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Author: Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall

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Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination.
116 Episodes
Sarah tells Mike about media history, labor organizing, century-old moral panics — and the unlikely Disney musical that introduced her to all three. Digressions include Sting, "The Princess Bride" and 19th century graphic design. Both co-hosts recount their extremely millennial work histories.Support us: the show (
Was Harvey Milk's killer really given a light sentence after claiming that junk food made him do it? Mike's spinoff podcast, Maintenance Phase, dives into the rumor and finds a very You're Wrong About twist. Subscribe to Maintenance Phase here: the show (
The Electoral College

The Electoral College


Topical episode! Special guest Jamelle Bouie tells Sarah and Mike about his problematic Founding Father faves and the bewildering institution they handed down to us. Digressions include '70s lapels, "Reversal of Fortune" and the Eurovision Song Contest. The filibuster rule and the three-fifths compromise receive bonus debunkings. Support us: the show (
“You can be a hot mess express and still leave the world better than you found it.” In the final episode of our series, we talk about Diana’s untimely death and the everlasting conspiracy theories surrounding it. Digressions include RPGs, Madonna and Tickle Me Elmo. This episode contains spoilers for the movie “The Queen.” Here's the photos and clips we talked about in this episode: us: the show (
This week, Diana leaves the royal family with her reputation intact and her title slightly edited. Digressions include "Love Actually," "Pride and Prejudice" and Marie Antoinette. Both co-hosts reveal their staunch affirmative stance on wine moms. Unfortunately, this episode includes descriptions of self-harm. Here's the photos and clips we talked about in this episode: us:  Support the show (
What if the scariest thing in America is unfettered capitalism and unaccountable corporations? Sources: us: the show (
Mike comes on Sarah’s new show to talk about robots, dads, the little metal hands guys and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." An Oops! All Pop Culture episode of You’re Wrong About.Why Are Dads: the show (
Mike has a new podcast! Here's the first episode, in which he debunks the absurd Cold War trauma factory that was once administered to 75% of American children.  If you want to subscribe to Maintenance Phase, click here: http://maintenancephase.comSupport the show (
This week, Mike and Sarah dissect the Creepy Encounters subreddit and how to handle our creepy feelings in an unsafe time and place.  Digressions include Carol Kane, McDonald's and Uber.  Sarah wonders if human traffickers have taken serial killers’ jobs. Scheduling note: Diana is eating beans on toast and watching "EastEnders" this week. She will return soon.Here's Mike's new podcast! http://maintenancephase.comLinks!"I was almost sex trafficked and didn’t realize until nearly a year later":"Homeless lady approaches my car while i’m eating alone at the Mcdonald’s, doesn’t realize i’m not stupid":"Do not let your Uber Driver cancel your ride while in the car": us: the show (
This week, Diana swaps out her husband for a Horse Dude and Mike and Sarah act out other people's PG-13 dirty talk. Digressions include shoulder pads, Billy Joel and "Seinfeld" (twice!). There's a moment 55 minutes in that is going to make you feel very weird. As with previous installments, this episode contains detailed descriptions of disordered eating.Here's the photos we talked about in this episode: us: Support the show (
This week, Diana gets married, joins her new family and meets the press. Digressions include Judy Garland, Edward Cullen and the AITA subreddit. Unfortunately, this episode includes detailed descriptions of suicide attempts and eating disorders. Here's the photos we talked about in this episode: us:! Andrew Morton's "Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words"Tina Brown's "The Diana Chronicles"Sally Bedell Smith's "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life"Support the show (
We start our new series with the story of a girl, a prince and the society that convinced them they liked each other. Digressions include camels, Beyoncé and the idiosyncrasies of British place names. We're sorry to say that this episode has detailed descriptions of disordered eating. Here's a link to the photos and clips we discuss in this episode: us:! Andrew Morton's "Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words"Tina Brown's "The Diana Chronicles"Hillary Mantel's "Royal Bodies"Zoë Heller's "Where Prince Charles Went Wrong" (Mike said it was Adam Gopnik on the show! That sucks and he's sorry!)Support the show (
Killer Clowns

Killer Clowns


For our 100th episode, American Hysteria host Chelsey Weber-Smith visits our campfire to tell us about the time America was besieged by a killer clown panic ... and then the time it happened all over again. Digressions include Jon Stewart, "The Blair Witch Project" and John Wayne Gacy. Sarah coyly references the Hartford circus fire several times but no one seems to notice.”If you want to skip the 100th-episode stuff, the Clown Content begins around 10:15.Support us:! American Hysteria on the web: on Instagram: @americanhysteriapodcast & on Twitter: @amerhysteria Chelsey's "Phantom Clowns" episode: the show (
“It’s like these men are being held in a bubble as science marches forward.” Mike tells Sarah how one of history's most unethical experiments came crashing down. Digressions include the history of penicillin, the power of TV movies and the mysterious diagnosis of "Satan's crabs." This episode is happier than the last one, but still contains a lot of racist language and some grisly Nazi examples toward the beginning. Support us:!Under the Shadow of Tuskegee: African Americans and Health CareExamining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its LegacyBad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentMedical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the PresentThe Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Medical Research versus Human Rights“There Wasn't a Lot of Comforts in Those Days:” African Americans, Public Health, and the 1918 Influenza EpidemicThe Study Of Untreated Syphilis In The Negro MaleRacism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis StudyThe 1972 Ebony articleThe Discovery of Penicillin—New Insights After More Than 75 Years of Clinical UseSyphilis Victims in U.S. Study Went Untreated for 40 YearsThe Rhetoric of Dehumanization: An Analysis of Medical Reports of The Tuskegee Syphilis ProjectSupport the show (
Mike tells Sarah about the longest "non-therapeutic" experiment in medical history. Digressions include deep fried ice cream, Kato Kaelin and a hot-yoga cabinet. As a warning, this episode contains long quotes from eugenic memos and detailed descriptions of medical racism. We promise to do a happier episode soon. Huge thanks to Susan Reverby, Vanessa Northington Gamble and Lillian Head for helping Mike with the research for this episode! Support us:!Under the Shadow of Tuskegee: African Americans and Health CareExamining Tuskegee: The Infamous Syphilis Study and Its LegacyBad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentMedical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the PresentThe Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Medical Research versus Human RightsRethinking the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Nurse Rivers, Silence and the Meaning of Treatment“There Wasn't a Lot of Comforts in Those Days:” African Americans, Public Health, and the 1918 Influenza EpidemicThe Study Of Untreated Syphilis In The Negro MaleNurse Eunice Rivers: Marching to Doctor's Orders in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in the Jim Crow SouthRacism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis StudyThe Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Medical Ethics, Constitutionalism, and Property in the BodyThe Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Biotechnology And The Administrative StateSupport the show (
This week, Sarah makes a Nancy Grace-style argument against the prosecution. Digressions include '90s romantic comedies, Betty Broderick and flatscreen TVs.Support us: the show (
Sarah tells Mike about her new foray into Dad Studies and, for the second time this week, discusses a horror movie about families from 1975 and sings a little.Subscribe! the show (
The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives


Sarah tells Mike about the real-life conspiracy written between the lines of a 1970s horror novel. Digressions include "Rosemary's Baby (again), Disney World (of course), a brief history of the American pharmaceutical industry and a long recipe for stew.Support us:!"She Touched Me" from "Drat! The Cat!" -- Carousel of Progress- Magic Worlds of Walt Disney – National Geographic August 1963 --"More Work for Mother" by Ruth Schwartz Cowan"The Age of Anxiety" by Andrea Tone"The Battered Parent Syndrome" ad for Milton -"The Magic Bullet" by Heather Radke, on Miltown -"The Family That Built an Empire of Pain" by Patrick Radden Keefe, on the Sackler family --"Dopesick" by Beth Macy the show (
In another "mini" episode that accidentally turned mega, Mike tells Sarah about the Wayfair conspiracy theory and the sketchy statistical screenshots that have shown up in its wake. Digressions include "Inside Llewyn Davis," Miranda Priestley and (sigh) Jeffrey Epstein. This episode contains, we're sorry to say, detailed descriptions of child abuse. We recommend listening to this episode alongside our "Human Trafficking" episode from last year, which contains much more context for understanding this issue: us: the show (
Disco Demolition Night

Disco Demolition Night


Mike tells Sarah how a silly sports promotion galvanized a reactionary movement. Digressions include “Charlotte’s Web,” Jane Fonda and German-language musicals. Songs are dissected; the honor of David Bowie and late-night salad bars are defended.Huge thanks to historians Tavia Nyong'o, Eric Gonzaba, Luis-Manuel Garcia and Gillian Frank for helping Mike with this episode! Support us:!  Tavia Nyong'o's "I Feel Love: Disco and Its Discontents"Gillian Frank's excellent article on disco and his delightful podcastLuis-Manuel Garcia's alternate history of club culture and dissection of the gay left's opposition to discoAlice Echols' "Hot Stuff"  Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton's "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey"   Tim Lawrence's "Love Saves the Day: A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979" Peter Shapiro's "Turn the Beat Around: The Secret History of Disco"Undone did a great episode on Disco Demolition Night“The Flip Sides of 1979”“Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night,” the (fabricated) New York Magazine story that inspired “Saturday Night Fever”Tony Smith interview"Disco and The Queering of the Dance Floor"Support the show (
Comments (151)

Lucas Busche

I’m a left leaning person from North Dakota who voted all Dem. this election cycle. While I know that my vote here isn’t likely to change the very conservative leadership here, I still have to try. One thing that I found interesting this cycle, our (Rep.) Governor was up for re-election this year. Since the start of the pandemic, he refused to bring up a mask mandate for the state. His reasoning was that “we need to trust people to do the right thing without taking away their freedom.”. 1 week after he was largely re-elected, he put out a mask mandate. Which shows that his stance on it was purely for his re-election.

Nov 23rd

alli lent

as someone from Pennsylvania, I didn't even know fracking was a thing here until this election.. it's not really that important to a lot of PA

Nov 18th

Andrew Greaves

i just wish they would stop saying like like like like like. it would be so much better if they would just stop saying like.....super annoying!!!!!

Nov 13th

Millie Holliday

I actually learned in my constitutional law class that the first court case that gave us due process did actually come from a company in - I think - the 1800s

Nov 12th

I’m going to tough out this vapid intro to see if anything engaging comes up when the Diana bits are finally gotten to. Right now, it feels like I stumbled into the comments thread of “omg, 2020 is like the literal worst!” (Literally!)

Nov 11th

Jessica Moretti

Guyssss I love you and I don't believe in the Wayfair conspiracy but women should ABSOLUTELY trust their guts in these cases. ughhhh

Nov 10th


omg not good

Nov 9th


every other word is like.

Nov 8th

felix hernandez

fuck this bullshit

Nov 3rd
Reply (1)

Alessandra Rosso

this shit existed? I thought this only happened in the movies.

Oct 22nd

Mustafa Efe

The misinformation you are spreading in this video is very concerning. 30% of obese people may be metabolically fine but 70% aren't! That's a HUGE portion and that's exactly why doctors take your weight as an indication that something may be wrong so they monitor those values more closely. Diets don't work? Where the hell did you come up with this ? Let alone the plethora of studies that prove you wrong, I myself have successfully lost weight and easily can maintain my new bodyfat ratio. Now it is one thing to say that weight loss works different for everybody and that certain diets won't work for certain people, and another to just say that diets don't work. That is BLATANTLY WRONG. Trying to be PC doesn't mean that you can ignore biology guys. As a biologist, this episode was very concerning to me. Please refrain from talking about medical issues you clearly don't have a good understanding of.

Oct 16th

Amanda McMillan

there is a movie about this, feat. Ethan Hawke. It is fine.

Oct 14th

Janie Garza

I love the Princess Diana story! All of it because I too am obsessed with the Royal family.

Oct 7th

nikki f

are you going to do a review of Mariah Carey's book?! please please please. I hear it's really good!!

Oct 6th


Distraction as self-care 🤷

Oct 5th

Rick F

Who is the giggly co-host? Is she the paid laugh-track?

Oct 3rd

Luke Baylie

Trying real hard to like this... but the audio quality sucks. He's got a slight echo, she sounds like she's on the phone. Need some room tone and a producer.

Oct 3rd

alli lent

I miss when I first found this podcast and could just binge it all.. now I'm constantly waiting for the next one

Sep 30th

M'lady 04

As someone who is just as emotionally drained, I fully support this "frivolous" series on a british drama from 30 years ago. Bless

Sep 29th


Not really related to the topic, but... I really appreciate Michael mentioning that 65% of Americans have never used Uber. We all live in bubbles to some extent, but I think white, urban/suburban, middle/upper class folks need to be constantly reminded that their experiences are not typical. It just seems that way because most of the social and cultural media output comes from this demographic. It leads to the rest of the country, the bulk of the population, feeling left behind in one way or another.

Sep 28th
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