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Discussion and interviews with all things wrestling. Whether it is valets, wrestlers, managers, referees, producers or commentators The Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is talking to aspiring stars, stars of yesterday and stars of today.
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This week's edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is with Faye Jackson. Episode 41 with Faye Jackson originally took place prior to The Collective taking place. With plans of a series of events taking place, the Plus Size Pam Grier shared her plans for Faye Jackson's Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal. Despite the event, not taking place that wasn't to say that her vision for the event can't or won't still take place. There was a great deal of commitment leading into the event from those booked to perform. Her show certainly has a certain age demographic in mind. Faye doesn't pull any punches and her relaxed demeanor was evident during the chat. During our interview, she is open about a number of topics and plays along with what her ideal 18+ age wrestling show will consist of. Jackson shares her background and early training and how she came to be where she is today. This past year she was on a quest...a quest to get CANCELLED. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen. If Faye has her way it'll likely happen sooner rather than later.
Pro Wrestling Post Podcast Presents Episode 40 with Shane Taylor In the latest edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast is Episode 40 with Ring of Honor's Shane Taylor. Taylor has committed a great deal of himself to his craft in the ring. With the emergence of Shane Taylor Promotions and prominent championship opportunities within the company. We discussed several topics but our discussion over racism in wrestling and the need for widespread change became prominent. Taylor's thoughts were quite pertinent in advocating for change. A change that isn't just in the industry but one that is reflective of society today. While aware of his accomplishments, Shane Taylor is not willing to rest on his laurels. Taylor continues to do exactly what he sets out to do. Several times Taylor will refer to shattering the glass ceiling. A ceiling that while some believed has cracks in it has barely scratched the surface on what should be done. During our interview, Taylor discusses the impact Jay Lethal has made in Ring of Honor. Taylor also shares that he too is primed to be the flagbearer as the champion in the foreseeable future.
In the latest edition of the podcast, we welcome Game Changer Wrestling's commentator Kevin Gill. Gill's passion for wrestling traces back to the days of ECW. With the spirit of Extreme Championship Wrestling running through the veins, Kevin Gill has effectively transitioned that into what was initially Jersey Championship Wrestling. As GCW's commentator, his role with the promotion also showcases an unbridled passion that is reminiscent of Paul Heyman. Gill is a multi-faceted and multi-talented man.
One of the fastest rising wrestling shows to take place is Pizza Party Wrestling. The event is organized, promoted and run by Dan Scotti. Pizza Party Wrestling has managed to take two beloved things and put them together. Pizza is often considered the most beloved food by a number of people. Wrestling is a passion felt by enthusiasts the world over. By putting them together, Dan Scotty has made something fun and exciting for everyone could enjoy. While some may criticize the place that Pineapple has on a Pizza, Scotti doesn't. In fact, that longstanding argument has served to play into the theme of the event and a match. Pizza Party Wrestling is an event that has showcased wrestling in a new, fresh and vibrant way.  This year, Pizza Party Wrestling once again resumes its place as part of  The Collective taking place in Tampa, Florida during WrestleMania Week. Scotti's vision is shared in this week's edition of the podcast. However, almost by his own admittance what was originally the plan has become so much more. Dan Scotti shares his thoughts on today's wrestling and the growth of independent wrestling. We cover an array of topics and how Birthday Bash came to be after last year's massive series of shows as part of The Collective. Scotti discusses the fun and creativity that has emerged from the freedom that independent wrestling can provide. Who would Dan say fans should keep an eye out for on the independent scene? To hear his thoughts pick up a slice of pizza of your choice.
In this archived 2017 interview, Rhett Titus opens up about how he became a wrestler. He also shares about who was integral in his development. He discusses his future at the time with then tag team partner Kenny King as part of the All-Night Express. Titus also discusses his past feuds and his early training. Under the likes of Austin Aries and former WWE World Champion, Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson). Ring of Honor fans will be pleased with how Titus is open and forthcoming about his evolution as a wrestler.  How he approaches things now is different than before. Titus takes other things into consideration now compared to when he was younger. He also discusses how Ring of Honor’s tag team division is as integral a part of the promotion as the singles division. His enthusiasm for the future is something that was quite evident during our interview. Titus doesn’t hide who his early influences in wrestling are and how integral they are to what he’s achieved thus far. As a father, he also shares how he’s made a conscious effort to educate his son about wrestling and its risks.
In this archived interview from 2017, we spoke with then Global Force Wrestling’s,  talent Sonjay Dutt. Today Dutt is a backstage producer for the WWE. However, at the time he showcased how his knowledge of a demographic would be something that could be tapped into. With Dutt in Indian descent and his knowledge of the country was key to the emergence of the Ring Kai King event that TNA/IMPACT Wrestling was a part of. The promotions venture into India allowed for the discovery and emergence of such talents as Mahabali Shera.
In this 2019 interview, we sat down with 'Retrosexual' Anthony Greene and Josh Briggs to discuss an array of different topics. This was our first time meeting after conducting individual interviews with both of them a couple of years ago. Their careers have undergone such dramatic changes and all for the better. In the case of Greene gone are the days of his being 'All Good' and in its place is a persona that is all great with the Retrosexual. After their participation in the second annual Smash Wrestling The Northern tournament, Greene, and Briggs discussed the changes they have both experienced. Both Greene and Briggs are active members of the EVOLVE roster. This is coupled with them continuing to forge a trail for themselves all over North America. For Green and Briggs, this was before both men would face each other at EVOLVE's Anniversary event on the WWE network. We discussed the belief and mindset of wrestling purists and how those aren't necessarily reflected by everyone today. Both men speak both highly AEW's Sonny Kiss and how recent criticism he faced by one individual. Kiss' toughness became a talking point as both Greene and Briggs supported him as a competitor and a friend. Anthony Greene and Josh Briggs remain calm and cool on this night. of competition as part of Smash Wrestling's The Northern tournament. Greene and Briggs also take part in our #WrestlingTinder topics of discussion as well. A good time was had by all.
In this 2015 interview, Lance Hoyt explains details of his wrestling past and present. Before he was the IWGP United States Champion, Hoyt shared his time alongside tag team partner Davey Boy Smith Jr as part of the Killer Elite Squad. Hoyt has competed with several promotions. Throughout his career, he has reinvented himself and embraced changes along the way. The nineteen-year veteran Hoyt has competed for Ring of Honor, TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, WWE and NJPW. This well-traveled veteran hasn't sat complacent, but rather looked for new and different opportunities to grow as a performer and a competitor. Throughout Hoyt's career, he has been a part of some memorable tag teams and stables. For example, during his time in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, fans may recall Hoyt was one half of the Rock n Rave Infection alongside Jimmy Rave and managed by Christy Hemme over the span of two years. After his time in TNA/IMPACT Wrestling came to an end, Hoyt teamed with Curt Hawkins during his time in the WWE and FCW. At the time he was competing under the name Vance Archer. Hoyt is a member of Minoru Suzuki's Suzuki-gun as part of New Japan Pro Wrestling. While Lance Hoyt has had a fair amount of tag team success, he has flourished as a singles wrestler. His recent IWGP United States Championship is just another example of this.
As we begin season two of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast we kick off with a former WWE referee. Jimmy Korderas has seemingly seen it all and has been around it all over his thirty years being in and around the wrestling business. Korderas was with WWE for many years and built meaningful and long last relationships there. Today, Korderas can be seen and heard in Canada adding his analysis of a number of different promotions, but with the primary focus on WWE. He also shares his expertise by serving as a referee for up and coming Canadian promotions such as Smash Wrestling. In this 2018 interview, Jimmy shares his thoughts on how kayfabe still serves a purpose today, and the role of the referee and whether or not it has changed over the years. He also opens up about if the opportunity presented itself for him to follow in the footsteps of other former referees such as Teddy Long and Bill Alfonso to have a different onscreen role. Jimmy also shares his thoughts on the success of Canadian wrestlers both domestically and internationally. In the process, he advises who fans should keep an eye out for locally, those that have the qualities that will enable them to be the next big Canadian name. Fans can communicate with him on social media such as Twitter, where he can be reached at @jimmykorderas
As a veteran of twenty-six years, Christopher Daniels has virtually seen and done it all. From his early runs in TNA battling for the X-division championship to his longstanding rivalries with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, not enough can be said about a man with as much skill as he has personality. Once called 'the Fallen Angel', Daniels has transitioned from successful singles wrestler to successful tag team wrestler. Once a part of the duo known as Bad Company and later as The Addiction in Ring of Honor, Daniels was quite successful. With Frankie Kazarian by his side, the duo has made beautiful music together in the ring. During our interview, we discuss all things, Christopher Daniels. Whether it was his time in TNA to his time in Ring of Honor to his world championship win, Daniels remains equally calm and collected as anyone in wrestling today. He is a grand slam winner in Ring of Honor including being one-half of the inaugural tag team champions in 2002. As a member of SoCal Uncensored with his longtime partner Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, the trio is set. Whether it is in All Elite Wrestling or various independent promotions, SCU is showing its relevance. One of the keys to Daniels success has been his concerted effort to remain relevant regardless of the audience and whoever is by his side.
In this August 2019 interview, 'The Best Ever' Sammy Guevara sat down to discuss all things, Sammy. From his early ambitions in the ring to his time signing with All Elite Wrestling, Sammy Guevara was highlighting his career and all things that were a part of it. His motivations were more intrinsic because he is showing that anything is possible if you really work hard enough and put his mind to it. He shares his first memory of wrestling watching WWE as a certain Latin Icon that is someone he always resonated in the ring with. Guevara has quickly caught the eyes of fans of AEW as one of the initial members of Chris Jericho's led faction The Inner Circle. Before joining AEW, Guevara shared how he is able to connect with those in attendance. Whether he is in the role of face or heel, Guevara feels comfortable with anyone and everyone in the ring. He is able to adjust on the fly to those he is in the ring. With Guevara's confidence in the ring, he continues to push forward. Whether it is as seen as the future of wrestling and in particular All Elite Wrestling. From one discussion to the next Guevara's ability to not only showcase his skills but articulate who he is and why he is better than the next talent for a reason.
During this early 2019 interview, the Wounded Owl, LuFisto took some time to discuss all things wrestling. Our chat covered an array of different topics. Whether it was the evolution of women's wrestling to where her career was headed to whom she hoped to face for her final match. At the time of this recording, LuFisto shared a great deal of insight as to how she was feeling physically and was reflective of all that she had achieved. While she has announced that she no longer plans on retiring anytime soon at this time her mind and body were in a different place. She shared what she hoped would have been with the likes of Jordynne Grace. LuFisto also shared how it was very rare during her time for women and men to face one another. However, it was clear that she was determined to blaze a trail that the likes of Tessa Blanchard have come to embrace today. This interview took place after SMASH Wrestling's The Northern tournament. After the match, she was as gracious with her time with fans as she was competitive in the ring. Her ability to connect with fans was clear. With an infectious smile and a killer instinct in the ring, it is no surprise while she was the longest-reigning Shine Wrestling champion. As of today, LuFisto is still actively working on the independent circuit. Her role is just as important in the ring as it is before the matches even begin. LuFisto's story in the ring has yet to have its final chapter written.
In this August 2018 interview, Ring of Honor’s TK O’Ryan shared a number of different stories. He discussed how he had burst onto the wrestling scene in such a relatively short time and how many had taken notice. At the time he was part of the Ring of Honor's six-man tag team champions, alongside Vinny Marsaglia and Matt Taven. O’Ryan himself had shown his professional growth in only a few years. During our chat, O'Ryan shared how he was originally an aspiring baseball player that transitioned to wrestling seamlessly. The proud resident of Lowell, Massachusetts, O’Ryan had first developed his craft training under the likes of ‘H20’ Ryan Waters and Nick Steele. Through an awful injury, however, came awareness and growth. Since his injury, TK O’Ryan has developed a different approach in the ring. Despite losing time in the ring due to the ankle injury, O'Ryan was still able to hone his craft in other areas. His optimistic outlook is refreshing, and thus his injury led to fresh opportunities and different competition. His future is bright, as he has engaged in many storylines in different places that have helped to further his character. O’Ryan is not one to rest on his laurels. In this interview, he discusses how he has learned to adjust to his environment, his relationships with the members of the Kingdom both in and out of the ring, how facing a former member of the Kingdom helped garner his attention and his perspective on facing the stars of Japan.
In this interview conducted in June 2018, Mia Yim shared about her career to that point. Yim is among the most talented and exciting female wrestlers in the world. A nine-year pro, Yim continues to defy the odds and injury to show just how talented she is, all over the world. This proud Korean-Ameican talent continues to work each and every match with the hope of getting better each time, aspiring for greatness along the way. Her effort is evident, in her matches outside the United States and the ones she has had as part of IMPACT and the WWE's Mae Young Classic. One of the most remarkable in-ring qualities she possesses is; an incredible range of moves, including an array of strikes and punches that make up her hybrid style of combat. In addition, her exciting collection of high flying moves showcase what she is willing to do in the ring. Her future is bright, as she has engaged in many storylines in different places that have helped to further her character. She has recently recovered from an injury and is making up for the time lost because of it. In this interview, she discusses how she has learned to adjust to her environment regardless of where she is in the world, her passion for wrestling and the lasting relationships she has built along the way. A world-traveled competitor, she has learned from those experiences and applies them to her craft.
A veteran of the ring of nearly twenty years, Matt Cross has competed all over the world. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cross took time out of his busy schedule to share stories and his experiences traveling the world. As a freelance independent wrestler, Cross is free to work for anyone, anywhere all over the world. This freedom lends itself to providing wrestling fans some new and exciting opportunities for matches. During our chat, Cross discussed an array of different topics. In an interview after an event hosted by SMASH Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario Canada Cross shared his feelings about SMASH Wrestling. Cross and SMASH go back to the beginning with one another as he was their inaugural champion back in 2012. Cross' relationship with wrestling goes as far back as 1999 when under the tutelage of JT Lightning began to cut his teeth for his hometown promotion Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling. His style is reflected in his incredibly athletic means of competition. Cross is as proficient in the air as he is on the ground. One of the most remarkable in-ring qualities about Cross is his incredible range of movements. In 2010, Cross was part of the WWE' Tough Enough competition. Despite the result, the opportunity allowed Cross to be seen. Cross is quite open about how he feels about the industry and puts it in perspective with life. A long-time fan of Punk music, Cross also shares his passion for various bands as well.
For Lucha Undergrounds, star Ivelisse Velez is among the most talented and exciting female wrestlers in the world. A thirteen-year pro, Ivelisse continues to defy the odds and injury to show just how talented she is. This proud Puerto Rican talent continues to work each and every match in the hopes of getting better each time. Her effort is evident, and both in her matches outside the United States and the ones she has had as part of Lucha Underground, Ivelisse continues to showcase her athleticism week in and week out. One of the most remarkable in-ring qualities about Velez is that her incredible range of moves, including an array of strikes and punches can be attributed to her training in Mixed Martial Arts as well. Her exciting collection of high flying moves showcase what she is willing to do in the ring. Her future is bright, as she has engaged in many storylines in different places that have helped to further her character. She is currently recovering from injury, but that doesn’t mean she is resting on her laurels. In this interview, she discusses how she has learned to adjust to her environment, regardless of where she is in the world. As a world-traveled competitor, she has learned from those experiences and applies them to her craft.
 In a recent interview after his departure from WWE, TJ Perkins opened up on an array of different topics. As a veteran of the ring for over twenty years, Perkins shared his knowledge and experience in the industry and how he found his time in WWE to be. After capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Cruiserweight Classic, TJ's character moved into different directions. He came into the company as a face and ultimately departed as a heel.  Throughout his time he was embroiled in some fantastic matches against the likes of Neville, Cedric Alexander, and Rich Swann. With each match came continued growth and further learning. While it would have been wonderful to continue to see Perkins continue to grow it was time to move on. A world traveled athlete with nothing to prove but ultimately everything to gain has sought out moving into a new direction professionally and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon. During our chat, TJ Perkins revealed the plans for him before he left the company. Would the CruiserGREAT have remained on 205 Live or would he have moved to either Raw, Smackdown Live or competed in NXT? He also reveals his passion for basketball and his beloved Los Angeles Lakers. What does Perkins share about his international experiences and his time competing in Canada among other places? Perkins was also asked about his Filipino heritage and his goals as a performer and how they are tied to ensuring his nationality is equally spotlighted for its growing wrestling talent. To listen to this edition and several others click on the link below or any of the featured podcast carriers beneath that.
In this archived edition of the Pro Wrestling Post Podcast from 2015, we spoke with 'Da Pope' former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star, Elijah Burke. Burke shares in great detail his life and career in the wrestling ring and boxing ring. During the interview, Burke shared how a certain current WWE female superstar inspired him to continue to pursue education even while being employed part of the largest promotion in the world. He spoke of who he was able to lean on in great detail during his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling (the WWE's developmental system at the time). When asked about his time as part of the WWE's ECW rebranding and part of The New Breed, Burke said “That was the best confidence building experience that a guy in my position at that time could have. One, because Vince himself was behind the Elijah Burke movement at the time. I had no idea that any of that was about to transpire with me and the ECW originals, and being called the new face of extreme, or however, it was put at the time. It did so much for me because I have the boss deeming me the new face of ECW. So it was “Put up right now or shut up,” because everything I had worked for by that point, or dreamed of doing or being, led to this.
 In this archived edition recorded in 2015, we speak with Eric Van Wagenen one of the Executive Producers of Lucha Underground. Upon the rise and popularity of the program on the El Rey Network, Van Wagenen discussed an array of topics. He begins to take about how the show concept and vision originally came about. The show was under the umbrella of several Mark Burnett programs that became popular with other reality based programs. Van Wagenen brought with him a wealth of experience going into this project including working with the WWE for what was their initial season of Legend's House. The program had come off the finale that could be what put one of today's most popular independent stars on the map in Pentagon Jr. Van Wagenen was asked about what storylines fans could anticipate for an upcoming season and if it was much like what fans could anticipate from the season before. He continues on discussing the original vision of the program and if it was meant to go into the realm of science fiction as much as it had been. One of the questions he was asked about was the likeliness that the program is made available on a streaming service or those with no access to the program outside the country. Listeners will have to check in to hear what his response was to that question. Van Wagenen was also asked about what they need to consider when casting the talent for the show. He speaks of the shows early success and why he believed it connected with an audience. To listen to Eric Van Wagenen or any previous edition of the Pro Wrestling Post podcast click the links below. Also to read the transcribed version of this podcast as our interview with Eric Van Wagenen click here.
In this interview conducted in 2018, Hyde shares his thoughts on a number of different topics as it relates to his career and his promotion Combat Zone Wrestling. Hyde shares his sports background and time in football. He shares how training at such a young age for the likes of Pete Dunn and Tyler Bate have long made him the successes they are today in the ring. DJ Hyde discusses his early training and what CZW initially was. He also discusses the number of both good and weaker wrestling schools there are in wrestling today. It is also at this time when he talks about what it is that separates wrestling schools. While actively competing today himself, Hyde still can reflect on how mentors have contributed to his success. He can attribute the success in a number of today's WWE stars is also attributed to the on-going mentoring that the talent today receives.  At the time of the interview, Hyde spoke of CZW's shows with other promotions. This included in what had become an annual promotion versus promotion event with Smash Wrestling. With the number of names that have crossed through CZW's doors, Hyde spoke of how each past talent has helped to build a name for themselves and long carried with them a certain element that has made them as successful as they are today. To listen to this edition with DJ Hyde feel free to click any of the podcast links below or click the icon at the bottom of the page to navigate to our podcast homepage. 
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