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Author: Ryan Foley

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Happy Humans explores the fascinating and often misunderstood world of human behavior and communication. Ratchet up your skills with tips and tricks with communications coach Ryan Foley and expert guests.

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14 Episodes
   Dr. Joe Galati has been on the frontline in the battle against the biggest threats to liver health for more than 30 years. In this episode, hear how just a few years ago he was part of a major victory against Hepatitis C and how this killer was quickly overtaken by another more insidious foe. Dr. Galati points out the fight against disease is often won or lost by patients themselves. His mission has been to help patients win their own battles by helping them find their motivation to make big lifestyle changes and fight back. - The fight against disease is not a losing battle – we’ve had major victories - How can you get the most value from conversations with your physician? - Why is it so hard for patients to make life-saving changes in behavior and what can physicians do to help? Dr. Joe Galati has been called America’s “Physician-Communicator,” gifted with the ability to discuss complex medical, health, and wellness topics in easily understood language. He hosts the weekly radio program Your Health First on iHeart Radio and is the author of the bestselling book Eating Yourself Sick. Dr. Galati is the Director for the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at Houston Methodist Hospital and runs one of the country’s largest private liver services in the nation.  --- For bonus video content checkout:   Website: 
Meet Ryan’s friend, Philip Saraff, a Marine Veteran and career cop who has conducted hundreds of criminal investigations and thousands of interviews as a homicide detective, SWAT operator, and Iraqi police liaison officer for the US Department of State.  He has made a name for himself as an officer specializing in detecting deception and has voluntarily applied his skills as a subject of many polygraph tests over the years - truly testing their limits.  - What can you expect during a polygraph test? - How can you control your reactions? - Will you be surprised by test questions?  Philip is COO of Warrior Voices, a nonprofit dedicated to training veterans as voice actors and connecting them with work opportunities. --- For bonus video content checkout:   Website: 
   It’s that time again when we’re all working on new year’s resolutions, but perhaps this is the year to reinvent yourself! In this special episode, Ryan interviews a master of reinvention, who also happens to be his mom, Julie Foley. A successful business owner and creative mind, she found herself facing a divorce after almost 30 years as a stay-at-home mother. Julie shares how her darkest time became the beginning of an incredible new life chapter that saw her living on a sailboat, building up a wildly successful business, and becoming a top-level canvas designer in her 50s.   - How can you reinvent yourself after a devastating divorce? - How can you reinvent yourself later in life? - What perspective leads to a pattern of personal reinvention?   ---   For bonus video content checkout:   Website: 
We are often more confident in our own intuition than we should be. Reevaluating our approach to communication in unfamiliar and combative environments is the key to success and, in some cases, to our survival. This is never truer than it is for soldiers tasked with negotiating with enemy combatants abroad. In this episode, US Army Ranger and veteran of special operations, Raymond Roberts, takes us into the mind of such a soldier and helps us understand some of the most effective principles of communication he has learned in battle and in civilian life. - What is the one question that can speed up your communication learning curve? - How can you build rapport with someone who identifies you as the enemy? --- For bonus video content checkout: Website:
Join me in this conversation with interview coach and master negotiator Ramon Santillan from as he shows us how and why you should stop interviewing and start having conversations instead. He tells us about the exact moment when he knew he was going to turn down a job offer by getting the interviewer to be honest with him and how to position yourself as the top candidate by asking questions. - How can you turn an interview into a memorable conversation? - What are employers really looking for? - Why are stories so important in interviews? --- Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
Do you wish you could be a more confident and polished public speaker? In this episode of Happy Humans, Ryan talks with Margaret Watts Romney who's coached over 100 TEDx speakers to give the talk of their lives. What small changes we can make immediately that can have a dramatic impact on our public speaking? - How can we get past the fear of speaking in front of others? - What is one issue that many very intelligent speakers have without realizing it? - Can you really over practice a talk? Margaret is the Founder of Impact Moments Messaging. She helps growing and purpose driven communicators find their "why," lead their audience, and build community. You can follow her on Facebook at or sign up to receive speaking tips and communication insights from her newsletter at Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
“I always go with my gut!” If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve likely heard someone else brag about the dependability of their gut feelings. But are gut feelings so dependable? In this episode we examine the difference between intuition and analytical thinking and their roles in making good decisions. There are times when a gut feeling may save your life, but our feelings may also be dangerously misleading when we have to make important life decisions. - Why are gut feelings so strong? - When are they most accurate? - When might following our intuition lead us astray?
If you’ve taken a personality test like the Myers-Briggs (MBTI), DiSC Assessment, or Strengths Finder, you’ve likely gleaned some great insights. But there is a trap that we can easily fall into that can stunt our personal and professional growth if we’re not careful. - How can we use these assessments correctly? - What trap must we avoid? - How can we spot warning signs in our conversations that we might have fallen for this trap? In this episode of Happy Humans, Ryan Foley answers these questions and more. Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
How to Tap into the Power of Dreams Do you remember a dream that had a profound effect on your life? Dreams have inspired the works of great artists, helped scientists make brilliant discoveries, and dramatically enhanced the motor skills of top athletes. But what is the function of dreaming and how can we tap into them as a source of self-improvement and revelation? In this episode of Happy Humans, Ryan Foley answers these questions and more. - Why do we dream? - Can you interpret your dreams? - Can dreams predict the future? Recommended reading: Matthew Walker’s book, Why We Sleep - Unlocking the power of Sleep and Dreams Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
Within 100 milliseconds we’re being judged on our likability and trustworthiness. What signals are you sending? In this episode of Happy Humans, Ryan Foley discusses some key nonverbal signals that telegraph our likability and elicit respect from others in social and professional settings. - What nonverbal signal can have the first and most powerful impact on how others judge us? - How can we adjust our body language and tone to match the situation and person we are speaking to? - What can we do to enhance our confidence before an important meeting? Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
How should you respond when someone interrupts you with inappropriate comments? How did a female politician recently earn an apology from the Whitehouse with just eight words? How can men and women display confidence in the face of bias? In this episode of Happy Humans, Ryan Foley answers these questions and more. - How can you handle biased comments more effectively? - How can you use pauses to maintain power in conversation? Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
Are you about to go on an overseas adventure? Have you accepted a new position with a company you’ve never worked for? Do you want to easily mingle with people from all over the world? In this episode of Happy Humans with Ryan Foley, we talk about three strategies that you can use now to dramatically boost your cultural intelligence and adapt to new environments like a pro. - What is the connection between adaptability and cultural intelligence? - Why is the advice “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” NOT always a good idea? - What should you immediately ask yourself when you become unexpectedly offended? Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
In episode two of Happy Humans with Ryan Foley, we explore the way we store and recall memories for better or worse and examine how we can use this process to our advantage. - Why don’t we remember our earliest memories? - How do scientologist "audits" manipulate the memory of the person being interviewed? - What can we learn from a fortune teller trick that takes advantage of the way we remember events? We also answer a question from clariz_navidad on Instagram: Does seeing someone look in a specific direction before speaking mean they are thinking a particular kind of thought? Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
In this very first episode of Happy Humans with Ryan Foley, we clear up big misconceptions about eye contact, learn how to create a deep connection through eye-gaze, and use our eyes to light up a room with a Duchenne smile. - Can you tell if someone is lying by paying attention to what they do with their eyes? - Does lengthier eye-contact communicate disrespect or deep respect? - Ramp up your likability by smiling with your eyes. Here’s how to do it... Instagram: @happyhumans_podcast Website:
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