. So, I invited her on the show to plant the seed in your mind about what it means to live a happy life.     Get full show notes and more information here:
I’m encouraging you to abandon the shoulds, and take the first step to becoming an adventurous woman. Hear how I have been feeling stuck in my life and how I am exploring more adventure, and how liberating yourself will simultaneously liberate every other woman who feels stuck.      Get full show notes and more information here:
Kiana Danial shares some analogies about investing to help you think about it in a way that feels relatable, and some steps you can take to get started. Whether you have money to invest or not, listening to this episode will help you create a plan for how to be self-sufficient and have the freedom to do the things you want to do.   Get full show notes and more information here:
I’m sharing more about The Imago Dialogue and sharing an example from my own life where I used this process recently. Learn why this is an incredibly helpful communication mechanism, and how to use this process as you go through your life whenever you feel upset at another person.   Get full show notes and more information here:
Jacqui Letran shares the power of choosing your emotions and some tips and tools to handle anxiety, depression, and uncomfortable emotions. She shares how her own experiences as a teenager led her to want to help other teen girls and the power of getting to the root of your feelings and reprogramming your brain.     Get full show notes and more information here:
Comments (8)

Jolene Balsimo

I love this podcast, but I wish she would slow down her talking. it's just too fast.

Jan 25th

Jen Riday

way to go!!! ❤️❤️

Mar 29th

Jen Riday

I’m so glad you liked it!

Mar 27th
Reply (1)

Ana Esperança

oh my god this episode was so awesome :) I totally feel connected with my husband through sex...I also kind of feel that it's really the "moment" when I feel loved and when I need love well I know what to do. What Jane said about shame it's totally true..making the story short. My husband love this swinger thing and at beginning I was always afraid or I would ( like any other women) find any excuse like " I don't feel confident with my body in front of the others " or " I have headaches" lol but then one day he told me something that woke me up for the reality ..." we are not getting younger you know?" and that make me think.." Just let go and enjoy because then it's too late" and so was it and now I love it and look forward to the next one!!! 😎

Feb 12th

Ana Esperança

Jen this episode was amazing! I am writing from Germany and you know I start listennig to your podcast because I was definitively at this really bad point of my life with my husband and daughter with 3 years old. I had this feeling that we couldn't talk together anymore my husband and I and I was really depressed. Somehow you helped me soon much with your so honest podcast :) you keep giving me hope and honest feelings from my true me everyday!! you are awesome thank you Jen 😙

Feb 8th

Monica Lopez

this was a great episode. It fit in well with my thoughts today. thank you!!!

Aug 7th

Jennyfer Morel

omg this is exactly what I do and it feels great. i usually write quotes, weekly goals, positive messages. i love it

Mar 23rd
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