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The Vibrant Happy Women Podcast is for women who want to expand their capacity for joy. If you crave a more authentic, heart-centered, and balanced life, you’ll love learning with Happiness Expert Dr. Jen Riday as she interviews vibrant women and shares proven tools that will help you “get your SPARKLE back” in all areas of your life. You’ll be inspired by discussions of authenticity, healthy boundaries, emotional healing, time management, confidence, adventure, spirituality, conscious parenting, marriage, friendship, identity, self love, and more! And if you enjoy this podcast, you’d love Vibrant Soul, the place to heal, transform and expand your soul with likeminded friends. Join us at
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If you're feeling frustrated and stuck because your visualizations and affirmations aren't leading to the manifestation you desire, then you are not alone! You may already be taking action by repeating positive statements or creating vision boards, only to find that nothing is changing in your life. Instead of experiencing the success and abundance you're seeking, you may be feeling disheartened and doubtful about your ability to manifest your desires. Flowdreaming, a dynamic technique developed by Summer McStravick, provides a distinct approach to manifesting dreams and desires. Unlike typical manifestation strategies that might involve rituals or repeated intentions, Flow Dreaming stresses the importance of emotions. By harnessing the power of our feelings and the experiences we wish to cultivate, we can communicate more effectively with the universe and manifest our ideal outcomes.   In This Episode, You'll Discover How To... Master manifesting with the powerful Flowdreaming practice. Embrace healing and learn valuable lessons from life's struggles Shift from reacting to responding and take control of your responses. Rebuild trust in yourself, others, and God/the Universe for a brighter future.   "Practice feeling the way you want to feel so that you can graduate from those life majors you're ready to let go of." - Dr. Jen Riday   Key Moments: 00:04:01 - Understanding Flow Dreaming 00:10:17 - Practicing Flow Dreaming 00:13:54 - Life Majors and Changing Patterns 00:16:19 - Healing and Embracing Life 00:20:05 - Letting Go of Life Majors 00:21:49 - Emotional Blueprint and Nonphysical Action 00:27:23 - Chasing Feelings 00:29:15 - Building Trust in Life 00:30:12 - Creating Debris and Wreckage 00:34:23 - Practicing Feelings on Demand 00:39:16 - Flow Dreaming Practice   "We want to be focused on having the capacity, the energy, and the emotions to graduate from the patterns we're ready to let go of and move on to what we do want." - Summer McStravick   Resources and Next Steps: Visit to access free flow dreams and a free tutorial to start practicing feeling the way you want to feel. Download the Flowdreaming app to access over 300 flow dreams and get started on your practice of feeling the way you want to feel. Check out the Flowdreaming podcast and the Flowdreaming book to dive deeper into the concepts and practices of Flowdreaming and learn how to graduate from life majors and move towards what you do want. Explore Vibrant Soul, a community to heal, transform, and expand your soul with like-minded friends at Learn about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the father of flow.
How much joy are you willing (and able) to feel? Can your emotional and nervous system baseline handle more happiness? Can you really expand your capacity? On this episode Jen shares how she reached her personal "max capacity" of joy at the recent Vibrant Happy Women Retreat and what she decided to do as a result. Learn more about the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat at
From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beauty of Victoria, BC, Jill Payne's journey took unexpected turns. Her candid account of navigating single motherhood and managing her emotions and energy during the pandemic and beyond sheds light on the transformative impact of self-regulation on mood and energy. You'll love Jill's update on how to "Be a Freaking Dime" even when life is messy! In This Episode, You'll Discover How To... Master energy management and emotion regulation - even when life is messy. Elevate your parenting through effective mood and energy management. Use your body to shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Understand the relationship among personality, energy, and frequency. Handle detail-negative energy. Attract high-frequency people into your life. Embrace contrast and cultivate new desires for personal growth.   "Contrast inspires a new desire. When you have something you don't like, be grateful because it's showing you what you don't want so you can better formulate what you do want." - Jill Payne   Key Moments: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Managing Energy 00:01:11 - Challenges of Energy Management as a New Mother 00:08:27 - The Realities of Parenting and Energy Management 00:11:35 - Understanding Energy Levels and Capacity 00:13:44 - Managing Emotions and Energy 00:16:22 - Building Capacity for Better Responses 00:19:28 - The Power of Movement and Morning Routine 00:22:53 - Importance of Body in Shifting Thoughts and Actions 00:25:27 - Getting Into What's in Front of You 00:27:08 - Understanding Personality and Energy Management 00:36:24 - Handling Detail Negative Energy 00:39:25 - Establishing Boundaries 00:41:01 - The Phenomenon of Resonance 00:41:50 - Attracting Similar Energy 00:44:12 - Choosing Focus and Vision 00:47:45 - Shifting Focus and Managing Grief 00:54:58 - Embracing Change and Taking Risks 00:55:08 - Using Contrast to Inspire Desire   "What I see for you is holding up the possibility for what you think could be possible for your kids, your spouse. What I see for you is happiness and joy." - Jill Payne   Resources and Next Steps: Get the book Be a Dime by Jill Payne to access exclusive QR code content in the back of the book and use the QR code to access an online dashboard with weekly videos, daily audios, a full workbook, and a journal, typically available only to Jill's one-on-one coaching clients. Connect with Jill Payne on her website or through Instagram. Join Vibrant Soul, a community to heal, transform, and expand your soul with like-minded friends at Apply the principle "What I see for you" to create a vision for your loved ones and inspire positive change. Embrace the concept that contrast inspires a new desire, allowing you to focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want.
Dr. Laura Froyen joins me again to chat about the power of taking time for yourself. As moms and caregivers, it's easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else's needs. But what about our own?  Laura shares her perspective on why retreats like my annual Vibrant Happy Women Retreat are so rejuvenating. Getting away allows us to get out of the deep end and stop treading water - to rest, reconnect with ourselves, broaden our views, and realign our inner compass.  In our conversation, Laura reflects on how attending retreats has helped her rediscover her own identity beyond motherhood. We also talk about why time away is healthy for partnerships, allowing spouses and kids to step up at home.  I hope Laura's wisdom inspires you to prioritize self-care, whether through travel or simple moments of solitude. As she reminds us - we need time to just be, free from others' demands. It's essential for living vibrantly and authentically.  And if you want to join us at this year's retreat in Mexico Feb 7-11th, visit    In This Episode, You'll Discover... Why traveling without a spouse can be liberating and allow for powerful personal growth and self-discovery. An unexpected twist at the retreat that brought Laura newfound happiness and energy. The social, emotional, and spiritual value of solitude and the importance of nurturing your own identity outside of motherhood.  The unique way a retreat illuminates the path ahead for you.  The power of being embraced by a community of welcoming and kind-hearted women.  The importance of remembering what it's like to be an individual human being without anyone needing anything from you. And much more!   "It's okay to remember what it's like to be a whole and independent human being where no one else needs anything from you." - Jen Riday   Key Moments: [00:02:11] Losing ourselves in motherhood. [00:06:03] Getting out of the deep end. [00:11:30] Identity outside of parenthood. [00:14:10] Finding comfort in solitude. [00:20:42] Family dynamics and boundaries. [00:24:07] Taking time for oneself. [00:27:35] Sacred retreat for women. [00:32:07] Traveling solo and self-discovery. [00:36:47] Increasing enjoyment of parenting.   "We're more than just caregivers and wives and mothers and all the things we are. We're humans, really." - Laura Froyen   Resources: Join the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, which offers a transformative experience and provides a container of time to listen to your thoughts and connect with women from different walks of life. Connect with Dr. Laura Froyen on her website or through the Balanced Parent Podcast and learn from her soulful, intuitive widsom about purposeful parenting. Explore Vibrant Soul, a place to heal, transform, and expand your soul with like-minded friends by visiting Take responsibility for your own happiness and explore adding more alone time to your day-to-day life and beyond.
Breaking the stereotype of "clueless men," Anne Fraser takes a stand for men's emotional intelligence and healing, aiming to support them through a journey of understanding and love. Raised in a dysfunctional family, Anne Fraser witnessed the toxic dynamics of her alcoholic grandfather and needy grandmother, which shaped her belief that women had to earn love through attractiveness and caretaking. Unsurprisingly, this narrative carried over into her own marriage, where she found herself married to an avoidant and controlling partner. However, a life-changing car accident in 2009 shifted Anne's perspective. Faced with the fragility of life, she embarked on a journey of self-empowerment and healing. Through therapy, coaching, and personal growth workshops, Anne discovered the importance of self-love, boundaries, and personal responsibility for her own happiness. As she focused on her own growth and encouraged her children to do the same, her husband also began his own transformative journey. Today, Anne's relationship with her husband is a testament to the power of inner healing and the possibility of creating a healthy and loving partnership. Anne's story serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns and find true emotional fulfillment. In This Episode, You'll Be Able To: Discover the key to healing and transforming your relationship for long-lasting happiness. Unlock the power of men's emotional intelligence and find new ways to support your partner's emotional well-being. Break free from unhealthy relationship cycles and create a foundation of love, respect, and understanding. Explore how family roles can impact your relationships and gain insights to foster healthier dynamics. Prioritize personal growth and self-care to enhance your overall well-being and strengthen your relationship. And much more!   "I discovered that I am 100% responsible for my own happiness, that it is not his job, but it's also not my job to be responsible for his happiness." - Anne Fraser   Key Moments: 00:00:01 - Introduction 00:00:48 - Anne's Background and Work 00:02:45 - Anne's Childhood and Marriage 00:05:33 - Life-Changing Car Accident 00:08:52 - Impact on Anne's Marriage 00:16:21 - Healing Inner Child Wounds 00:17:13 - Husband's Healing Journey 00:18:15 - Encouraging Change 00:19:26 - From Settling to Empowerment 00:21:31 - The Power of Self-Care 00:31:23 - The Role of Men in Our Lives 00:32:28 - Healing for Men 00:33:39 - Impact on Sons 00:35:49 - Focus on Yourself   "My circumstances don't control who I am or how I show up in the world, that I don't have to look outside of myself for what I need." - Anne Fraser   Resources and Next Steps: Connect with Anne Fraser at to learn how to build meaningful connections and resolve conflicts in relationships. Attend the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, which offers a transformative experience and provides a container of time to listen to your thoughts and connect with women from different walks of life. Take responsibility for your own happiness and explore the concept of setting boundaries in relationships to create healthier dynamics. Seek additional support and therapy for yourself or your partner if needed to work on personal growth and healing within the relationship. Model healthy behaviors for your children by prioritizing self-care and personal growth. Don't Miss An Episode! Follow Jen on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube! Follow the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music, and be sure to leave a rating & review! Ask a question or leave a comment at  
Guest Linda Folken, a vibrant and happy woman participant, discovered the transformative power of coaching through the Vibrant Happy Women podcast. Struggling to align with her values and searching for personal growth, Linda immersed herself in Dr. Jen's resources and tools. One of her favorites was the "BE HER" practice, which she incorporated into her daily routine, setting the tone for her day and guiding her intentions. The "Feel It To Heal It" exercise helped her navigate a challenging time with her daughter, allowing her to process her emotions and find strength within herself. The "Feeling Wheel" introduced her to a vast array of emotions, empowering her with the words to express her innermost feelings. In This Episode, You'll Be Able To: Learn practical wellness practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily life to improve your overall well-being so you can feel more vibrant and alive. Explore how coaching can be a powerful tool for personal transformation, helping you break through barriers and align with your values to create a life of meaning and purpose. Find out how to create a support system of like-minded women who will uplift and empower you as you navigate your own personal transformation. Learn the secret of finding a container of time in which you can think without interruption. Discover why it's never too late to change! And much more! Key Moments: 00:00:01 - Introduction 00:00:32 - How the Podcast and Coaching Helped Linda Transform Her Life 00:02:11 - Using Tools for Daily Wellness Practices 00:05:12 - Being Present and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome 00:09:21 - Transitioning to Coaching and Finding Your Purpose Resources and Next Steps: Connect with Linda Folken via LinkedIn or  Read Linda's chapter in Business on Purpose. Attend the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, which offers a transformative experience and provides a container of time to listen to your own thoughts and connect with women from different walks of life. Join the Vibrant Soul Membership, a supportive community where you can access various tools and resources to align with your values and create a happier, more fulfilling life. Get access to Thought Tables, Feel It To Heal It, Be Her, and BOLD Meditation. Learn more about the Vibrant Life Coach Certification Program so you, too, can experience the transformative power of coaching!
Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and play bigger in life? In this episode, you'll discover why finding the courage to play bigger will help you make a positive impact in the world. Dr. Jen shares her own journey of stepping into the unknown and hosting the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, highlighting the transformative power of playing bigger. Jen explores the fears that hold us back, such as the fear of outshining others or not being good enough, and provides practical strategies to overcome those fears. By communicating with your higher self, owning your truth, and identifying the fears that hold you back, you can expand your capacity for joy and make a difference in the lives of others. So if you're ready to overcome your fears and play bigger in life, tune in to this empowering episode of Vibrant Happy Women.   In This Episode You'll Discover: How to unleash your inner courage and step outside your comfort zone to play bigger in life. Why a simple desire to learn the banjo led Jen on a journey of self-discovery and overcoming fear. The secret of overcoming your fears and limiting beliefs to unlock your full potential. How to connect with your Higher Self or a Higher Power to gain guidance and inspiration for your personal growth journey. Why embracing fear as a catalyst for positive change will help you make a meaningful impact in your own life and the lives of others.   Key Moments: 01:09 - Examples of Finding the Courage to Play Bigger 03:28 - What Happens When You Help Others to Heal and Grow 09:27 - Steps to Overcoming Your Fears 15:41 - The Impact of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone   Resources and Next Steps: Visit the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat website to get tickets for the upcoming event in Mexico. Join the Vibrant Soul Membership to access EFT tapping exercises and eliminate limiting beliefs. Purchase The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks to learn more about breaking through the fear of outshining others. Start journaling and asking open-ended questions to communicate with your Higher Self or a Higher Power. Choose your own truth by repeating empowering mantras such as, "All good things are on the other side of fear," or, "If people don't like my style or my body shape or my bank account, they're not my people."    
Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a rut, doing the same things day after day, and wondering if this is all there is? Then this episode is for you! Join guest Hailey Rowe and I as we discuss overcoming the fear of being more visible. The fact is, being the brightest, shiniest, most visible version of ourselves takes more than just willpower. In this episode you'll discover some powerful tools that have helped Hailey to live a more fearless life and that will help you, too, to step out of that comfort zone and into a more purposeful and fulfilled version of yourself. In This Episode You'll Discover: How Hailey overcomes her fear to perform as a wedding singer! Why overcoming fear sooner rather than later is essential (and will save you a lot of regret) Hailey's secret mindset trick for being stuck in her own head The power that comes from tackling the first 5 minutes of any scary task What to do when you're overwhelmed with all the different options you could choose from as you move forward How the "Feel It To Heal It" tool can help us handle trauma-based fear that can't be changed with the mind alone Why staying stuck causes just as many bad feelings as overcoming your fear of visibility And much more!  
Do you like the "story" of your life? Join me and guest Nicole Alexander as we discuss how to release the overwhelm, fear, confusion, and "shoulds" so the next chapter in your life story is one that feels amazing for you. Nicole Alexander spent more than 15 years leading communications and public affairs teams spanning government, corporate and small business before launching her coaching and consulting business last year. Her experience in these diverse professional environments, alongside being a mom and wife of a business owner, provides her unique perspective and passion for helping high-achieving women get back to loving their work and their life amid the chaos.  What You'll Discover: A powerful technique that helps you see your life from the perspective of a person reading a book about you How to listen to the signals of your body and intuition to know when it's time to make a course correction in your story The importance of getting help as you shift your perspective about life Why we need to be aware of the dream stealers and "shoulds" in order to break free And much more!
Most of us have participated in "diet culture" at one time or another, which can leave us feeling like a failure. My guest Karuna May and I discuss a more soulful approach to health that allows us to treat ourselves with compassion and to see the wholeness and sacredness of who we really are.  In this episode you'll learn: * How to let go of the "quick fix" and begin to practice a lifelong devotion to your body  * The importance of looking at our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences before we focus on our actions * Why viewing our bodies as the home of our spirits can have a dramatic impact on our ability to eat healthfully in a consistent way * How creating a good relationship with our bodies can change every aspect of our lives.  * And much more!
Dreams happen for all of us, whether we remember them or not. What would happen if you could use your dreams to help you to know yourself better? You can! Join me and guest Tzivia Gover for a fun conversation about dreams that will leave you feeling curious about the true meaning behind your dreams! Tzivia Gover, Certified Dreamwork Professional, is the author of seven books, most recently Dreaming on the Page: Tap into Your Midnight Mind to Supercharge Your Writing. She also offers 1:1 dreamwork, and workshops on dreams, writing, and everyday joy to empower people to wake up to their best selves. She lives and dreams in western Massachusetts.  What You’ll Learn: How Tzivia "cured" Jen's "tornado dream" and Tzivia's thoughts about Jen's two new recurring dreams! What happens when we start to open ourselves up and befriend our dreams A surprising fact about sleep patterns during the pandemic Why many people are avoiding getting all the sleep they need (it's not what you think!) How confusion about our dreams can create an internal disharmony The easy, doable skill that will help you remember more of your dreams And much more! Find all the links mentioned in the episode here.
Grief and sadness can occur in any number of circumstances and often leave us feeling helpless, unproductive, and out of control of our lives. This week Heather Ambler explains how Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT Tapping, can help us understand the root of our grief so we can truly heal from our emotional pain.  What You’ll Learn: What it means to look in your "suitcase of grief." The hidden wounds that might be impacting our grief at a loss How EFT tapping can help to heal the wounds of grief. Examples of root beliefs that might make grief heavier than it might need to be.  And much more!
Life comes with its share of curve balls, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed with emotion. In this episode, my best friend, Kitt Rothstein, and I talk about her 18-month journey of grief that culminated with the death of her amazing husband, Blake, on July 3, 2023. What You’ll Learn: What to do when your life suddenly doesn't match what you had planned. How Kitt was miraculously prepared in advance for her journey of grief. Why a grief journey can be both terrible and beautiful. How grief can be like a CD-ROM. The reason we often need someone to witness our grief rather than fix our grief. And much more!
Do you struggle with energy and clarity? Or with headaches or other aches? This is the episode for you. Dr. Meg Mill talks about using a functional approach to healing your body so you can feel more confident and in charge of your health. What You’ll Learn: The difference between functional and conventional medicine and why it matters for your health. The functional way to deal with headaches, brain fog, low energy, and weight. How the E.A.T. Method can help you take charge of your health. The secret to being able to say, "I didn't know I could feel this amazing!" Why it's essential that we measure all the complicated pieces that contribute to health and weight. And much more!
Body shame is pervasive in our culture, and this episode is geared toward releasing that shame. Join Jen and guest Arielle Estoria as they discuss: How to take up space with your body What it means to be powerful, even if you're a bigger-bodied woman  What it means to follow the 5-step path of awakening, eclipsing, illuminating, mending, and returning as we try to fully inhabit our bodies and release shame  And much more!
For decades mental health and child development experts have taught us to focus on thoughts and behaviors in order to be happier and more successful. Unfortunately, this approach wasn't fully effective for many people because it didn't address energy and nervous system regulation.  Join me and my guest Nicole Smith Levay as we talk about somatic practices that help us to more fully inhabit our bodies so we can experience more peace and calm.  What You’ll Learn: Why it's essential for parents to address a child's nervous system regulation before trying to address a child's behavior. The reason breathing doesn't always regulate the nervous system and what to do instead. The gifts that can come to us when we "show up messy" Nicole's strategy for calming herself before performing or public speaking.   Jen's experience of "recreating the womb" and enjoying being rocked by a circle of women.  How autistic people can teach the rest of us so much about nervous system regulation.  And much more!
What does it really mean to be authentic? And how do we release control and allow our kids to be their authentic selves? Guest Rachel Macy Stafford answers these questions and shares her story of ditching perfectionism and shame so she could truly shine. In this episode you'll discover: How to plant yourself in the right ground for you Ways to find out what you really like What happened with Rachel's daughter Avery What happened with Jen's daughter (and how she's handling her husband's disapproval) and much more!
Positive thinking has its merits, but sometimes when life feels heavy and overwhelming, it is even more powerful to know how to regulate your nervous system. In this episode Jen describes: Where she has been since November What the three main nervous system states are (and which one has been Jen's baseline state) How to release stress, overwhelm, and anxiety through somatic practices  Why we can't get out of a freeze/shutdown/depression response through stress regulation strategies (and what we need to do instead) and much more!
Ever felt like your kids are always out of sorts, having a meltdown, or just not listening?  This week we're talking about how to raise emotionally intelligent children, and especially how to teach them about nervous system regulation. My guest, Alyssa Blask Campbell, shares why it's essential that we as parents become aware of how our nervous systems work so we can help our kids manage stress and anxiety, depression and low energy, and everything in between.  This skill set has a powerful impact on how the energy in our homes feels, how kids handle stressors at school or in social situations, and how kids will likely perform as adults. Learn how to improve your emotional intelligence so you're better equipped to help your kids do the same so you can experience greater connection and peace in your relationships with your kids.  If you're ready to slow down, find balance, and love more, join me in the Vibrant Happy Women Club. It’s only $47 per month and if you purchase the annual membership you get two months free!   What You’ll Learn: Why we can't teach social skills without understanding emotional safety.  The biggest gaps parents have in trying to raise well-adjusted kids.  The definition of nervous system regulation and why it's an essential skill set for parents. How avoiding overwhelm, exhaustion, burnout, and meltdowns as parents pay huge dividends in the parent-child relationship.  The various buckets every child (and adult) needs to fill to keep our nervous systems in emotional safety.  How parents can balance their need for downtime (or stimulation) with their kids' needs for stimulation (or downtime).  Why parents would benefit from carpooling. How hormones and neurotransmitters are involved in nervous system regulation and dysregulation. The difference between dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin activities. And much more! 
Wondering where I've been? In this episode, I explain everything! You'll learn how time away can help you find your truth and live in greater alignment. I talk about the importance of boundaries, adding light to your life (aka, filling your cup, but in the best ways possible), and how to let go of negative thoughts about your loved ones. By the end of this episode, you'll be more clear on how to not only find your purpose but to integrate what you learn back into your everyday life.  Get full show notes and more information here:  
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Jolene Balsimo

I love this podcast, but I wish she would slow down her talking. it's just too fast.

Jan 25th

Jen Riday

way to go!!! ❤️❤️

Mar 29th

Jen Riday

I’m so glad you liked it!

Mar 27th
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Ana Esperança

oh my god this episode was so awesome :) I totally feel connected with my husband through sex...I also kind of feel that it's really the "moment" when I feel loved and when I need love well I know what to do. What Jane said about shame it's totally true..making the story short. My husband love this swinger thing and at beginning I was always afraid or I would ( like any other women) find any excuse like " I don't feel confident with my body in front of the others " or " I have headaches" lol but then one day he told me something that woke me up for the reality ..." we are not getting younger you know?" and that make me think.." Just let go and enjoy because then it's too late" and so was it and now I love it and look forward to the next one!!! 😎

Feb 12th

Ana Esperança

Jen this episode was amazing! I am writing from Germany and you know I start listennig to your podcast because I was definitively at this really bad point of my life with my husband and daughter with 3 years old. I had this feeling that we couldn't talk together anymore my husband and I and I was really depressed. Somehow you helped me soon much with your so honest podcast :) you keep giving me hope and honest feelings from my true me everyday!! you are awesome thank you Jen 😙

Feb 8th

Monica Lopez

this was a great episode. It fit in well with my thoughts today. thank you!!!

Aug 7th

Jennyfer Morel

omg this is exactly what I do and it feels great. i usually write quotes, weekly goals, positive messages. i love it

Mar 23rd
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